Wednesday, 3 October 2018

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Review and WIN!

"Let's sit down and pour a cup it's time for tea.
One cup is for you and one's for me..."

Every young child loves to host a tea party every now and again and there's now a tea set in particular that makes a delightful addition to your standard tea affair from leading toy makers LeapFrog. The gorgeous Musical Rainbow Tea Party set is not just a pretty plaything - this little teapot sings and chats in a lovely tone that will keep little ones enchanted with the age-old custom of tea time hospitality.

Fittingly, this sweet toy teapot features a lovely clear British accent with two volume levels. For fun time with friends, there are two cups, a serving plate and six colourful pieces of cake that make up the 10 piece LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party set. Our daughter adores it!

This enchanting teapot lights up with a rainbow of colours as she sings and chats. When the pot is tipped to pour tea, kids will delight in the sounds of pouring, gurgling and dripping, just like a real teapot. There are over fifty amazing sound effects, songs and phrases to be enjoyed in this 10 piece tea party set.

'Refill' the teapot by pressing her blue heart button.
Lift her lid to hear her greetings and manners.
"Gurgle, gurgle!" 
This toy teaches kids core learning skills such as colour matching, counting and manners, plus polite greetings. The LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party play set is recommended for ages 12 - 36 months and beyond. Our daughter is five and plays with this toy no-end. Regularly she packs it in her day pack and takes it on weekend car trips for impromptu tea drinking on-the-go. It's such a cute sight to see!

Kids can enjoy playing with the colourful cake pieces which are marked with images of different flavours.
We like that this little tea set teaches children about sharing in particular. Whether playing with stuffed toys or real friends, the art of sharing is a skill to be practiced and learned. This toy provides a sweet way to learn the art of getting along and patience.

The LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party play set is available at Big W, good toy stores and online, and is priced at RRP $34.95. This is a beautiful and simple role play toy that will bring young children much joy for several years throughout childhood.

Make sure you keep camera ready to capture priceless play moments with this one!

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  1. This looks like hours of fun for our kids, including our son who would love to smash it to pieces with his dinosaur! Karina L

  2. I would love to send the LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party set to my niece as I know she adores playing tea parties and she would love this colourful and fun version. Vanessa Ahern

  3. I have a little girl, Who has a little curl;
    She cannot see, When drinking tea;
    And gets in a tither and whirl.
    To hold her hair up, So she can drink from the cup;
    She asks her Nan, To help if she can;
    While she picnics with her friends and her pup.

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Maggie - a cute little rhyme! We hope your little girl loves it. :D

  4. Such a wonderful prize, my little girl would be making tea all day long just as her Mummy does! (L Jarvis)

  5. What a beautiful Christmas gift this would make!

  6. My girls love tea parties, so would get a lot of use out of this prize!
    (Stacey Shailer)

  7. What an amazing present! My girls would love it.

  8. My niece and myself can have tea parties... Very exciting

  9. My kids would love to play together with all their furry animal and teddy friends. They might even invite their dad and I if we are lucky.
    Samara McRae

  10. My 9 year old daughter loved her tea set (she still has this exact one!).
    She'd so love to to give one to her baby cousin so she can enjoy magical tea parties too.

  11. This would make a fabulous Christmas present for my great niece! Putting it on the list! My girls used to love having tea parties, my youngest still does with her friends, it involves real tea and cake now :)

  12. I know a granddaughter would love this! What a sweetie your daughter is!

    Thanks for linking up for Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is What I Have Learned Lately. 15/10/18. Denyse.

  13. Miss S lovely holding tea parties for her toys but the set she has isn't as gorgeous as this one. Her smile would be wider than that of the Cheshire Cat if I won this for her. Maree Gray

  14. This looks so much fun my niece would love this for her first tea ☕️ party, great way of learning and having fun.

  15. Leapfrog do the best toys! Everyone we've ever had has been the biggest winner, they put so much thought into them. I love the elements of role play they bring into our fun.

  16. I asked my little girl why she wants to win and she says cause I want

  17. My darling baby girl would just adore this! She would create magical tea parties with her older sisters. A wonderful present from Santa this year I think!

  18. This set brings back memories of my own childhood, setting up tea and biscuits to serve my nan. I want to share these beautiful memories with my own children too.
    Sarah Ellwood

  19. Gorgeous and educational with fraction practice. Love it

  20. I believe that you can never be too young to learn how to make a great cup of tea! My little one would love this tea set, what a treat.

  21. Debbie Moody,
    I have five grandsons and now to my delight a grand daughter Alice who I know will enjoy this prize making her brothers and cousins play tea party with her. Hopefully she will ask me also.

  22. My three girls would love to play with this splendidly colourful LeapFrog Musical Tea Party Set where they'll role play and learn how to share while listening to beautiful songs and phrases. Thank you.
    Dee Susan JT

  23. My son is actually really into tea parties and picnics. In his tent. He'd love this!


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