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Educational Fun For The Whole Family From U. Games, Plus WIN 1 of 5 Game Packs!

Do you think educational games are boring? Think again. U. Games Australia have loads of learning and scientific-based toys and games to keep kids' minds occupied with fun and absorbing play opportunities. In fact, U. Games is not just a great place to choose fun stuff for kids - adults will find plenty of interesting games on their website too.

Unless you've been hiding beneath your sofa for years, you're bound to have heard that slime is a BIG thing with kids right now. (Not. Boring. At. All!)

The well-respected National Geographic brand has slime kits to wow kids (and their parents) on the U. Games website, and these are an absolute blast for kids. Nat. Geo. have even managed to make slime educational!

The National Geographic Slime Lab kits bring science to the table with these easy to make, play and learn creation kits that produce a satisfying slime all kids will love. Not just any old slime either. These coloured slimes also glow-in-the-dark for added fun.

The National Geographic Slime Lab kits contain everything needed to make a batch of slimy-goo, including a sealed container to keep the slime fresh and clean. There are six colours available in the series. (If you're hunting for the best slime experience, do check out the entire range of fab slime kits on the U. Games website.)

What makes these kits especially attractive to parents and educators, is the inclusion of a Slime Lab Learning Guide, which teaches kids all about the purpose of slimes in nature. If your child or children have an interest in chemistry and science, then these are the branded kits to choose when it comes to slime fun. They provide a unique hands-on approach to learning and education.

These kits pictured cost RRP $25 each. Keep an eye out for them as thoughtful and entertaining Birthday or Christmas presents, especially for primary aged kids.

Recommended for ages 8 plus.
A new family hit in our house is the I Spy Dig In, Find It game by Briarpatch. 

The best way to describe the fun of this game, is to think of the adrenaline rush of a traditional 'Snap!' game. There's lots of squealing, shouting and fiddling, as players frantically try to grab the I Spy game pieces to match those appearing on their game cards before anyone else.

This game is recommended for ages five plus but to be honest, we've all been having so much fun with this one! It's fast paced, easy to play and exciting. This is also great for building motor skills and word recognition in younger children. It's a very social and upbeat game to play and you can make a quick game of it or play for longer. There are many ways the game pieces themselves can be used as an additional learning tool too.
Despite being classified as a junior game, I Spy Dig In is also a fun game for the whole family to play enjoy.

I Spy Dig In is RRP $29.95
Visit the U. Games website to view these and other interesting games and toys for all ages.

With Thanks to U. Games,
Six Little Hearts has 5 Game Prize Packs to giveaway
valued at $55 each!
Prize packs consist of one National Geographic Slime Kit in Purple ($25)
plus One I Spy Dig In Game. ($29.95.)
Total prize pool: $275.

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  1. I became a Nana again on the weekend, so would love this pack to keep my eldest grandson busy while his Mum is busy with bub

  2. My grandkids love anything ooie gooie and this Grandma always has tome to spend with them playing board/table/non-electronic games with them. We always get good belly laughs with each other. Wendy Hatton

  3. Even though my kids are older, I still love looking in the National Geographic shop. Such amazing and exciting toys.

  4. I’m always on the lookout for amazing stocking fillers these look amazing

  5. Would love this to keep my daughter and her friend entertained over the school holidays because learning is fun

  6. I would love to win this to keep my niece entertained and educated during the school holidays and also because I am very keen to learn while playing with her! Thanks, Tracey Newman

    1. Congratulations Tracey - prize on its way shortly! :D

  7. My son loves slime. Costing me a fortune but it is fun to make. He would love this prize pack

  8. My son loves slime. Costing me a fortune but it is fun to make. He would love this prize pack

  9. This would make great for inside entertainment during the school holidays

  10. My son loves learning and experimenting with new things. He loves to keep his mind active and this would keep him happy for a long time!
    Samara McRae

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Samara - hope he has great fun with these!

  11. The holidays are nearly upon us, this would be just perfect for
    Keeping my little ones entertained for just one minute more!

  12. Of course I should say these would be perfect for my daughter - but honestly, I think I’d enjoy them just as much!

  13. Photography boys making their own videos. We moved to a new house and with a creaky floor they have been chasing ghosts.. P.S. they have recently seen ghost busters for the first time!! Haha Their videos could use some "I've been slimed"

  14. I love the explosion of fun and laughter in the little hearts of my boys when u play games with them. They are always trying to slime their way to beating mum and dad ;)

  15. I have a couple of gorgeously cheeky and boisterous grandsons that would dive head first into this wonderful prize pack and quite possibly not be seen again...well not really but they would certainly be entertained (and entertaining for us) for many hours. Adele Smith

    1. CONGRATULATIONS! This will keep them out of your hair!

    2. Thank you so very much. Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)

  16. I'd love to win this games pack because it would be a great way of keeping my son (and his friends) entertained during school holidays and impromptu play dates. We have a lot of toys that are in need of an update so something fresh and new would be awesome! (Alex)

  17. Find something to do,
    Just leave me alone;
    You can play with the goo,
    Or go look for a bone.
    Find all the colours,
    Yellow, green, blue;
    Just don't get them slimey,
    Or you know what they do.
    You did it before,
    With the colour red;
    It was still glowing brightly,
    After you went to bed.....

  18. The slime craze is well and truly alive in this house haha!

  19. With holidays on the way, slime is not an if but a when in this household. Glow in the dark slime would make me the best mum and the sealed container would make me the nest wife (hubby HATES slime!)

  20. I am beginning to wonder when the novelty of slime will wear off because my daughter is still constantly asking to make more! I should have shares in glue! My girls would love these, they love new and exciting games.

  21. Zoe Page - My 8 year old loves anything messy, I swear, so this looks like it would be her jam!

  22. I try and be the "fun mum"
    but some days I'm just the "done mum"
    This fantastic pack
    would keep things on track
    until I get my "mum mojo" back


  23. Seriously cannot believe that slime has lasted this long. I went to Spotlight recently and whole shelves are devoted to it. Thank goodness I am not longer caring for the grandkids because I would get sucked in.

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is Share Your Snaps! Denyse

  24. as the school holiday is coming.. we would really appreciate some time with the kids.. and those toys, will definitely be fun for all four of us!
    Maha Almoussli

  25. My kids are very creative and this prize would become a favourite pastime of theirs which captures their daytime imagination. Thank you.

    Dee Susan (JT)

  26. Could do with a new board game, for my bored little one - all his friends are on holiday, just me!

  27. Kids love slime and the game looks like lots of fun.


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