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ZURU Tube Superstar Review and Toy Giveaway For Young Stars In The Making!

All kids wanna be superstars and with ZURU's latest gadget toy for young up-and-comings - the Tube Superstar, their dreams can finally get underway! We were lucky enough to be sent this fab tech-toy to road test and it's been a big hit with our three youngest kids aged 5, 10 and 12. (Even mum wants a go!)

Our two younger sons in particular, have been fiddling about with vlogs and YouTube channels of their own for some time now. Like many kids nowadays, they've been inspired by the fun, fame and popularity along with their friends, that comes with the territory. From what I have observed, they're pretty good at selling themselves on-screen too! Whether it's a love of selfies, singing or just fooling around on camera, kids adore watching themselves and other children in videos.

Consider a toy for kids that makes light work of the vlogging process...

If you're not so keen on having your kids online, then there's no need to worry with the ZURU Tube Superstar. Kids can simply play about making recordings of themselves and their interests, and then have a giggle with their friends and family as they watch them on playback via the Tube Superstar app. They can even add title pages to their videos to give them a polished and professional look.

The ZURU Tube Superstar lets kids try their craft on camera to show off their very own unboxing videos, unique hobbies and stellar collections, talents or whatever.

The ZURU Tube Superstar works just by plugging in a smartphone (not supplied with this toy), and downloading the fun, free app. With additional built-in features within the microphone (a QR code reader) for instant effects, and more options available within the app itself, the Tube Superstar is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment.

This toy is recommended for ages 6 plus and consists of an easy to use microphone, pole and adjustable smart phone holder. It's an all-in-one contraption which expertly connects a mobile phone at a perfect distance for filming selfie-style vids.

For easy editing, there's a QR Code reader built into the microphone which kids can use during filming, to conduct instant edits and special effects. With a little twist to change the code, the app will automatically apply exciting effects such as filters and cute stickers.

A very easy to use app.

To setup the ZURU Tube Superstar you need to first download the app which is available at the App Store and on Google Play. (A special code is provided with the instruction guide which grants you access to the app.) It's impressively simple to understand and use the options in the app itself and with most kids being highly tech-enabled these days, they tend to pick it all up at the speed of light.

Clamp in your smartphone into the device and plug the Tube Superstar's jack mic into your phone
to give sharp sound recordings.

Prior to launching into the fun of film making, choose one of three modes available in the app. There's the Challenge mode for showdown fun between two players, the How To mode geared to producing entertaining and educational videos, as well as the Performance mode - by far the most popular mode in these parts.

Talk, sing and dance your way to fame!
There are in-app tutorials to keep kids up-to-speed and inspire their creativity too. Add in the 50 plus filters and animations feature, and kids are literally blown-away by their own professional results. We think this toy is a great way to teach children about effective public speaking as they can practice and watch themselves on playback, all the while honing-in on the importance of their own body language, pronunciation and intonation.

This is a super-fun tech toy and it's bound to be extremely popular this Christmas. We highly recommend the fun and suggest you keep this one in mind for your kids this Christmas. RRP $34.99. Find this in all good toy stores, department stores and online.

Visit Tube Superstar to learn more and join the Tube Crew. 

App works with iOS 10+ or Android 6.0 plus.

***ZURU Toy Giveaway!***

Win one of two ZURU toy packs
including the ZURU Tube Superstar,
Smashers and two, 5 Surprise toys 
valued at $68 each!
Check out these additional ZURU prizes in our previous review here.
Total prize pool: $136.
Promotion ends: Sept. 30th, 2018


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  1. I'd love this for my daughter who is always making videos on her iPod. this will take her to the next level. (Joanne Cardamone)

  2. That is so cool!! My 5 year old grand daughter would LOVE this. She's always dancing and watching herself in the mirror as she dances and sings. Creating her own videos would be next level. Great give away! Thanks for the opportunity. (Leanne Shea Langdown)

  3. Interactive learning is such a fun way to learn. This would really boost my little girls confidence and have her rocking out like a real pop star!
    Sarah Ellwood

  4. They say that the child who sings is the happy child, and my daughter sings all day long, from the moment she wakes up to the moment she falls asleep! (Just like her mum! lol!) What a lovely prize (Desiree Wassenberg)

  5. Its a childs prerogative to have FUN!

  6. Forget the kids, I reckon this Zuru prize would keep me amused for days!
    Sharon Markwell

  7. Two gorgeous little dancing queen granddaughters who love a sing song and whose Nanny thinks they are the best performers since sliced bread....I think this prize would create hours of enjoyment for them and for Nanny as well!

    1. Congratulations winner number two - hope you have a ball watching the grandkids on this! Jan O'Bree.

  8. perfect for my little 8 year old looks like great fun!!!

  9. My son loves performing. He would feel like a real superstar with this, and I would get heaps of footage to embarrass him with on his 21st bday 😆😊😉
    Samara McRae

  10. Up and coming stars in the making. Grandson could take it to his kindy so all the children could have some fun entertaining audiences under the instruction of the educators. Could then be uploaded to StoryPark for all parents to enjoy their little ones.

  11. Such a cute toy! Good luck with the Giveaway :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  12. That's for kids? I think I want one!

  13. This looks amazing - my daughter would love it! Haha

  14. What a cute way to make vlogging fun for kids!

    SSG xxx

  15. There is just so MUCH available for kids these days - sometimes I wonder how we survived with so little! :)

  16. For some reason my daughter has an obsession with meeting Simon Cowell so I reckon winning this prize may open up that avenue for her but she needs a bit more practice on the microphone before I let her loose on Australia's Got Talent! (Charlotte Black)

  17. Wow, I know some grandkids who would love that too. Mind you I now have one who is a DJ &music producer who played at Defqon in Sydney recently. He has been doing this underage since 2016 so lucky his mum is willing to attend as his chaperone.

    Thank you for linking up for #LifeThisWeek. The optional prompt next is: 39/52. Last Thing I Bought. 24/9/18. Denyse

  18. Oh gosh my girls would have fun with this! I can only think of the abundance of videos that would be on my phone, not to mention me not being able to use my phone, because they would hog it to play this. It all about vlogs and you tubers right now isn't it. My girls love watching you tubers! I don't get the attraction at all lol

  19. I would love to win it for my 2 kids .. a 7 years old girl and her Choir 5 years old boy :)
    Maha ALmoussli

  20. I should say because my kid would love this...but really - I LOVE IT! And am secretly hoping we can form a little band at home.

    1. Belinda Smetioukh (sorry forgot to include that!)

  21. My kids would have a lot of fun recording their favourite sing-a-longs on children's TV such as Emma from the Wiggles.

    Dee Susan JT

  22. My kids are all little performers
    they're constantly putting on shows,
    and with this Zuru tube superstar
    Who knows how far their passion could grow!


  23. This would be so much fun for my kids. Super stars in the making
    Alicia Bardsley

  24. This is the best! My 2 girls would love being creative with this as they make their slime making and cooking tutorials. The youngest thinks she a little performing superstar and I could see this bringing hours of entertainment to our house :-) lexy


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