Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Back To School 2019 With Smiggle...

It's the first day back at school for 2019 and I've happily waved-off the kids this morning. Having personally labelled absolutely everything and packed each of our kids' school bags, young and old, I am feeling confident that they're off to the smoothest start to this academic year possible.
Yay to the peace of child-free days again!

This year I've been a little lazy about obtaining and organising the year's school supplies which basically translates to everything being left until the last minute. Yesterday, with just one day to go prior to the start of school, I finally reluctantly removed myself from our comfy sofa and ventured out to the stores to shop for the kids' 2019 school supplies. Admittedly a fair-few, (mostly few!) other mums were hurriedly doing the same.
(Psst! ...there were stationery bargains galore! I am going to do the same every year now.)

Thank goodness the good peeps at Smiggle sent us some fabby stationery to share here just prior to Christmas. Having these lovely items at hand to cross off the extensive stationery list was a joy, given my apprehension to school supplies shopping. As soon as I unwrap any gifted Smiggle haul, the kids make-off with the goods immediately.

For back to school fun this summer, Smiggle as always, have the most appealing goods to motivate and spark your kids' enthusiasm and creativity.

Our son number three has just begun high school this year and he snapped up these great Smiggle Trimarkers with glee. (Pictured below.) These snazzy coloured markers are shaped with a triangular barrel which makes hand fatigue less of an issue for users. There are 24 markers in a rainbow of shades ensuring this product is an excellent choice for school art and craft tasks and assignments. RRP $24.95.

Save space inside your child's pencil case with Smiggle's legendary stackable markers. (Below.) This one's ideal for headers and highlighting. Our year 7 son has snaffled this already so I can't tell you too much about this one other than this style of marker is always a hit with all ages.

Master 10, who has commenced grade 5 today, is off to a happy start with his hand selected faves from our Smiggle stash. How spot-on cool are these fun pens and pencils, (below), which are themed in kid-relevant video game styles and other 'attitudy' stuff!' 

VR pale blue pencil RRP $2.95. Lil' Scents Rainbow Pen Yellow RRP $5.95.
Never forget, Smiggle is the only place to go for pencil cases and school backpacks and accessories.

As kids grow older, they require much larger pencil cases to hold their extra learning equipment such as scientific calculators, math items, special pens and pencils etc. Smiggle's A4 pencil cases are ideal for the increased needs of older kids. My year 9 son has bagged this funky black Fave A4 ID Pencil Case RRP $19.95. (Above. Also available in a variety of colours and styles.) This video game theme is perpetually popular, especially with boys.

For those that require a generous-sized pencil case without the bulk, try the smaller, (but by no means too small), Faves ID pencil case RRP $16.95. Great for kids in primary and secondary school, this size packs it all in securely and tastefully.

Head to Smiggle online or your nearest store to browse their up-to-the-minute range to give your child the flashiest school gear around.

Finally, a huge thank you to Smiggle for making my last-minute school-run efforts, pleasant, easy and popular with my kids!

Are you a last minute back to school shopper too?

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