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Sassou Japan Review. Luxury Skin Care...

I have always had a bit of an obsession with anything and everything Japanese. I have a keen appreciation for the unique design, exceptional quality and the overall look of Japanese style in general. Naturally, when I was approached to review some distinctly Japanese beauty items, I was in with bells on!

Sassou Japan is a label I was not familiar with until now, but since these perfect premium beauty items arrived at my door, I have been thoroughly wooed by this elegant brand and their philosophy.

The word Sassou translates from Japanese to 'free and breezy from heaviness' and it's this literal translation which epitomises this stunning line of skin care essentials so perfectly. Sassou Japan products are natural, clean and clear as well as light and effective, and with the addition of pure gold leaf within their range of products, they gleam with both potency and appeal.

'Gold has the power to magnify the effects of skincare ingredients by targeting and awakening skin cells. Studies show that there are similarities between the wavelengths of negative ions released by gold and the ions released by the human body. This means that the mineral can enhance particle circulation, and thereby reinvigorating the bio-electric current that naturally weakens as we age.  
 It is for these reasons that gold can ultimately rejuvenate your skin cells, improve blood circulation, enhance your skin metabolism by revitalise dormant skin tissues and cell competency.'

Sassou Japan.

With ever-present skin issues such as dry, sensitive skin, wrinkles and occasional breakouts, proper cleansing is always high on my list of beauty priorities. The Sassou Gold Beauty Cleansing Bar is an absolutely alluring and sensual product. Not only does it look incredible in its packaging, but the bar itself within, is a sparkling wonder filled with hundreds of particles of pure gold leaf.

Sassou's gold content promises to detoxify, boost collagen production and whiten the skin while the Arnica Montana flower extract acts as an anti-oxidant to reduce inflammation and acne. This is a crystal clear soap bar for the face with a very fine texture and lather that is so luxurious to use. To cleanse the face, make a gentle foam in your hands and apply to the face morning and night. RRP $100.

Follow cleansing with one of the most beautiful toners I have ever used! Sassou's Goldwaver Shimmering Ess-Toner is an outstanding product filled with active particles of gold leaf suspended in a clear gel. Filled with potent natural ingredients including gold, honey, algae extract, garlic and pine cone extract as well as ivy leaf stem extract, this toner fights ageing, sagging skin, detoxifies and brightens, and has anti-inflammatory effects. RRP $150.

Sassou Japan Goldwaver Shimmering Ess-Toner.
A product I am most excited about is the Sassou Japan Gold Eye Shiteru, (below) which is a formula that fights ageing around the eye area. This delicate eye formula again contains particles of pure gold suspended in a cool gel which includes soluble collagen for effective targeting of bags, wrinkles and puffiness. This is wonderful for morning fluid retention around the eyes and general moisturising of the delicate eye area day and night. Also use it between the brow area and sides of nose where wrinkles tend to appear.

Sassou Japan Goldwaver Eye Shiteru RRP $135.
Sassou Japan products are simply stunning in every way and I am looking forward to further positive results with continued use of these formulas. If you're looking for a line of beauty products that are natural for your skin with a luxury edge, Sassou Japan may be the beauty products you seek. Their's are premium products, indulgent and effective. After trying these out, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking the ultimate in beauty care. (Sassou's packaging too, looks so pretty on your dressing table or on display in your bathroom.)

Visit the Sassou Japan website here to learn more, 
browse additional products in the range or to shop online.

*Disclosure: Items featured were gifted in exchange for this review.


  1. So pretty! I love the gold flecks through the products themselves.

    SSG xxx

  2. How absolutely beautiful those products look. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek & next week's optional prompt is: Have You Ever...? Denyse


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