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Win A Mother's Day Hamper Featuring Product Of The Year Winners!

Mother's Day is the time of year to celebrate all the amazing things that mother's do. Whether that special mum is your own, or even yourself, mums of all ages deserve to be pampered and showered with appreciative gifts on this special day. Thanks to Product of the Year (POY), we've been given the chance to offer a giveaway of a selection of award winning items to a special mum this Mother's Day, valued at $130!

Beauty category items: Skin Nutrient Mix and Mask contains 12 luxury botanical face masks to detox,
moisturise, lift and replenish. RRP $45.95.
Enervite's Bio-White Beauty is an anti-ageing supplement to support and promote youthful skin. RRP $49.95.
Natural Instinct Vitamin C and Camellia Oil is a stunning natural skin care moisturiser with an anti-ageing formula
which is 100 percent free of harmful chemicals and nasties.
Curash Baby Care Medicated Nappy Rash Spray makes taking care of youngster's so much easier.

Product of the Year is the world's largest consumer-voted awards program which recognises innovation. At present, the program operates in over 40 countries. The aim is to lift consumer awareness of the best products in their class, and reward manufacturers for quality and innovation.

This year you can shower your mum with the featured products here. Pictured are just a small selection of the 2019 winners. You can win these featured items for mum with thanks to Product of the Year.

Freedom Foods Messy Monkeys Apple Pie Snack Bars for kids aged 4-8 contain 20 percent of children's daily fibre needs.
Freedom Foods Barley + Cranberry and Almond Bars support good gut health and taste delicious.

Healthy snacking and baking options with a selection of Community Co. and Oh So Natural Wholefoods.

Award winning Green Action Bath and Shower Cleaner cleans with care and protects the environment.
Keep a lookout for these award winning products next time you visit the stores and make sure you give them a try. These are quality products that have been tried and tested by consumers such as yourself.

Head to our giveaway below to enter to win the items featured in this review. 
Happy Mother's Day to all our mum readers and best of luck!

WIN the lot!


Win a Product of the Year Mother's Day* hamper valued at $130!
*Please note: Giveaway drawn after Mother's Day.
Total prize pool: $130.
Promotion ends 20th May 2019.

To Enter
Please fill out the quick and easy competition form below.
Leave a comment and your name inside your comment box.
Entries without comments and names will be disqualified.
Good luck!

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*Disclosure: Featured products were gifted.
Opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. The Enervite's Bio-White Beauty is an anti-ageing supplement to support and promote youthful skin and quite simply that is what I need...please.
    Nicole Marie Williams

  2. Natural Instinct -Vitamin C and Camellia Oil.
    Apparently makes skin radiant.
    I only get ‘Radient’ when I do the washing these days!
    #MothersLife ��
    Belinda Finn

  3. My dearest Mum is 85 this year. A fun loving and passionate person, she has brought tremendous joys to my life with many hearts, sweat and tears. We love going on exciting road trips together and enjoy the beauty of Australia. The yummy snacks and titbits from Community Co. and Oh So Natural Wholefoods would come in very handy for my health conscious Mum as we tour the length, breadth and heights of Outback Australia this June. We love doing a bit of baking during our road trips using bush ingredients that we pick up along the way. The healthy snacks would add serious deliciousness and pure authenticity to the Bush Tucker cakes and snacks that Mum loves to bake using wood fire. They would be fibre-licious and can help with our digestion!

  4. Anti aging for my old, dry skin

  5. There's something for everyone in my whole family in this hamper so I'd love to win it for mothers day. Being a mum is the greatest gift ever so i'd love to share this prize with the people who make me the happiest mum in the world.

  6. Love this hamper, what a great range of products to try... Is it mean of me to be most interested in the dried apricots!? Mainly cause I love snacking on them and both my kids can't eat them or they poop themselves lol. One food item they never ask for a bite of!

  7. Anti aging bio beauty- thoough the horse has already bolted on that. But it might make me feel better....;)

  8. Looking for healthy snacks, for the family and I. The Freedom Foods snacks I would love to try.

  9. Skin Nutrient Mix and Mask. I love being able to pamper myself at home with salon quality products.
    Sarah Graham

  10. Would love to try the Green Action Bath and Shower Cleaner to have a friendlier, healthier home environment
    Joanne Cardamone

  11. Love me some apricots right about now. Delicious, healthy and addictive. Karina Lee

  12. Our family love the chance to try new products especially food! Guessing what it will taste like then actually really getting a taste which is totally different, surprising and usually yum is all a part of the fun. It's not just food that excites this mum, baby products and cleaning products have sadly become the things I also get very excited about these days. Soothing my kids, getting the house cleaned quickly and enjoying a treat with family makes for a happy life, we just add the laughter and fun 😅

  13. The Mix and Mask to help boost my skin (Kate Slack)

  14. I'd love this prize because I love trying new products. My kids especially would be over the moon with the sultanas and apricots, they love snacking on dried fruit. I'd love to try the beauty products and have a little pamper session for myself (Belinda Robins)

  15. So let me tell you the story of my morning. The plumber is here. Seems like a nice fellow. He's fixing the laundry and this involves turning the water off. It is during this dry intermission that the baby soils himself, as occurs ridiculously regularly. So I change the nappy, using my hands to smear the nappy cream around and then find... no wet wipes. The older child has used the last packet to make swimwear for her dolls (because they're wet clothes, mummy... ingenious). And as I grit my teeth, putting on a polite show for the plumber, wondering where the sanitary gel could possibly be, cursing the lack of water, I dare say I would have been really grateful to try the Curash Spray. All good things in hindsight. -Amelia

