Thursday, 14 February 2019

More Cool School Lunchboxes From SMASH Available At Spotlight...

The battle of who owns the trendiest lunchbox is currently raging in our home with our kids jumping for joy at this year's selection of SMASH back-to-school essentials. The conversation is all about who has the snazziest lunchbox and drink bottle. It's an everyday discussion when the kids pack their bags for school. I 'calm the farm' with the suggestion that everyone's lunch ware is super-cool because honestly, the new SMASH range is undoubtedly, ultra funky. End of issue!

More lunchboxes from SMASH? No, you're not reading the very same post as our previous one which featured the SMASH lunchboxes available at Officeworks. This striking range of SMASH Enterprises lunch on-the-go products is available now at Spotlight stores! Make sure you pick up some of these beauties next time you visit your favourite homewares and crafting store.

SMASH at Spotlight. Left to right: The dual walled Glitter Fashion Tritan drink bottle, Nude Food Movers snack tubes,
large Bento SwitchUp lunchbox, SMASH Glow Bottle, Sports Chiller drink bottle and Insulated Lunch Bag Lite.
Be inspired daily with this 'Dream, Wish, Believe' drink bottle (below left). The dual wall within houses sparkly glitter. There's a straw inside attached to a push-up spout with a comfy carry handle built in.

For smaller snacks, the Nude Food Movers Snack Tubes are ideal for transporting items without the use of excessive wrappings. These are stackable with twist-top lids.

SMASH at Spotlight have drink bottles to suit all ages and preferences. The Sports Chiller (below left), is a soft bodied squeezable bottle which is suited to active people. It features three layers of insulation, keeping your chosen beverage 2.5 times colder. It also has a one way sports valve to prevent leaks.

Younger kids who love novelty in their lives, will thoroughly dig the new SMASH glow in the dark 
Glow Bottle (above right). It has a traditional twist-top lid with a comfortable mouthpiece. Our youngest kids love to use these at night times especially, as they are easily spotted in the dark beside their beds. These bottles also glow within the dark confines of your kids' school bags for easy and fun accessibility. 

You've got to match your bottle with your lunchbox! The Light Lunch Boxes (below), provide food-safe and anti-bacterial protection with SMASH's signature Blue IQ lining. They offer excellent insulation too. These funky, up-to-the-minute designs are bound to keep you feeling positive and fashionable year-round.

What's not to love about the Bento SwitchUp? A bento lunchbox allows you to get creative with your lunches without the need for plastic wrappers. The featured SMASH Bento SwitchUp is a larger version and suitable for all ages. It holds loads of food and comes with two removable dividers which assist you to create the ultimate lunch with the freedom to separate foods in multiple ways. There's no worries about portions leaching into each other with one of these carriers.

The Bento SwitchUp. My Lunch, My Way.

The Bento SwitchUp conveniently fits within the Light Lunchbox. (Pictured right.) The removable cool base section of the Bento SwitchUp  box comes in the exact same pattern as the lunch bag too. Go matchy-matchy!
Designs for boys (or girls) include the following colour ways as pictured below. These are very popular styles with our boys who range in age from 10 - 17. They've been road-tested and proven to be 'cool enough' for teens according to our collection of kids.

You can find these and other SMASH items featured here at your nearest Spotlight store or on the Spotlight website.

Disclosure: Items featured were gifted in exchange for our honest opinions.


  1. I love the funky designs! My son's looks quite plain in comparison haha!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. I "almost" wished I went back to school when I saw these...almost!

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is: 8/51. My Favourite Decade. 25/2/19. Denyse.


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