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Alcatel 1C Mobile Phone Review And Win An Alcatel Smartphone!

When it comes to choosing a new mobile phone these days, the sky is the limit. All of us though, can agree on a few key pointers that really matter. We all tend to consider looks, features and price as primary elements when it comes to the crunch. There's little need to fork out loads of dollars to get these basics however. In a market saturated with mobile phone options, why not simply cut to the basics and make your choice on only those essential features that actually matter, coupled with a price point that's pocket-friendly?

Alcatel are a company that manufacture mobile phones which exude style, offer plenty of great features and pocket-friendly retail prices that appeal to just about everybody.

Having been sent this gorgeous Alcatel 1C mobile phone, I am certain you will agree that is has everything you need and look for in a mobile phone, and for a very small price. It's recommended retail price is just $89 and it's available now at Telstra stores.

Alcatel's 1 Series offers some of the most affordable and attractive mobile phones on the market with many mobiles below the $130 mark. This Alcatel 1C model is the most affordable in the Telstra Prepaid line-up. This mobile phone has many features and a premium appearance that rivals far more expensive models.
After trying out the Alcatel 1C, we think you can't go wrong!

All of the most popular essential apps are pre-loaded for your convenience. Just add your Telstra SIM, switch it on and you're ready to go.

Touchscreen simplicity. The Alcatel 1C even has a fingerprint scanner.

Enjoy 4GX fast download speeds and 4G LTE for smooth video streaming. The phone has social-ready camera features with sharp, bright and true-to-life colour reproduction. (5.34" 18:9 FWVGA+ 960 x 480) 16M colour screen.

There's an 8MP rear camera with a flash, and a 5MP front camera with a flash.

If you're in need of a new smartphone that's full of the features you want, reliable, and connected to Australia's largest mobile network (Telstra), then the Alcatel 1C is an ideal option at only $89! It's so easy to use, simple to navigate and overall, makes a fantastic entry-level phone that's suitable for all ages. Find your Alcatel 1C smartphone at Telstra stores now.

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  1. 11 years old and never been phoned!! My wonderful son has a no phone groan... Help me break the curse of the non tecked almost teen, and turn his life devastation into radiant glee!! :-)

  2. Perfect for my youngest first phone, wit this now I wont have to him complaining about his other siblings having one and him missing out!

  3. I'd like to win because my phone is getting old.

    Will G

  4. I would like to win this for my son!

  5. My wife's phone is getting old but she keeps chugging along. She could use a new phone badly. Hope to hear from you soon! Dan Dykstra

  6. This phone would help me streamline my life. No time for bells and whistles with 2 toddlers. Looks like I could access what I need very quickly indeed.

  7. What a great Giveaway! Good luck to everyone entering xx

  8. I love the social-ready camera features and finger print scanner. Perfect for my selfie loving teen.
    Sarah graham

  9. My Mum takes really bad photos of the kids because she has a cheap and nasty phone. I think she deserves a good phone with a decent camera for her memories with the grandkiddies!

    1. karina lee...sorry forgot to nclude my name!

  10. This would be so good for the kids I know. Phones have become what was a 'watch' when our kids were young. Sigh!
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is Easter Means This. 16/51 #LifeThisWeek. 41/2019. Hope to see you there!

  11. Love to win and use it as a spare when my other phone lets me down

  12. This phone would help me streamline my life. No time for bells and whistles with 2 toddlers. Looks like I could access what I need very quickly indeed.Salim Parvez

  13. i am the mum with an old nokia (NOT smartphone) so my kids think i am not cool
    i dont even pull out my phone when i pick the kids up from school
    to be able to take photos of my kids when out and about
    would make me happily smile and shout :) - Sharyn


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