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Strawberry Champagne Jam Recipe...

On our recent trip to London, I visited the famous Harrods Food Hall which was filled with every indulgent, lavish treat imaginable. The cakes, champagne oyster bar, sea foods and decorative eats available were, as expected - out of this world. There were also many international foods to choose from under the Harrods label; namely exquisite preserves, jams, mustards and curds. Naturally I bought as many as I could carry!

One thing I could not fit into my bulging suitcase however, was the Harrods Strawberry Champagne Jam. Right then and there, I decided, (as I woefully replaced the heavy bottle onto their beautiful shelf display), that I would be making my own version just as soon as I could manage when I arrived home.

That time has come!

There's nothing quite as decadent as strawberries and champagne and together these two extraordinary flavours are divine in this special spread.

This jam recipe is an absolute treat and already a hit with all of the family. You can use strawberry champagne jam in any number of ways and not just on toast or scones. It's delicious served as a topping on ice cream or pancakes and waffles. Make sure you give this a try as it's a guaranteed crowd pleaser. (Or a sneaky personal indulgence to eat by the spoonful!)

I made this recipe in my Thermo however, next time I will be trying the saucepan method to increase the evaporation and make a thicker jam. Both methods are included here for your own preference.

Strawberry and Champagne Jam Recipe
Makes 4, 300ml jars.
Preparation time: 10 minutes.
Cooking time: 45-60 minutes.

You will need:

Four, 250 gram punnets of strawberries
Juice of one small lemon
One small bottle of Champagne / sparkling wine (200ml)
500 grams castor sugar (plus extra as required to set jam)
Pinch of salt
One 50 gram packet of Fowlers Vacola Jamsetta With Pectin (available at supermarkets in the baking section.)

Four preserving jars or regular jars with button-top lids.
Heavy-based saucepan.
Place a saucer in the freezer before you begin for testing your jam's consistency later.

To begin, slice the strawberries into halves and toss into your pot or Thermo.
Add the entire small bottle of champagne, lemon juice and salt.
For stove top method, cover and heat until the ingredients are just beginning to boil.
For Thermo method, around 8 minutes at 80 degrees C on speed one without the pouring spout lid on to allow the steam to escape.

Add the sugar.

When the strawberries begin to bubble on the stove top, gently mash the fruit until it resembles a jam-like consistency. Remove lid from here on and allow the fruit to cook for 45-60 minutes on a light rolling boil until the jam begins to thicken.

Towards the end of cooking time, add the Fowlers Vacola Jamsetta / pectin according to packet directions. (25 grams.) More if required.

Thermo users: No mashing necessary as your Thermo will continue to gently pulverise the mixture while stirring.
Use speed one at 80-90 degrees C for 45 mins without the small lid in place to allow steam to escape.

Both methods: At the 45 minute mark, it's time to test your jam's consistency. Spoon a small drop of jam onto the cold saucer from your freezer and allow to cool slightly before touching the jam gently to check if it sets. If you're happy with the results, you are ready to bottle.

If the jam is too thin, turn up the heat and boil vigorously then add more sugar to the pot to speed up the process. Add the other 25 grams of Jamsetta and test on the cold saucer again.

While your jam gently simmers, prepare the jars for sterilisation. Place clean jars and their lids on a tray in your oven and bake for around 20 minutes at 170 degrees C. Leave these in the oven until they are ready to receive your jam.

Carefully bottle your jam (a wide-mouthed funnel is handy) and seal quickly wearing rubber gloves or oven mitts. Be sure kids and pets are not nearby when you do this as the jam is scalding hot! The heat from the jam will draw in the seals on the lids making your preserves keep. Providing the lids are drawn in, (you may hear a popping sound as the buttons on the lids are inverted), your jam can be considered airtight and shelved or refrigerated until required.

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  1. Strawberry and champagne jam sounds absolutely delicious! I'll have to try and make some.


  2. Now this is my kind of jam! You had me at champagne hehe

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  3. Oh this sounds so amazing!

  4. Love that you included a Thermo version! Anything with champagne gets my vote. I'm definitely going to give this a go!

    1. Love champers too! Let me know what you think if you do try it. :D

  5. I'll be trying this...strawberries are currently about $5 a kilo so in season! Where do you get your jars from?

    1. You can find the jars on the Mad Millie website or by searching for them on websites such as Kitchen Warehouse.

  6. oh my! this sounds absolutely delish!

  7. I had never thought of making this! I've made jam many times before. What a great gift idea.

  8. I had never heard of that combo till now. Go you clever lady! Looks amazing. Delish too I am sure.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is My Hairstyle History. Denyse

  9. Excited to try this recipe! Just wondering when to add the sugar? My brain isn’t functioning all that well with a newborn and I can’t seem to see it in the recipe!? 😳

    1. Your brain is fine! I have not put the sugar in the method!! I will do this shortly. So sorry!!
      Add the sugar after the fruit has softened and broken down a little, about 8-10 mins into cooking time.


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