  16. I love this prize, as I can share it with my mum and also my Grandchild's mum as there is something for all of us to try.
    Jackie Muecke

  17. Beauty category items: Skin Nutrient Mix and Mask contains 12 luxury botanical face masks to detox,
    moisturise, lift and replenish.
    Enervite's Bio-White Beauty is an anti-ageing supplement to support and promote youthful skin.
    Natural Instinct Vitamin C and Camellia Oil is a stunning natural skin care moisturiser with an anti-ageing formula
    which is 100 percent free of harmful chemicals and nasties.
    love to win these as i gave up smoking and my skin is a mess so dry and like a raisin need some cream to get it back to normal

  18. I think YOU are already Mum of the year so do enjoy Mother's Day 2019.

    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt: 19/51 Contentment Is…13/5/19 I hope you will join in! Denyse

  19. Jean Rutherford - Community Co Dried Apricots A favourite food of mine, they make a tasty snack, so convenient to take with you for whenever you need a bite to eat

  20. I'd love to try the hemp seeds. I've seen them popping up in recipes all over the place and would like to know what they taste like. They would be an interesting addition to my baking. Everything else in the prize sounds wonderful too! Happy Mother's Day to all the fantastic mums, doing their best �� Melissa Ross

  21. What a great prize for a lucky mum. The camelia oil appeals to me as winter isn't kind to my skin and I am wondering how the hemp seeds will go added to my morning porridge. Have a wonderful mothers day Jody x - Alicia O'Brien #openslather

  22. I'm loving the apricots. Yummy and a great snack.

  23. I would love to win this prize because everything looks amazing and I am currently pregnant with our first baby and my partner said that we don't celebrate mothers day until we have the baby, I disagree and this prize would be the best gift to myself.
    Shauna Neff

  24. The prize i'd most like to win,
    Natural Instinct Camellia oil for my facial skin.
    I already love and use this stuff,
    My sensitive skin just can't get enough.
    My current bottle is almost gone,
    I'll need another before too long!
    Lynnette Bull

  25. Everything looks awesome, and my Mum would love it all but she especially loves hemp seeds and would be thrilled with the prize pack, shes a true blue battler who would do anything for her kids, so I'd love to win her this great prize. - Cal

  26. Community co dried apricots are lovely snack

  27. Skin Nutrient Mix & Mask will help recharge my old batteries. Nothing like being pampered!
    Sharon Markwell

  28. Rather sadly I'm most excited about trying out the Lime Bath and Shower cleaner. This is what my life has come to since having children! Carolyn E

  29. I'd actually love to try the Aussie Sultanas. My husband had some the other day in a little box and he's been raving on about them ever since (clearly he needs to get out more) but also, I need to know what the big whoop is... haha

  30. The messy monkey apple pie snack bars look like they could be the ideal snack treat to keep in my handbag for my own messy monkey while we navigate the shops. Simone Kohli

  31. The Curash immediately caught my eye! My niece just found out she is pregnant with twins due Christmas Day ... and with her eldest turning two in July and her second turning one in August...she is going to have a lot of nappy changes to do! Would love to win this hamper to share with her.
    Thanks for the opportunity - Carmel Corry

  32. I'm very interested in trying the eco-friendly bath and shower cleaner
    when I have been aiming to create a home that is non-toxic and greener!
    amanda gorton

  33. I am trying to live a life that is eco-friendly, With no chemicals, pesticides or plastics; I make my own cleansers, detergents and disinfectants. The Green Action Bath and Shower Cleaner would be worth a try to compare against my own homemade cleansers.

  34. My wife being pregnant loves snacking!! She would very much enjoy the healthy selection of Community Co. and Oh So Natural Wholefoods.
    blake haugen

  35. Skin Nutrient Mix and Mask as I love trying new skin care products and treating myself with a non-food based indulgence. (Jemma Hansen)

  36. I love surprises, new things and quality...Id love this prize.

  37. Freedom Foods Barley + Cranberry and Almond Bars supporting good gut health, as I am always looking for good gut health food

  38. Mix and Mask:

    I'm constantly raging,
    cause my skin is aging.
    Having dry skin,
    should be a sin.

    Elisabeth Martins

  39. I've just had a gorgeous baby girl!
    A c-section means I can't drive for another few weeks so for now we're house bound. We'd love to get our mits on these goodies. Thanks to Curash bub would be sure to avoid nappy rash and with all the yummy treats I'd be making the best boobie milk around ;)
    Kirsty Polujan

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Kirsty on the birth of your baby girl. You are the winner of the Mother's Day Hamper! Will be in touch shortly...

      Thank you to every entrant too. Beautiful replies and all of you are so deserving. xx

  40. The Lime Bath and Shower Cleaner. I'd love a good product that not only worked, but smelled good too. Jenny Watson

  41. My kids love the original Messy Monkey whole grain bites so I am super keen to try the Messy monkey Snack Bars. Love that they are high in fibre and have more nutritional value than many other snack bars on the market. Always looking for a great 'on the go' snack option for the kids when we are out and about and these look ideal!
    Alexis Hutchinson

  42. Soap scum is my bane.
    The new bath and shower cleaner looks insane!
    To finally get rid of the scum.
    Will surely make me the best mum!
    Danielle Rogerson

  43. Rachael Maher. I would love to win this pack to try some of these products I may not normally be able to fit in my budget.

  44. The Skin Nutrient Mix and Mask looks so colorful and inviting I cant wait to try this on my tired old.mummy skin relaxing with a wine!
    Jayne Jeacocke


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