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Sash & Belle's 'Tegan' Cross Body Bag Review...

A change in season usually heralds a handbag changeover does it not? I personally switch my own handbags around on a fairly regular basis, and usually not just to suit my outfits. I tend view each handbag as a stand-alone piece and like to swap styles regularly when my current bag of choice either becomes too full and cluttered, or often, just to reflect a change in mood. Since most of us have a fair few bags to choose from in our wardrobes, (ahem! Okay, a lot...), switching styles is often just a chance to experience the joy and compliments a new and refreshing look can bring.

One of my favourite brands for quality fashionable bags is Sash and Belle. You may remember our review of the stunning Max backpack we ran a while back? It's a beautiful bag that always guarantees a ton of compliments whenever and wherever I choose to wear it.

Well now I have another beautiful bag from Sash and Belle to admire. This one is called the Tegan Cross Body and I absolutely adore wearing this.

The Tegan is a fully adjustable cross body bag and the colour I received is Stone. (The colour in our images looks a little pinkish here due to the light, however if you scroll down to the outdoor pics below, you'll see that this is a true 'stone' shade.)

Tegan is a perfectly sized hip bag crafted in vegan leather which looks and feels just like the real deal. I have many other cross body bags, but I love to wear my Sash and Belle Tegan because it has so many pockets and features to organise my essentials - very much unlike my other cross bodies.

These days I have all my kids at school so there's less to carry about when I am shopping or going out. I still find that I can fill my beautiful Tegan easily with emergency extras such as wet wipes, tissues and so on for when my younger kids join me, in addition to my own everyday essentials.

The Tegan has pockets galore inside and out and there are two striking sides to this bag that will give your purchase major versatility in the style stakes. This one side alone features compact pockets for sliding your change, receipts, tissues and so on, plus an exterior zippered compartment which will safely house your mobile, makeup or passport. (Pictured above.)

WOW! Tegan is expandable!

One feature I adore about this bag is the fact that the Tegan can be expanded to cope with the extras you need or acquire when you're out and about. Just unzip the section at the side of the bag to add whole centimetres of space to your interior! Lots of 'shove space' makes this an ideal shopping or travel companion. Tegan has a look and weight that's so comfortable to wear with maximum practicality. This is a bag won't weigh you down.

Sash and Belle's Tegan has luxe-look gold hardware that's high quality and practical.

Inside, the Tegan has a stunning deep purple lining with piped leather-look edges and further pockets to organise. The finishing and detailing of this fabulous bag reflects its excellent quality. With all of its many details and versatility, I have no doubt this will be the bag I will take on my cruise of the South Pacific next month. I have already trialled packing my travel documents into this cross body, and they fit securely. The strong strap which is also fully adjustable, makes me extra confident that this will be a safe, comfortable and eye-catching bag to carry with me, overseas.

The ideal travel companion and perfect day-to-night bag, 
On the flip-side, the Tegan has a gorgeous shiny Sash and Belle logo plate which adds a real touch of glamour to your look. There's also a large pocket to slip your mobile or whatever you wish for quick access. Choose which look is right for you by simply turning your bag around. Either side looks great.

Images above and below reflect the true colour of the Stone Tegan Cross Body.
Sash and Belle's Tegan is also available in a delicious shade of Red and a basic Black, in addition to the glamorous Stone we've featured here. You can peruse these beautiful shades and the many other fashionable Sash and Belle handbag styles on their website. Tegan is RRP $93. (Psst! Tegan is currently on sale! Head to the S&B website quickly to nab one for yourself.) Remember, Mother's Day is on the horizon!

Whatever your carrying needs or preferences, there are a multitude of stunning styles to choose from at Sash and Belle. I absolutely love(!) and highly recommend this brand to our readers.

When did you last change your handbag?

*Disclosure: Featured item was kindly gifted in exchange for this review.
All opinions expressed are genuine.


  1. I love the double zip top closure! It's so roomy yet so slim line too.

    SSG xxx

  2. I am a fan of cross body bags as it leaves my hands-free. I used to be very practical and use one bag till it died. I now have a few in different colours and enjoy the changes. I loved this one..very tempting.

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 14/51. Next week's optional prompt is 15/51 Share Your Snaps #3. 15/4/19 Hope to see you then. Denyse.


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