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EXYRA Glasses Review And WIN A Pair Of EXYRA Glasses... Plus 15% Off Purchase For Our Readers!

Most of us are aware that using our mobile phones, PC's, tablets and basically any device that emits 'blue' light, is harmful for our eyes. It's fairly common to feel eye strain after just a few minutes of screen time. Unsurprisingly, the longer we stare at our screens, the worse our eye strain becomes. You may feel these immediate effects as a tension headache, dry eyes or eye fatigue.

Did you know that there's another kind of more sinister damage from this exposure? Read on...

I was shocked when I learned via EXYRAthat the blue light radiating from a screen can actually age the delicate skin around your eyes. EEkk! A typical eight hour day in front of your computer screen, can equate to up to 20 minutes full UV exposure in the afternoon sun, per day. Just imagine the damage caused over the course of several years! Such exposure can, over time, break down the integrity of the skin around the eyes, causing not only eye strain issues, but also wrinkles and sagging due to loss of protein. Blue light can also lead to hyper-pigmentation effects around the eyes called melasma.

EXYRA eye wear is an absolute must-have.

While regular prescription glasses can be coated in a layer of protective film to combat these irritating effects to a degree, there's now a new kind of eyewear that goes beyond these basics to offer far superior protection for your eyes and skin.

So what's so special about EXYRA lenses

'Unlike competing glasses on the market which simply coat the lens with a protective film, EXYRA eyewear is made using a photochromic dye which absorbs and blocks high frequency blue light wavelengths between 400nm-500nm from entering the retina and damaging the delicate skin around the eyes. This lens innovation which is exclusive to EXYRA also protects from UVA and UVB damage by the sun and ensures perfect optical clarity and full colour perception in all conditions.'

I personally wear glasses for distance vision, and more recently, close up as well. While I do not need any prescription glasses when using digital devices, (ironically due to the amount of light emitted by their bright screens), I was very keen to try EXYRA eyewear when offered the chance, especially after reading the reasons why EXYRA eyewear is so important.
I definitely do experience eye strain from daily exposure to blue light sources.

EXYRA lenses are perfectly clear but you can see their special filter when you examine them in daylight.

Now that I have EXYRA glasses, I would never again be without them. These glasses definitely do what they say. I wear these frames constantly when I am using my PC, iPad or iPhone, and I am so relieved that my eye strain is now next to nothing after several hours of screen time. Having regularly used eye drops to assist with the irritation screens have caused my eyes in the past, I am now noticing I no longer require eye drops for dry eyes after a daily session of 'blue light' exposure, thanks to my new EXYRA glasses.

Stylish features and details.

My personal pick from the EXYRA range - the Florey 'Whiskey Tortoise' RRP $98.

Not only are these glasses doing what they promise; I also admire the look of this fashion-forward label. And yes, you can wear these frames outdoors too.
I have no qualms about wearing my EXYRA glasses when out and about and I have received plenty of compliments on just how much these particular frames suit me too.

Take a look at EXYRA's trendy glasses range and see for yourself what you like. (Psst! - A giveaway for our readers is below so please take a squizz and jot down your fave frames now!)

EXYRA offer high quality acrylic lenses that are built to withstand minor impacts. They are anti-scratch and anti-reflective and offer 100 percent UV protection. Each frame has flexible hinges and comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee. Every set of glasses arrives in a stylish hard case and comes with a cleaning cloth, as well as a tool for maintenance. EXYRA offers the very best blue light filtering technology available.

EXYRA glasses are priced from just RRP $98. I am so confident about recommending these glasses to anyone who uses devices regularly. (Pretty much all of us!) You will be very happy with the quality and symptom-relief these glasses provide. A brilliant product EXYRA!

Six Little Hearts readers can enjoy 15 percent off their 
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WIN a set of EXYRA glasses* 
valued at $98 with thanks to EXYRA!
Winner to select their choice of frame style from the EXYRA online store.
*Please visit here to choose your preferred style and colour prior to completing the entry form below.
Total prize pool: $98.
Game of skill. Promotion ends on Friday 2nd August, 2019.

Choose your EXYRA glasses style and colour here.
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*Disclosure: Featured item was gifted for consideration.
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  1. I’ve never heard of these but they sound amazing! Would love to win a pair and hopefully help me not wear glasses for a bit longer while I start up my handmade naptime business! I really like the Florey style (any colour!) Kelly-Anne Fulmizi

  2. Stylish eyewear, perfect price point in case the little one accidentally breaks them!

    1. Please return to pop your name with your comment or we cannot identify you!!

  3. I would love these. Computer and phone all day makes my eyes so sore. Some help is needed and I really believe the XYRA glasses will be the help that is needed. The FLOREY | Carbon Blue glasses are just so chic. Love them!

    1. WINNER! Congrats Penny - you will find these extremely helpful at work. :D

  4. Loving the URSA Speckled Red, my favourite colour and they look so cute. I sooo need these because I work in front of a computer all day.
    Joanne Cardamone

  5. Love the FLOREY | Whiskey Tortoise. This would add some style to my face, and hide some fine lines.
    karina lee

  6. How interesting is this. I have new multis and they are good but they have graded lenses and stay dark for much longer than I like once I am back inside! Thank you for sharing on #lifethisweek. Next Week's Optional Prompt: 29/51 Winter: Like/Loathe 22/7/19. Hope you link up again too. Denyse.

  7. Florey in carbon blue looks great ,julie r

  8. YARRA | Honey Tortoise are just so cute! I recently sat on my sunnies in the car so am in the market for a new pair. Thanks - sarah

  9. I really like the Speckled Red,
    I'd even wear them in my bed;
    Because that is where I watch my shows,
    On my PC and the screen really glows,
    Burning my eyes and making them water,
    But these blue light glasses means the settings I wont alter.
    Maggie Karner

  10. I love Florey / Carbon Blue, because they look stylish and blue!! Irena D.

  11. Florey/Whiskey Tortoise is the style for me, even the colour suits me perfectly. I'm partial to this sip and I'd rather not run....just sit. No more eye fatigue with EXYRA I'll no longer squint and ache when I'm using my screen to read.
    Sue Bouquet

  12. Love the Hetzel Cherry tortoise! These would be great, I'm prone to headaches when using screens and this could make them go away (Belinda Robins)

  13. Florey - Carbon blue - I need it to stop my wife’s headaches, she’s causing min from complaining ��

  14. Yes please! I was just talking with my family this morning discussing how I need these as I suffer bad migraines and headaches from looking at the screens of my tv and phone. This would make such a huge life changing difference to me in my life and I'd be so grateful to receive any pair of your amazing glasses. If I had to choose one, it'd definitely be the 'Florey Carbon Black as they're so casually sleek and stylish and would go with any outfit day or night. Thank you for this opportunity ��

  15. The KIRRA | Whiskey Tortoise glasses look so nice and modern, I would love them for my mum she deserves it. Thank you for the opportunity, Steffy Ana x

  16. I’d love to try the Florey style in the whiskey tortoise colour! What a brilliant idea! As someone who drives and uses computers and tablets a lot with my work it would be great to see the difference!

  17. URSA Speckled Blue look amazing. I've never heard of these before, but they'd definitely be useful, especially when using my laptop, tablet or phone for work. Fantastic idea.
    Karen Bowen (compingkaz)

  18. The FLOREY | Whiskey Tortoise looks so smart,
    Choosing the right part is like framing art!
    Usually hard to foresee,
    But when it's right I'm filled with glee.
    Laura Scriven


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