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Tiger Tribe Christmas Gift Guide and MEGA TOY GIVEAWAY!

Christmas time means the treat of Tiger Tribe toys here on Six Little Hearts. Each year we bring our readers a run-down of the latest and greatest for kids from our absolute favourite toy designers, plus there's always our mega toy giveaway to look forward to, with thanks to Tiger Tribe!

Have you discovered Tiger Tribe toys yet? If you're acquainted already, then you'll know all about the beautiful traditional playthings produced by this company. If not, grab a chair and read on to discover just what makes this brand so special: Think retro. Think modern. Think educational, entertaining and the essential stuff of wonderful childhood memories.

Absolutely no toy from Tiger Tribe can ever be deemed dull. There are no batteries to replace, neither will their items be delegated to the back of the play cupboard from lack of interest. With Tiger Tribe toys, it's all about capturing the magic and untamed beauty of childhood imagination with no unnecessary additives.

The following toys make super gift ideas for this year's Christmas. Our kids are so happy to have received these wonderful items. Many of the most well-loved and used playthings in our home are items and kits such as these, from Tiger Tribe.

This year Tiger Tribe have expanded their range to include more toy options for boys and even bigger boys at that. Our youngest sons, (aged 10 and 12) are extremely happy with the items we were sent for review, such as this 3D Colouring Set - Sci-Fi Fun. RRP $20. (Please don't be offended by any gender suggestions here. Everything featured is very unisex.)

These compact kits contain everything children need to colour-in the funky modern designs on-the-go, plus there's the added twist of the 3D element for continued play fun. This portable play kit is ideal for travelling, dining out and car journeys. Let your kids colour-in and stick their creations on the wall when they're done, where the 3D fun can be viewed in all it's glory.

Oh boy! Did we have some excited kids over the following two toys! The first, Tiger Tribe's Dart Ball Shark Zone is a whole lot of family fun. (RRP $25.)

Mount the large double-sided board (measures 37cm diameter) onto the nearest wall and take turns tossing the stick-on balls (3 included) at the targets to score. Add up your score to see who wins. This is a great game for teaching kids all about numeracy plus it develops their motor skills and co-ordination. This one's so much fun that I play it on my own when the kids are at school!

Flying toys always impress and this Tiger Tribe retro-styled goody will be a win for sure. Forget the expensive drone obsession - go for the manually exciting and inexpensive option - it's all about Propeller Jets for kids! (RRP $18.) Attach the propeller to the front of the plane and mount the lot onto the launcher. Use the pull-string mechanism to fire-away. Then watch as the plane flies fast and high to the sound of excited squealing kids! Suitable for ages 6 plus and loved by everyone.

Our boys are equally smitten with these two compact ball games. (See below.) Ball games are a main attraction in our household so these smaller versions of Penalty Shoot Out and Shooting Hoops (each RRP $20) are keeping our kids happily engaged for hours without destroying the house! Each kit contains a miniature ball plus net to score. No need to spell it out here other than to say that these are so much better and quieter than when our boys bounce their real basketballs inside our house! Further, these small-scale games are the size of a standard book when packed up, so the stow away easily. Brilliant!

There are many compact activity kits for boys and girls that cover a broad range of interests at Tiger Tribe. We love these small kits because not only do our kids enjoy them, but they also use them often and they pack away neatly on a shelf until the next time they're wanted.

With Tiger Tribe's Paper Masks Power Pack kids can have mega-fun colouring the pre-cut masks and decorating them with holographic stickers. There's no glue or scissors required and even the elastic to assemble the masks is included in the box. (RRP $20.)

Shrinkies Charm Bracelets are RRP $20 and look like tons of fun for kids aged 5 and over. We've been so busy exploring our collection of kits provided by Tiger Tribe that we have not yet used this one in particular. It's going to be fun though! This kit requires adult supervision as an oven is required to shrink down the items included for the charm bracelets. Pencils are included for your child to colour-in the Shrinkies prior to baking and assembly. Maybe this weekend...

Let your kids' imaginations run wild and find yourself a few hours of peace with Neon Gel Crayons RRP $12. These have a gel texture so can be used on polished surfaces like glass or mirrors and of course paper.

