Monday, 27 August 2018

Globber One NL 230 Ultimate Scooter Review Plus Win A Scooter For Dad This Father's Day!

Have you noticed that adults on scooters are everywhere these days? Just visit any city and check out the sheer number of professionals who are swapping crowded buses or trains for the fun, fitness, convenience and speed of a scooter to get about town.

On our recent trip to London, the grown-up scooter phenomenon was everywhere to be seen. Adults were saving time and keeping fit by making their way to and from their workplaces on scooters daily. It was a common sight and it made me a little envious that I didn't have my own with me to power about the place.

There's no need to miss out. A scooter for adults is now an exciting reality with the funky Globber One NL 230 UltimateThis is one lean, sleek and fast machine for grown-ups on the go. Scooting is no longer limited to the exclusive domain of childhood. (Though it is pictured here with our 12 year old for modelling purposes.)

This year for Father's Day, hubby is scoring his very own swish Globber One NL 230 Ultimate Titanium Scooter. It's got everything from looks to features, and I just know he's going to have a ball with it! This is a Father's Day gift with a difference. No boring socks, aftershave or thoughtless clutter this year!

Read our review of the Globber Flow 125 scooter.

Our kids love scooting and up until now, their dad has had to sit-out and watch the fun from the sidelines, as they get about with speed and freedom. Little does he know it, but he too will soon be included in the activity and I can visualise the fun already in my mind's eye.

The Globber One NL 230 Ultimate scooter is impeccably designed for the bulky frames of adults. It can carry a maximum weight of 100kgs (or 220lbs), and is designed to handle heights ranging from 1.55 metres to 2 metres or 6'6". It has a dual height adjustable aluminium handlebar that stretches from 107cms to 117cms and it also has an anti-shake feature.

Features an extra wide and long foot board with tread for stability and comfort while riding.

For ease of use and commuting, this Globber scooter has a very simple patented folding mechanism which sees the scooter set up and ready for use in only 1 second. Just lift, pull and click the scooter handle bar into place, and your ride is ready to use after locking the front wheel into position. Folding the scooter after use is equally as simple, making it easy to transport when not in use. It even has a no-carry portable mode so that when folded, it can be towed along by hand much like a rolling suitcase.

Large all-terrain wheels make scooting a breeze and fun.

For safety and comfort, the Globber One NL 230 Ultimate scooter has large 230mm hard PU wheels which do not require inflation. The scooter also features a loud bell and an easy to use handbrake as well as a generous rear wheel brake that also acts as a mudguard. This model is one of the fastest adult scooters available.

The riding-board is very large and comfortable, designed to easily carry an adult-sized foot. The scooter has good-sized wide handlebars too. It also features a reflective safety detail on the front of the pole so that the rider has a degree of visibility in the dark.

Riding this scooter is so much fun! (Naturally it had to be road tested pre-gifting to hubby!) The comfort level is fabulous. It's a sturdy, smooth and fast ride and a great-looking vehicle.

The Globber One NL 230 Ultimate Titanium is available in two colour ways on the Globber website - Ruby Red (as shown here), or Slate Blue. It comes with a RRP of $230 and will over the years save you loads of cash that you'd otherwise spend on public transport or petrol.

Win dad a Globber One NL 230 Ultimate
adult scooter for Father's Day!*
(Or just enjoy it for yourself!)
*Note: This giveaway will finish after Father's Day.
Total prize pool: $230.
Game of skill.
Ends Sept. 10th, 2018.

Fill out your details on the competition form below.
Please include your preferred colour choice by 
visiting the Globber website.
Please leave a comment and your name within your comment box.
Entries without names or comments will be disqualified.
Good luck!

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  1. I'd love a scooter - the idea of zipping around on the school run seems more fun!

  2. This excites me so much. Now when at the park, beach.... wherever I am, we am all scoot along and have fun! Perfect for the school holidays! Jade O

  3. Yes, scooters are EVERYWHERE in San Francisco. I think to the point where there were council scooters (like the bikes you can rent and ride from point to point in the city). I've never tried one, I suspect I'm a little too uncoordinated.

  4. This would be awesome for my husband, he's had knee surgery and can't run after our kid along the beach anymore. So with both on Scooters this would be terrific this summer.

  5. My car wouldn't start for work this morning.....if I had the Globber scooter I would have made it on time. Of course it rained on the way and now my hair looks like a wooly goat. Happy Monday people!!!

  6. I look totally ridiculous on missy's three wheeled pink globber and on my sons small wheels I landed flat smack on my nose!! So much pain but the laughter wins every time and safety first says us bigger folk need bigger wheels for our enjoyment and keeping us out of emergency departments!! We would love to fly around on this one.

