Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The Telstra Essential Plus Mobile Phone Powered By Alcatel And Win A Mobile Phone!

Can you imagine life without mobile phones? Most of us would find it very difficult to navigate our lives without our hand-held diary, newspapers, emails, games and entertainment all in the one place. We've all come to rely on the convenience of a mobile phone in our pocket or purse, and many of us simply couldn't live without our 'electronic organisers' on our person now.

These days there are phones to suit all lifestyles, ages, budgets and needs. You don't need to spend a fortune to get what you want either. The Telstra Essential Plus mobile phone powered by Alcatel is one example of an attractive and quality mobile phone that will fill the basic needs of many and more, without the ouchy price tag of many phones on the market today.

The Telstra Essential Plus mobile powered by Alcatel, has a full colour 4.95 inch screen with an 18.9 ratio which makes it so easy to use. It's also very lightweight at just 145g, which will ensure your bag is never too heavy when you're carting your most used possession.

Like all modern mobiles, there's a built-in 5MP rear camera, and a 2MP front-facing camera with a flash, as well as social media-friendly camera features for creating panoramas, photo grids and time lapse features. It can even capture light trails for fun photography moments.

The Telstra Essential Plus mobile powered by Alcatel, runs on the new Android Go system which means improved app performance with seamless operation. It also includes Google Play Protect which keeps the device secure at all times.

This great smartphone is blue tick certified. If you're in a regional or rural area, you will still receive superior call quality on the Telstra network. Best of all, this amazing smartphone is just RRP $99 and you can buy one at your nearest Telstra store. This mobile is available in black only.

We recommend this mobile phone for teenagers based on quality, price and features. Not sure what age your child should receive their first mobile phone? Check out our recommendations in this post about children and mobiles. Love the sound of this mobile phone? We have one of these terrific phones to gift to one lucky reader! See below.

Win a Telstra Essential Plus mobile phone
powered by Alcatel valued at $99!
Total prize pool: $99.
General terms and conditions.
Promotion ends November 23rd, 2018.

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  1. a perfect phone for the awesome daughter in my life, who misses the bus and needs a little call from mum at times

  2. This would be perfect for my daughter to be able to use as we don't have a home phone and both our mobiles are for work and are locked.
    Joanne Cardamone

  3. This would be extremely helpful with the boy off to high school next year!!

  4. It has been a real struggle deciding when the right time is for my son to have a phone. With all his friends already having one, it's been hard to explain that he doesn't 'need' one. He starts high school next year and will have to take the bus 3 days of the week. I feel that next year is the right time for him to have one, mainly for security and ability to stay in contact with each other. I feel this Telstra Essential Plus mobile is the perfect phone for him...and perfectly priced too!
    Katherine Bamford

  5. It's time for the kids to start walking home from school,
    Having a phone, I know they'll think they're cool.
    But I'd like a phone for them to keep my mind at ease,
    They can call me when they got home and also when they leave.
    If the weather turns sour or my plans at work change,
    I can let them know what to do so they don't get caught in the rain.
    Without a phone they won't be walking home,
    So, for out of school care payments, maybe I'll take out a loan. :)
    Lynnette Bull

  6. id love to win a awesome easy to use phine like this Tracy Wedding

  7. This phone would be so handy to keep our son occupied when we are out and about.
    Karina L

  8. Be still my heart that phone sounds perfect for ME!!
    My kids are so smart but I've been left in pre history,
    Remote life saw no mobile's for this old goose,
    then suddenly it happened!! we moved to a town!!
    Looking for work in a house with no phone,
    I splurged and spent $15 big ones on a push button thing??
    Fuzzy pictures and ring tones that will make you shudder,
    Fingers crossed for a job soon so I can splurge on another.
    I'd then hand it down to my amazing son,
    who looks after his little brother and sister just like mum.
    He has a catalog round, is saving for bird books,
    my mister 11 is a twitcher and would love to try snapping shots as he walks.
    Natalie Murnane

  9. This would be great to win for my daughter when she goes out jogging,keep for safe.

  10. This would be perfect for my daughter who has been nagging us for her own phone for a while now! Kate Slack

  11. A new phone to store even more photos and videos of my niece, Christmas is coming up so i'm sure to be getting that message saying I have no space left!

  12. A phone I won't look so outdated using, some of our group do have the latest, but not all of us, if it works we keep it.

  13. If I win ALCATEL you where Ive been, where I am at and where I am going!

  14. I do not have a mobile phone - how bad's that? I don't think there's many of us left, us out-of-touch people. Please help me build a link back to humanity so I feel a part of society once again.....I want to ignore my family at dinner time, walk in to street posts, trip up guttering again...I have missed the life we all live. (Juanita)

  15. What an awesome Giveaway - Good Luck to everyone entering!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  16. You have such great giveaways! You go girl. Good luck everyone!

  17. So my son can call his mum!! Irena D.

  18. With all the modern features of an expensive phone bundled into this affordable phone, it would make a great gift for any teen getting there first phone. This would an amazing present for my little brother who starts high school next year

  19. What an amazing phone and it looks just the go for all the kids who "want/need one".

    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek. Optional prompt next week is "I Remember".

  20. To win a phone would be great, would mean no more looking through a cracked screen.

  21. T een communication has changed so much
    E very afternoon she's messaging, staying in touch
    L ike me at the same age,
    S he wants to keep up with friends
    T exting, snapchatting, so many messages she sends!
    R ight now she's been nagging, a new phone she'd love
    A nd this giveaway seems like it was sent from above!

  22. I'd love to win this so i can claim my own phone back! No more sharing my phone with my daughter! Amanda Giffard

  23. I would love to win this mobile phone to give to my uncle as he has a $10 mobile and i believe that he can do with an upgrade this Christmas :-)

  24. I would love to win this mobile phone to give to my uncle as he has a $10 mobile and i believe that he can do with an upgrade this Christmas :-)
    Melanie Culpeper

  25. I currently have a dinosaur brick phone. Catching up and moving into today's society would be like "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."


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