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Vtech Myla The Magical Make-Up Unicorn Review Plus The Aussie Giveaway Linkup Dec-Jan 2019...

Just about every young girl is obsessed with unicorns and our six year old daughter is no exception - she loves them, and has built up quite a stash of unicorn items to indulge her passion. When we were recently invited to review the new Myla The Magical Make-Up Unicorn by Vtech, you can imagine just how thrilled our little girl was.

You can see the appeal of pretty Myla yourself!

Myla is a really beautiful unicorn and like all things Vtech, she has some very swish appeal beyond her pristine, snowy white plush fur and colourful countenance. You see, Myla also does some awesome play stuff, making her a bit WOW! We've not really had a toy of this calibre up until now and I can assure you, this one has certainly impressed our little Miss and become a regular play buddy.

Myla The Magical Make-Up Unicorn is awesomely animated. She moves, chats, sings and interacts with her owner, making her so much fun to play with. For starters, kids can use her magical paintbrush and colour butterfly palette to 'make-up' Myla. (Additional items featured here are included with the purchase of Myla.) Just touch her make-up brush onto the coloured butterfly palette to select a colour and like magic, touch Myla's eyes, wings, horn and mane to see these areas light up with the selected colours wherever she's touched. Myla also shows-off her beautiful multicolour light displays with magical sounds that impress.

Myla The Magical Make-Up Unicorn also comes with a magical microphone. Just hold it to her mouth and she will invite you to sing with her as she dances with her active head movements and songs. (Capturing these actions was near impossible on camera on a bright sunny day!) Believe me though - she really looks amazing when her colours produce a moving magical rainbow light show across her wings, eyes, horn and mane. Kids love it!

Myla wears a magical necklace which when pressed, activates new activities and responses. Petting her back also activates further interactions with movements and lights.

Myla has six interactive modes of play. There's her Magical Make-Up as featured, plus her Magical Colour Creation which allows kids to mix her light-up colours. Daily, Myla will choose a Lucky Colour for kids which is revealed by petting her back. Her 'make-up' needs to be re-applied regularly otherwise her light colours will fade, thus keeping kids entertained with continued interactive play.

Myla also comes with hair accessories such as a comb for her pretty pink tail and five hair barrettes for her mane and a crown. Girls can be Myla's BFF with her fun features and even share in her sparkles by wearing her hair clips in their own hair. Myla has movable legs for posing and she's a vibrantly pretty toy to cuddle and love.

Vtech's Myla The Magical Make-Up Unicorn requires four AA batteries to operate, plus two additional AAA batteries to work her magic colour brush. Myla is recommended for children from 5 years plus, however she would certainly make a pretty addition to sit on a bedroom shelf for younger kids and could be used with adult supervision until they've grown.

Charming Myla is RRP $79.99 and is available at all good toy stores, department stores and online.

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  1. Gorgeous every little girl's dream toy

  2. Love the "make up" is not going to create a mess. Just wish applying make up was that easy for me.

  3. Oooh makeup AND a unicorn, this is right up my alley!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  4. Your youngest has the best times with your reviews and new toys. Lovely to see. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek .Next week's optional prompt is....wait for it...Christmas! 2nd last one for 2018. Denyse


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