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Oil Garden Review - Pure Essential Oils For The Whole Family & WIN Essential Oils By Oil Garden!

Most of us are searching for ways to improve our lifestyles. Whether it's our physical health and well-being, or improving our general environment and our greater lives, we are undoubtedly boosted on our individual pathways via our connection to the natural world. The closer we keep ourselves to the inherent beauty and benefits of nature, the better-off we will feel.

Making simple choices such as eating right and exercising are two examples of this connection to nature, that assist to improve our well-being. Many of us are well-familiar with the proven scientific evidence of the excellent mental and physical health benefits gleaned from these fundamental acts.

Of course there are further ways to enhance your connection to nature and one such method that's both therapeutic and uplifting, is via pure plant essential oils.

'Aromatherapy' is a natural industry and art, that works with the purest of oils extracted via distillation of various plants, flowers and resins. The pure essences extracted are then carefully bottled, sealing within the most potent essences of nature. These can be used effectively in a multitude of ways to enhance our lives.

Pure plant essences are a beautiful and therapeutic way to reconnect with yourself to enrich a healthy mind and body and on an entirely different level. The pure essences of Oil Garden from Byron Bay, are a unique example of what quality oils should be - 100 percent pure, vegan and natural with no additives of any kind. Only oils which boast these high qualifications can be deemed 'medicinal' and effective.
The oils by Oil Garden are a brand you should therefore seek, that meet these high industry standards.

Oil Garden's Energy Boost blend contains a selection of essences which together, bring a lift to
your fatigue levels and can benefit everyone in your home via vapourisation. 

In our home, aromatherapy has always played a huge role. As a fully qualified Aromatherapist, I have used pure plant essential oils since before the births of my children, and continue to do so today. Our kids are very familiar with the benefits of oils, and we have used them with ongoing success to treat and prevent a myriad of ailments over the years.

If you're yet to discover the benefits of aromatherapy, make sure you begin a collection of your very own oils to try them out. There are so many essences available. The easiest method to enjoy essences is via an oil burner (with a candle as pictured below), or an electric vaporiser. Either device will slowly and gently heat your essences in a base of plain water. The scents, when released by the heat, are incredible. Importantly, you can tailor your essences to your specific needs, be they for stress relief, PMT, fatigue and so on. There are oils to treat just about every ailment too.

We've been trying out Oil Garden essential oils thanks to a pack we were sent for our thoughts. I am always a little worried when I am expecting an arrival of oils. I personally look for 100 percent pure oils without additives. I also always choose pure essences bottled in dark glass which protect the precious medicinal qualities of the oils. Thankfully, Oil Garden's blends ticked these vital boxes.

The delightful Oil Garden Energy Boost blend has since become our favourite essence to burn in our home. (Pictured above.) This has such an invigorating scent, which includes orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, bergamot, ginger and lemongrass. We feel motivated and invigorated by this fragrance. It's also a lovely way to freshen your home and mask less pleasing odours. This is a fantastic choice for the home office or student study area as it may assist, (in a subtle manner), to improve concentration and productivity.

Something that wasn't really around for my children as babies, were the availability of pure essences for the very young. Oil Garden's blends called Baby Play and Baby Sleep are two gentle scents to assist your child in the most tender of ways. Fill your vaporiser with water (as per directions), and add a few drops of either of these essences to create a gentle atmosphere in which to calm your child. (Please do not apply any essential oil to your baby's delicate skin directly. Follow all instructions and make sure candle flames or electric vaporisers are at a safe distance from flammables and children at all times. Further precautions and guidelines are listed below this post.)

Extremely delicate fragrances to lightly enhance your baby's environment.

Oil Garden Baby Relax Bath Oil  125ml RRP $16.99.
A blend of pure essences suspended in a base of Sweet Almond Oil to relax and soothe.
Not just for babies, good for all ages.

Want to learn more about aromatherapy? There are countless books on the topic. I recommend the aromatherapist's bible - 'The Fragrant Pharmacy' by Valerie Ann Worwood for its excellent coverage on the use of oils and further medicinal purposes.*

Visit the Oil Garden website to view their vast array of quality Australian aromatherapy products.


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*Disclosure: Featured items were gifted in exchange for our honest opinions.

*Always follow individual instructions listed with your essences.
Do not apply directly to the skin except as directed by a qualified practitioner.
Use caution and common sense. Essential oils are powerful and highly concentrated.
Keep all oils away from children and vulnerable people. 
Do not leave a naked flame unattended. Use caution with any heated appliance or device at all times.


  1. So many uses for these essential oils in my household. To diffuse to help with sleep and sickness, to make the house smell amazing. To add to my homemade natural cleaning products. To add to cooking, and to help with all sorts of ailments.
    Samara McRae

  2. essential oils help to relax and help heal

  3. I would use this for cramps on my legs. I've suffered from leg cramps all my life very painful this oil would work wonders as it is all natural.

  4. I love being able to mix up my very own natural, spray and wipe cleaning solution with oil Karina Lee

  5. Essential oils would benefit my family and home by giving us natural alternatives to so many things,cleaning cooking pain relief, the list really is endless. I love that a lot of oils are safe for pets too, it gives me that extra peace of mind!
    Sarah Graham

  6. I'd love to get more into Aromatherapy! These oils look great :)

  7. essential oils would help me get a better sleep and they have been know to help recover from the sickness after kemo

  8. I have been using essential oils for years. I believe in their benefits. (Juanita Torr)

  9. it would help me relax and get better sleep

  10. I loved reading this and thank you for the info. The beautiful embroidery you placed the products on is reminiscent of so much from my late Mum's and grandmother's days.

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is the first Taking Stock in 2019. Denyse

  11. We’re a busy, cranky family of 4. It’s quite often you’ll see one of us laying on the floor! Whether it’s crying over spilt milk, or giggling over my pj’s that are made of silk? It’s safe to say, we’re a funny bunch of 4!
    I use essential oils on my premenstural tweens, it’s magical powers save my screams! I keep them close by, for those stressed out moments that come flying by! You never know when that little bottle of oil can potentially save the day! ;)

  12. I'm hoping they'll help calm my kids down so that they fall asleep easier and rest more peacefully. That will have a follow on affect on my sleep - something that seems to be sadly lacking at the moment

  13. Been looking at oils for a while now

  14. It would help my little boy to get to sleep and relieve his anxiety (Kate Slack)

  15. to help sleep and with anxiety and bugs essential oils are great for sure
    plus they smell divine and make my senses smile galore :) (sharyn)

  16. Essential oils can help with my immune system for the winter months.

  17. Today my son has a cold - tonight we will vapourise tea tree and eucalyptus to kill bugs!

  18. Sometimes you have seasonal allergies and the best way to get rid of them is by using natural alternative like essential oils.
    essential oils for allergies

  19. I diffuse oils each night to help the kids relax and unwind before bed :)


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