Transfer Magic (Dance Concert pictured), is a bit of old-school fun with transfers that allow kids to create a scene on the included backdrops. There's plenty of transfers included to 'pencil rub' characters and accessories onto the background. RRP $12.

Tiger Tribe's Foil Art kits come in four gorgeous designs. We were sent the Mermaids theme pictured. This is a mess-free craft kit that inspires kids to sit, concentrate and create using the included glitzy foils to decorate their stenciled images. RRP $20.

Finally, Tiger's Tribe's Honeycomb Creations are beautiful kits to create dimensional play scenes using fold-out 'honeycomb' paper decorations that bring the images alive.

Inside the Mermaids kit, discover a backdrop to decorate with the stickers and honeycomb decorations. When your child is finished, either pack the kit away for next time, or mount the fishtails onto the mermaids with glue, decorate the pictures with the kit's stickers, and mount the scene onto your child's wall for decoration. RRP $20.

For unique play items for kids from 0-12, Tiger Tribe has so much on offer that will impress and delight. Please visit the Tiger Tribe website to browse their entire collection of toys and kits as we've previewed just a tiny selection of the newest 2019 range here.

We're so happy to collaborate with Tiger Tribe each year to bring you a preview of the very latest in children's playthings, and our annual Tiger Tribe Christmas Giveaway which you can enter below!


Merry Christmas!

Love what you see here? Two lucky Six Little Hearts readers can WIN a set of either the
Girly Stuff or Boy Stuff we've featured to fill your Christmas stockings!* 
Each prize pack contains approximately $104 of great, play fun.
Please choose one of the packs below, (let's call them Pink and Blue), 
that appeals most for your child to receive this Christmas. The choice is yours!

Blue Pack:

Dart Ball Shark Zone
Shooting Hoops - Basketball
Penalty Shoot-Out Soccer
Propeller Jet
3D Sci-Fi Fun Colouring Set.

Pink Pack:

Paper Masks Power Pack
Honeycomb Creations Mermaids
Shrinkies Charm Bracelets
Transfer Magic Dance Concert
Neon Gel Crayons
Foil Art Mermaids.

Total prize pool: $208

To Enter
Leave a comment and your name within your comment box below, then fill out the simplified competition form 
with your details.
Entries without comments or names will be disqualified. 
Game of skill.
Promotion closes Dec. 14th, 2018.
***Please state which pack, (PINK or BLUE) you would like to receive in your comment.***
Good luck!

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*While every effort will be made to deliver your prizes prior to Christmas, please be aware of delays experienced at this time of year. Neither Six Little Hearts or Tiger Tribe will be held accountable for delays or loss due to the Christmas season. 
We will endeavor to have your prizes in the post prior to Christmas time however. x


  1. Tracy Andreatta I have followed all steps , thanks for the chance.

    My 2 yr old granddaughter would love the pink pack . She's just discovered the joy of mermaids and crayons .

  2. I really love the foil art my daughter loves being creative and this would give her hours of artistic fun. pink pack
    Jessica ashbrooke

  3. My children would love the blue pack to share as they think the soccer and basketball ones look like such fun.
    Jasmin Hoffmann

  4. What a great prize! We would love to win the blue pack <3 both my kids are right into basketball and soccer!
    Johanna Cahill

  5. What a great prize for anyone to win. Good luck everyone!

  6. Jasmine Nelson

    Shrinkies is life!
    I remember making shrinkies as a kid. I can't wait to relive nostalgia and do it again

  7. The shooting hoops looks like fun for my 9 year old son the whole range looks like they have something for everyone
    blue please Karen Edwards

  8. My kids would love the pink pack and especially the Shrinkies Charm Bracelets

  9. My daughter would love the Shrinkies bracelets! We made Shrinkie Christmas decorations for our tree this year and she was amazed! Such a fun experience would love to make the bracelets with her. Thank You

  10. From Wonder Woman to Cinderella to Peppa Pig with Tiger Tribe's Paper Masks Power Pack the girls can be ANY of their superheros they dream to be
    Pink Pack Please

  11. My niece Miss S would love the pink pack - she is really into arts and crafts. Maree Gray

  12. My grand daughter would love the Shrinkies Bracelts because she loves everything pretty

    I would be thrilled to win this for my kids!!!

