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5 Minute Pesto Recipe. Fresh, Healthy And So Easy!

Like big flavours? Like simple recipes? Pesto is a very simple condiment that brings a whole lot of flavour-filled pizzazz to your favourite meals. You can serve it on top of pasta as a stand-alone dish, or on meat, veg, pizza, bread and just about any other savoury meal you can imagine. Having a jar of pesto handy is a basic necessity in any kitchen, for a quick meal highlight.

Making your own jar of pesto is not only satisfying, it's also lightning fast to prepare, with a taste like no other. Fresh herbs, cheese, olive oil, pine nuts and garlic are pretty much the basics of this recipe, and it can be produced in just a minute or so in your standard blender. All you need in addition, (besides a blender or mortar and pestle for the hand-made method), is a clean jar to store your batch. Enjoy this divine condiment as you wish.

Five Minute Pesto.
Makes one approx. 250ml jar. (Preserve jar featured in this post is from Mad Millie.)
Preparation time: Five minutes.

For quick preparation, make sure you have all your ingredients measured and ready to use.
A set of measuring cups make ideal prep bowls for this recipe.

You will need:

1/4 cup of firmly packed continental parsley leaves
2-4 tablespoons of basil leaves
1/3 cup of pine nuts (toasted, instructions below)
1.5 cups of grated parmesan cheese
2 chopped garlic cloves (use fresh for best taste)
1/2 a cup of quality olive oil plus extra for blending to a suitable consistency.
Salt and pepper to taste.

A blender. (Or mortar and pestle if you wish to pound your pesto by hand).
One clean jar. (You may sterilise the jar if you wish, but I personally don't bother as this pesto keeps well for around a week in the fridge.)
Measuring cups.
A spatula.

To toast your pine nuts: In a small, heavy based, saucepan, toss the pine nuts in (without added oil), and cook over a medium heat for a couple of minutes. Toss the nuts frequently to ensure they roast evenly. This will improve the flavour of your pesto.

The nuts will roast in their own oils. Once golden brown and fragrant, remove from the heat and add to the blender bowl.

Toasted pine nuts are ready when golden and fragrant.

Add all remaining ingredients to your blender bowl and pulse the ingredients until a fairly-even paste is formed. Stop the blender frequently and scrape down the bowl with a spatula to ensure the pesto is blending evenly. Add a small amount of extra olive oil as required to loosen the paste if it appears dry.

Once you're satisfied with your pesto's consistency, it's ready to bottle. Add a fine layer of olive oil to the filled jar to assist with preservation of the pesto. Refrigerate and use within a week.

Enjoy this delicious pesto in endless ways. It's a great addition to cheese platters too. Serving suggestions below.

Homemade pesto on toasted wholewheat bread with Persian fetta, gourmet mushrooms and tuna slices.

Healthy breakfast and lunch ideas. Wholewheat bread spread with homemade pesto, baby spinach leaves,
fresh tomato slices, smoked trout, crumbled gorganzola cheese, continental parsley, salt and pepper.
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  1. How good is pesto! Not only does it taste great, it's so versatile. Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

  2. Aah love a good homemade pesto...thank you for the step by step instructions

  3. Once you've made your own pesto, you'll never go back to shop bought! This looks delicious! We make ours with kale and cashews and it's totally addictive :)

  4. I admit I have a very conservative palate and have not eaten pesto. This looks wonderful. Maybe it's time to celebrate my new teeth to try different tastes!

    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is 10/51 Share Your Snaps #2. 11/3/19. Denyse


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