  7. I love the no-carry portable mode. Makes it so easy to pull around whilst carrying the kids scooters once they have had enough. Would love this for hubby to be able to keep up with the kids and to get out and have some fun with them.

    Samara McRae

  8. Being over 6ft, I love it can take my size and weight and allow me to keep up with my speed demon little girl. (Charlotte B)

  9. I love the anti shake feature, a comfortable enjoyable scoot alongside our 2 little adventurers would be so much fun. (Kate S)

  10. We love going to the skate parks, some of them are amazing!! But...I hate being lazy and sitting on the edge just watching. With a new you-beaut scooter (with handbrakes for us numpty parents), I could be a cool bad a*s mum joining in on the fun! Hubby would have to share his Father’s Day prize with me though...we can all get a lot of fun out of this!! Katherine Bamford

  11. I kinda love the idea of hubby being able to scooter with the kids.. but to be completely transparent.. I know I would be the one using this.. lol

  12. This would be great to use to keep up with the kids. Looks comfy to ride on too.

  13. I would love to win a Globber scooter for my Hubby. Our three sons are really into their scooters at the moment and this way Dad can join in at the skate park without having to steal one of the boys scooters all the time 😂

  14. I'd love to scoot with Miss 6, who scoots everywhere. Being legally blind she will never ride a cycle but scooting is fun for her. We'd scoot together. (nell h-s)

    1. Oh that's so lovely - this scooter is for you both to enjoy. I can't possibly not pick this response. I hope it brings you both a lot of joy.
      Congratulations, I hope it is loved!

    2. So thankful! Will send photo.

  15. The adjustable height means both my partner and I (tall&short) can enjoy using the scooter!
    Sarah Ellwood

  16. What a Rolls Royce of a scooter!! This is awesome compared to what we had as kids. Love that it folds up for easy carrying and storage, the brakes on the handlebar are great and the height adjustable handlebar is fab. I want one for myself too :) Maree Gray

  17. Last year my husband had a nasty bike accident. But nothing says 'I'm so happy you're better and completely trust you to take our kids on adventures' like a new scooter!

  18. I could keep up with the grand kids

  19. Great blog Jodie! I had no idea this scooter existed! My 10yo is super tall and all the scooters we have tried for him have been too short; this would be a God send as he has a lot of trouble with his gross motor skills and so can’t rise a bike but manages a scooter. And the features of the 230! ���� Of course he’d have to share it with Dad though ;)
    Bridie Rebecca Curran

  20. I have 12 energetic grandies and would love to keep up with them on this great scooter!! The old knees aren't what they used to be and would love to sail along instead of hobbling as they usually do!! :)

  21. Our kids commute to school on their Globbers and they have found an awesome scooter park for the weekends. I can see though that hubby is just itching to show them how the tricks are done. Let's hope this time he doesn't need stitches like he did when he showed off his bike tricks.

  22. For my husband to be able to join our boys scootering along would be time well spent together

  23. What fun that would be! Awesome giveaway too. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt for 36/52 is Taking Stock. Denyse

  24. (G)enuinely Gorgeous
    (B)undle of Energy!
    (E)xercise for Life!
    (R)ambunctious Dad Would Love to Try!!

    Poster: Kieran Duffey

  25. Can't wait to get this out with my kids

  26. I can see the wistfulness in Hubby's eyes as he watches our son scoot around with great excitement. What I like most about this robust, strong, durable, portable, sleek, stylish, comfortable, speedy, fun Adult Globber (and also why I'd like to win it!) is that it would instantly replace hubby's longing look with one of sheer happiness and thrill as he joins our son on grand scooting adventures! Lorna Williams

  27. I would love to win this for myself so I can zip around in my summer dresses & skirts without them getting stuck in spokes. I guess Dad can use it too ....Jill Walton

  28. Super coo;l! I have always wanted an adult scooter!

  29. This gorgeous Globber will get me out & about like a youngster. Fantastic exercise and lots of fun in the process. Sharon Markwell

  30. I think y kids would get a real kick out of mum or dad scooting with them (I kinda think it would be fun to)
    Hayley shaw

  31. My hubby can get out spend much needed quality time with the kids

  32. i'd love to skrtt skrrttttt on the scooter with the lads

  33. While at the park Dad's left behind,
    As the kids scoot around with glee,
    With his own Globber scooter they'd need to work hard,
    To keep up the pace with Daddy!