  14. Shooting hoops - what a fun way to entertain the kids and husband when out and about!
    Karina Lee

  15. this would help keep the children entertained over those long 6 weeks of holidays as they get "bored" every minute of the day lol - pink pls

  16. From the review, it’s the ‘Tiger Tribe’s Dart Ball Shark Zone’ that appeals to me!
    Aside from the numeracy skills, I can see it channeling some throwing energy!
    All my kids go through phases of throwing the odd projectile,
    And when they’re doing it with this game, everyone can smile!

    Karen McKay
    �� the blue pack ��

  17. The pink pack would be the favoured pack in our house. It would keep everyone busy throughout the school holidays
    Marie White

  18. With the school holidays approaching, we are going to have a lot of time on our hands. I can just hear the “Mum, I’m bored” already!!! Tiger Tribe are number one when it comes to boredom busters & portable fun. To win would be a dream come true, not to mention a surefire solution to retaining my sanity!!! Anna, Pink prize pack please

  19. With many nieces to buy for,
    A tiger tribe prize I would adore.
    Enough in the prize for all of them,
    Doesnt matter if they're 5 or 10.
    They all love to be hands on,
    Creating masterpieces to be proud of.
    Lynnette Bull, pink.

  20. The Tiger Tribe Dartball Shark Zone appeals to me the most as it would keep both my son and daughter entertained and help them with their coordination which they both could use help with. Vanessa Ahern, Blue.

  21. Pink Pack a prompt for creativity
    Encouraging skills and drawing ability
    Our little girl sure to have fun
    Tiger Tribe , you are number One !!

  22. Pink - The transfer magic looks like hours of creative fun!!

  23. Tiger Tribe's Paper Masks Power Pack would be so much fun! Pink pack please
    Sarah Ellwood

  24. OMG The Shrinkies charm bracelet, we used to shrink any bit of plastic we could get our hands on as kids, awesome that they have proper kits to do this now

  25. Kristen Baker-pink prize pack please
    My friend has 2 young girls that would absolutely love expressing their creativity with this set. And their room is mermaid themed so they would be so excited to recieve this.

  26. Pink pack please! Love love love Tiger Tribe things!

  27. Love their products. They are great for taking to a cafe for colouring in while waiting for a snack. Pink would be perfect �� Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. My daughter would love pink please. We love their products

  29. Would love the blue pack for my son. Has great activities to help keep him entertained these school holidays (kylie Sneddon)

  30. Traveling interstate to see family is a pretty regular gig for us so we LOVE Tiger Tribe products to keep the kids busy and entertained! My 6 yo son would be overjoyed for the blue pack but my crafty toddler would also love the pink, either way they are great at sharing and would be stoked regardless!

  31. Peta-Lee Bartlett. The shrinkies set brings back fond memories of my own childhood, I love reminiscing with my girls and they love hearing about when I was a little girl. A pink pack would be fabulous.

  32. My daughters would love the pink pack..and so would I! We have been wanting to try the shrinkies for ages ��

  33. My youngest is in love with mermaids so she'd be in heaven with the honeycomb creations set. What an innovative range of toys!

  34. Shooting Hoops is my pick! My 7 year old has a basketball hoop as his top item on his Santa list. This could be a bit of fun!!! :)

  35. Pink pack please! Our girls would absolutely love them. Good luck everyone :)

  36. I love fostering creativity in my little boy and the Tiger Tribe designs inspire both of us to be artistic and have fun together. We vote for the blue pack please! Thankyou! Susie Gore

  37. My craftaholic girls would love the Tiger Tribe Foil Art the best. Mermaids and sparkles - all their loves combined! We'd love the Pink pack please! Carolyn Elder

  38. I have 9 grandchildren and these packs would be ideal for any of them....boy or much to be gained from either, a whole lot of fun....thank you for the opportunity to win and I would be happy with either pack

    1. Congratulations Scott, you're the winner of the PINK Pack! These goodies will be on there way to you prior to Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    2. Thank you Six Little Hearts and Tiger Tribe....they arrived in time for Christmas and my granddaughter loved them....wonderful :)

  39. Love the very nature of these: all fun and no batteries. Thank you for linking up this week for #lifethisweek Next week's optional prompt is the photo-based "Share Your Snaps." Denyse

  40. What i love about Tiger Tribe is that they are great quality and capture kids attention and imagination. We have a few Tiger Tribe activities at home and the MagnaCarry is a favourite. My son plays with it on a daily basis. BLUE set would be awesome for him. It would be hours of fun creating, playing and learning together these holidays. Would love and appreciate these amazing activities!

