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Back To School Tech Essentials Plus WIN A Tech Pack! Aussie Giveaway Club February 2019...

Tech is something we all require to get by in our day-to-day lives. Back-to-school book lists are typically laden with compulsory gadgets that school kids need in modern-day classrooms. The costs can run high for parents, so make sure you invest well from your very first purchase and choose quality brands to avoid having to re-assess your children's needs later. Doing so selectively the first time, doesn't have to cost the earth either.

We've featured Laser and Belkin products regularly here on Six Little Hearts and we've never been disappointed with the usefulness and high standard these brands offer. Our home and education tech needs are fully reliant on the small yet, highly important things that these brands do, and do so well. For your own family's needs, we suggest you consider the following for yourself or your kids, to keep your electronic needs up-to-date and functioning smoothly.

Many book lists stipulate headphones as a necessity for students to enhance classroom learning. We can highly recommend Audiofly AF33W MK2 Wireless Headphones as being some of the best on the market (in our own opinion). Just pair these small wireless, Bluetooth, in-ear headphones with your devices, and enjoy quality sound with around 8 hours of battery life. These come complete with a microfibre carry pouch, extra buds for your ears (conveniently in a variety of sizes), and a USB cable for simple and seamless charging. Sound quality is crisp and portability, exceptional.

Audiofly AF33W MK2 Wireless Headphones RRP $59.99 available at JB-Hi-Fi.
Features volume control and built-in microphone for full smart device functionality.
Available in three trendy colourways. 
Who doesn't want to get fit in any new year? Make all your exercise opportunities hi-tech and motivational with Laser and their V-Fitness Monitors for adults and kids. These are both a watch and activity monitor to inspire daily movement and physical fitness. These super devices track steps, calories burned, plus distance travelled, heart rate and sleep cycles. Our kids are having so much fun using theirs. These are a fab choice for lazy teens too!

Child V-Fitness Activity Monitor (left) and right, V-Fitness HR+ Pro Activity Monitor for adults.

For adults who wish to boost their own fitness, Laser's V-Fitness band also comes in a larger size to suit your needs. These bands work in conjunction with a free app (available on iOS and Android), allowing you to keep track of your physical progress. You can even format your band to receive message alerts from your smart device, plus view stats and tailor it to your own preferences. (There are many more features too.) Both adult and kid versions come with additional coloured wrist bands besides the basic popular black featured.

The perfect tech device for our active year 7 child!

RRP $29.95, (child version) available at 
Big WAdult Laser V-Fitness Activity Monitor RRP $69.95, also available at Big W stores.

With literally every tech device these days requiring a USB port to charge, family arguments can become an annoying regular occurrence as kids squabble to power their coveted devices. Belkin's Family Rockstar is a new home-life essential which will guarantee peace in your living areas. 

Never be short of a port with this 4 Port USB Home Charger. (See below.) Features a generous three metre cord which allows it to be a centrally accessed item in your home. Naturally, with six kids who love tech, we're really appreciating this device!

RRP $69.95. A family essential! Plugs-in to any Australian mains power point.

Valued at $130!
Prize pack includes Laser Audiofly AF33W Wireless Headphones
and Belkin Family Rockstar 4-Port USB Home Charger as featured in our review.
Total prize pool $130.

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Good luck!

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  1. Miss Kate started Year 10 yesterday and would LOVE this!!!

  2. We so need this to encourage each other to be more active together. (Joanne Cardamone)

  3. With two little busy bee's trying to match mama and papa bee's activity levels, they're constantly buzzing around me to make sure I'm beating hubby's steps each day! I'd love to give them they're own Vtech so they can join the fun family activity try and beat us! Katherine Bamford

  4. get the kids outside and out of the arguing, get the energy gone

  5. It's good to teach the kids about health and exercise at an early age, and make ot fun for them by doing it together.
    Samara McRae

  6. What a great way to get the kids outside!

  7. Wow. This is not only handy for the kids in primary school but also their big brothers at uni. x

  8. Perfect for the kids and getting them motivated, counting their steps and keeping track of their health (plus the headphones I can use for my morning run!) Jade

  9. My son would love the headphones to listen to music while running and we would all appreciate the 4 port charger it's a great idea for all the families technology! Kate

  10. What a great prize! Great way to teach the kids about exercising, health and getting outside!
    Cassie Carrafa

  11. A great way to incentivise my son to get out and about and off his XBox. He's very competitive so perfect for him to challenge himself each day. (Charlotte B)

  12. My 9 year old son would love the wireless headphones he does a 5 kilometer run each Saturday morning at parkrun he’s be just like daddy wearing these.
    Karen Edwards

  13. I have a son who would be on cloud 9 to win. We can't afford the latest stuff so he's currently going MAD over tech stuff from 2000 and linking them all up!

  14. I would love to win this tech prize pack for my younger sister because uses music for inspiration in her artwork.

  15. my disabled son would love this to help keep him on track with his fitness routine

  16. the wireless headphones would stop one child getting annoyed with the other child that the "silly show or game" they are listening to is too loud. and the 4 port usb charger would be amazing as it would stop the kids fighting and bending the usb cords and allow them on their screen time even if they forgot to charge their electronic device enough :) cheers Sharyn

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Sharyn! These tech goodies will help you solve the issues with the kids!
      Thanks to everyone for entering and stay tuned for more!

    2. thank you so very much, i really appreciate and these prizes will be well received :)

  17. What a great article! technology is becoming increasingly important in our kids lives. Such a great contest!


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