  34. Finally a scooter than when the kids and I go for walks at the beach I don't have to scream out wait until I get there.... I can actually beat them to the next corner!

  35. Love the fact it has Large all-terrain wheels which will make scooting a breeze as well as fun, hubby or I could go scooting with our boys keeping us fitter than what we are now.

  36. I love that it's a chance to revisit a favourite activity from childhood!

  37. oh this would totally rock :D

  38. How awesome is that scooter?!! I can't see hubby on one of these, but my adult son would most definitely use it!

  39. I'd love the chance to keep up with the rugrats

  40. What I love and why?

    Larger wheels so I can go fast,
    Watch the kids faces as I speed past.
    Lift and pull to close it up,
    Only takes one second and it's shut.
    Reflective print to ride at night,
    So cars can always keep me in sight.
    A wide deck to keep me steady,
    Kids wanna scoot, I'll be ready.
    Loving the colour, Ruby Red,
    Giving me tonnes of amazing street cred!
    Lynnette Bull

  41. My old man has the Big C and can barely walk,
    But he loves to come with me for those cherished talks;
    We have on our afternoon trips out and about,
    I love him for it, there is no doubt.
    He is old, he is sick, he is not at all well,
    This story really is a hard one to tell;
    But a Globber scooter would bring a huge smile to his face,
    While he stands on it and I push him from place to place;
    When he tires from riding whilst we're playing our nomadic parts,
    Life made much easier thanks to Globber Scooter and Six Little Hearts.

  42. This will be awesome so i can go scooting with my niece...hard to keep up with her sometimes and they look so sexy.

  43. it has large wheels which make it fast and robust which is what the dad needs for sure
    as his kids are faster than him so he wants to overtake them galore
    its precision and steadiness means he will have better control and not fall
    and its handlebar brake means he wont crash into a wall
    its one second folding system will be so handy as its quick to open and put away
    its high reflective paint means he will easily be seen coming anytime of the day
    the kids dad would love to win as he has always wanted a scooter and he is a big kid at heart
    and he would love to scooter race his kids along the beach bike paths where he would look like a work of art :)
    and to spend quality outdoor family time together is the best thing ever for everyone
    and we can scooter and picnic together under the lovely aussie sun :)
    (sharyn williams heinl)

  44. My son and daughter love scootering. They could scooter day and night, so it would be great if one of us adults could join in as well. We especially love the park with traffic lights to help teach road safety.

  45. Why should kids have all the fun?
    Dad would look good scootering along with everyone!
    Taller, wide handlebars with handbrake and bell,
    a perfect smooth ride, easy to transport as well.

  46. Amanda: hubby would have no more excuses if he won this!

  47. Peter C.
    I want to "gobble er" up the streets when I'm hungry.

  48. How much fun being active and outside with the kids. Creating a lifetime of memories too

  49. I like that it is bigger enough for a grown adult to use and that it has a hand brake and a wheel brake.I would like to win this for my Dad because he is 75 and is unable to drive a car anymore so this would be a great way for him to get out of the house and go for an adventure.

  50. A scooter for the big kids
    is just what families need.
    Exercise for big and small
    is great for bonding time, indeed.
    My kids dad needs a subtle hint
    to lose a couple of kee's,
    but then again, maybe not,
    he'd get a big head
    thinking he's the bees knees!

  51. Perfect size for adults to keep up with the kids
    Alicia Bardsley

  52. It fits easily in the car with the rest,
    So we can put the kids to the test.
    Races at the park together,
    Just need some good weather.

  53. This would be perfect for me to go out riding with the grandkids , Being a nan doesn't mean you cant get out their with them . l have been bike riding with them for years , this scooter really looks a lot of fun and something new and different for me to experience , l am sure the kids will teach me how to ride properly

  54. Little scooters have little wheels. Little wheels hit sticks and stones and stop dead. I go sailing. I hate gravel rash. Big scooters have big wheels. No sailing. No gravel rash.

  55. My toddler on his scooter always wants to be chased, now I can with this amazing, easy-to-fold scooter!

  56. I would LOOOVE a scooter! I have wanted one also since being in the UK. Why do kids get to have all the fun (and why do we stop with the cool toys for ourselves when we become adults!?). I have asked my partner for a scooter for a couple of years, but have received other more 'sensible' or needed gifts. (the other want is rollerblades!! lol) Also, this is one way to keep up with my boys!!

    1. The quick fold would have to be the best feature. I am not known for my patience!! :-P

  57. Love to give the neighbours one more thing to gossip about....yes I'm here for your amusement.
    Lisa W.


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