  41. I would love either the blue or pink for my little ones, they are very good at sharing their toys and I'm thankful for that. Thanks Krystle Ho

  42. 3D Colouring Set - Sci-Fi Fun looks very unique to me . I feel it is very different and my kids have not played/created anything like this. I like toys that motivates the kids to use their imagination.

    Name - Sapna Sharma
    Blue pack please ...

  43. Blue pack please. My autistic son loves art, sharks and dinosaurs so the pack would be perfect for him. Plus those activities will help his fine and gross motor skills. Chantelle

  44. Blue pack for Henry (aged 2), outdoor activities he likes to do, add in some inside play for a rainy day, the blue pack covers all the bases

  45. Blue Pack for Henry (aged 2), outdoor activities he likes to do, add in some inside play for a rainy day, blue pack covers all the bases
    Garreth Jones

  46. Little Miss would love the pink pack. Oh what fun she would have.

  47. The Tiger Tribe's Dart Ball Shark Zone looks amazing. It would be something the whole family could play together and have so much fun doing it. Great to bond over laughs with the kids and spend quality time together.
    I would love the Blue pack please.
    Samara McRae

  48. My son loves his Tiger Tribe Magna Carry and would love to add more Tiger Tribe goodies to his collection.

    The Blue Pack would be amazing for him especially the Propeller Jet activity!

    Fiona Morouco

  49. My daughter would love the pink pack with glee
    Charms ,crayons and mermaids to see,
    So happy Ruby would be, with no fear,
    She would be grinning from ear to ear.

  50. My daughter is 2 and loves mermaids and all things girly, she would love the pink pack.
    Julie Mulligan

  51. My 2 grandaughters are mermaid Mad and love doing crafts. Si I want to win for them

  52. I'd love the pretty pink set and I think the Shrinkies Charm Bracelets are so cute - great for the Granddaughter.


  53. Fiona Charlton
    I would love the blue pack for my son. He has improved to much this year at school and his creativity has really surprised us this year. Would love to do some art and craft with him over the holidays :)

  54. Love tiger products. helps when out for dinner to keep kids occupied and chatting without the need for he iphone.

  55. The 3D Colouring Set - Sci-Fi Fun pack sounds terrific and a bit different. Loads of fun! I'd love the Blue pack. (Wendy Hatton / rosewendy)

  56. My tiger tribe would love the blue pack please. My little cub would dart around shooting goals all day. Susan Stanley

  57. Neon Gel Crayons as they sound so fun that I fear we won't put them down!

  58. Tiger Tribe products are great to keep the children unplugged.
    Its extensive range of portable play items will keep them occupied at home, outdoors or while travelling these holidays.
    Pink Pack, thank you.
    Dee Susan JT

  59. I am very impressed with the 3D Sci-Fi colouring pack as I know that can distract my boys, 9,8 and 6 when waiting for food when we dine out. This will give me a chance to get them off the screens and because it's not so typical colour in sheets that restaurant usually gives kids they should take the bait. This will appeal to them as it has 3D effects which they will find cool. Definitely a great new creation by tiger tribe.
    I would love to win the blue pack for my 3 boys so I can keep them entertain this holidays, my mission is to bring down screen time to as little as possible! Bring back the good old school days! (Olivia Au)

    1. CONGRATULATIONS WINNER OF THE BLUE PACK! Hope your three boys have a great time with these! Merry Christmas!

  60. The blue pack please, my son said it looks like tons of fun, it would keep him occupied during the holidays too

  61. I had to think hard as to which one we like the most, but with one crafty daughter and five nieces, pink won! The mermaid craft kit with honeycomb craft looks like something my imaginative daughter would adore. Thanks, Amanda Hamlyn


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