Monday, 1 July 2019

Funrise Fart Ninjas! 'Silent Butt Deadly' Toy Review And Giveaway!

Looking for some awesome kids' entertainment to keep your kids off your back? As usual, Funrise toys have the needs of your primary-aged kids covered this winter. Funrise have just released their latest craze in the all-new Fart Ninjas and kids love 'em! We have a great giveaway to win a set of these hilarious concept toys too, so check them out below!

Our grade fiver son was thrilled to open a box full of Funrise Fart Ninjas which we were sent to try out. His first impressions were huge - he couldn't be happier! These kid-cool collectables are oozing with attitude and hilarity thanks to their motion sensor activated, windy bottoms! Our younger kids have been giggling like a pack of little monkeys over the Fart Ninjas', farty bottoms, which leak a never-ending stream of silly sounds during play.

'Trained in the art of espionage, 'gassassination' and skilled in 'martial farts,' the collectable Fart Ninjas figures have electronic fart sounds that surprise and gross out unsuspecting individuals when they least expect it!

Kung Pi Yew and Warrior Burner figures.

Boys in particular will love the ninja theme of these cool characters. Our 10 year old likes to imagine highly involved stories and adventures with his Fart Ninjas, and yep, the tales involve farting as they spar! The fart sounds on offer are a selection of very creative bottom noises that will make kids laugh out loud with approval! The farting feature can be switched off to preserve battery life too. (Note that the Fart Ninjas contain button batteries and are not recommended for children under the age of 5. Be sure to warn your kids of the dangers of ingesting batteries and keep your ninjas out of reach of small children.)

Kids love the thunderous farting sounds!

Apart from their obvious appeal, the Fart Ninjas make an exciting visual addition to a child's bedroom shelf. Each ninja is designed in its own action pose and can be set up to make a cool action display. Kids will definitely want to collect the whole series!

There are eight action figures in Series 1 of the Funrise Fart Ninjas. The four figurines pictured above are, (left to right), Warrior Burner, Kung Pi Yew, Shadow Ripper and Dragon Gas. Each character offers ten realistic fart sounds.

Funrise Fart Ninjas are a new release and available from July 2019, - that's now peeps! Find them at Big W, Kidstuff, Mr Toys, Toyworld and Toy Mate priced at RRP $14.99 each. Kids can also download the free App which contains a photo booth and fart mixer for extended play fun. The Fart Ninjas Silent Butt Deadly App can be found in the App Store and Google Play for Android.

A highly rated toy tested and adored by our kiddos.

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  1. I've got 2 boys obsessed with farts.
    These farting ninjas are off the charts!
    They'd laugh, they'd play and toot around,
    Best thing about the ninjas there's no smell just sound!!!

    1. HAHA WINNER! Thanks for entering. Your Ninjas will be on their way to you shortly. :D

  2. My son's a Master Farter
    His surname's ever Carter!
    He'd love to blame Fart Ninjas from Funrise
    For his bum-burps, but I'd know it's lies!

    Di Childs

  3. My son is like me. Giggles at anything to do with fart jokes. He would find these hilarious.

  4. Teegan Hickcox
    I've got a little boy and a little girl who would both think this an extremely funny toy to play with! Thanks for the chance

  5. Farts are funny and can make any kid a friend. My kids would compete to see who could do the best farts if they one these but you would never know who drops the smelly ones.
    Jackie R

  6. This would get my son laughing at farts other than his own :-) would give the rest of the family a rest from the smelly farts as well.
    Samara McRae

  7. Seriously, these are just doll versions of my kid. She does taekwondo so looks the part, and I swear she is a farting machine (taking after of course her Daddy). She what she really needs a miniature doll version of herself.

  8. My son would love the Funrise Fart Ninjas as he always laughs at fart jokes and is quite the little whizzpopper boy himself. Vanessa Ahern

  9. My son would get enjoyment from anything fart related.

  10. In certainly know that they've picked the right demographic by the look on your son's face!!

    Thanks for sharing for Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is Self Care Stories. Hope to see you there linking up. Denyse.

  11. a toy that farts is a hit with mr 11, farty noises is like the art of fartastic fun

  12. My 10-year old nephew would love these! Of course he would be amused about anything to do with farting! Michelle Macaluso

  13. As a Dad, with a son, its all about the farts!!! bum, poo, pop off. This would be a bonding experience, like no other!!!!

    blake haugen

  14. Jackie Dean. My daughter would love these little fart ninjas. It would be nice to have something in the house that can fart more than she can 🤣

  15. Fart ninjas, oh what a surprise,
    Im thinking my hubby might steal these and the boys will pay for it. Ha Ha how much fun, would love to win, just to see if it works if you pull their finger as well!!!
    Jody lee buhagiar

  16. I have 5 kids 4 being boys so you could imagine how many farts and burps are heard and laughed about in my house. I’m sure they’d think this was soooo much fun and would fit into our family just perfect.
    Kylie Baker

  17. Anal humour is the core of entertainment for all males in our family, regardless of age. These Fart Ninja's will give "bottom-less" entertainment! Heather Hopley

  18. My Son is a Fart Ninja! He is obsessed with everything smelly and gross, he would love these! Domenica Lowe

  19. My Grandson would love the Fart Ninja, instead of him admitting to farting he will now say it was the Ninja.

    Jackie Muecke

  20. Instead of my son farting on me, he can play with the Fart Ninja with his sister.

  21. Haha the kids will finally be able to contend with their grandma, she is so far unmatched and bottom burp champion.

  22. In our house, farts are loud and proud and never blamed on the dog.
    The kids think it's hilarious so these would be the most beloved toy.
    It took me awhile to get used to this way of living; my mother in law is definitely the fart patriarch!

  23. Any toy that makes a weird noise
    Will definitely be their #1 toy
    Farting is gross, so naturally it's funny
    Laughing so much they'll be running to the dunny

    (Juanita Thorn)

  24. What's at the heart of all little boys,
    Anything at all that makes a farting noise,
    Including Whoopee Cushions and Fart Ninja toys.

  25. My son is a ninja addict and absolutely loves pretending to be one, plus what boy dosnt like fart toys and jokes?

  26. Levi would throw cartwheels in pure excitement for some Fart Ninjas.
    Sharon Markwell

  27. Fart noises create an endless and (often innapropriate) fit of giggles in my home and the best sound to hear is laughter and happy kids bring on the farts I say!

  28. So my son would love these (the word fart is involved!) What kiddo went! Plus the designs is perfect for him! He would totally hold the ninja and say ninja fart move! Knockout!


  29. Babysitting is never a bore, however I don't want to be the Nanna to bore!
    Farting Ninjas would surely delight, the kids would be having too much fun to fight.
    We'd have Ninja competitions and the winner would be the one with the biggest fart sound, so hilarious we'd be like Peppa Pig's family laughing on the ground! Kerryn

  30. Farts are funny and everyone knows it, these are extra special because surely Ninja's don't fart (or if they do they'll do it very stealthily) so these toys would take everyone by surprise and it would be hilarious - Belinda Robins

  31. My 2 year old granddaughter loves to fart on everyone and my 5 years old grandson wants to be a ninja when he gets older so I can see them fighting over the prize Leicia Mathers

  32. My three boys are already fart ninjas, they're great at dropping a stinky bomb then running away from me laughing. It's only fitting that they should own fart ninja toys also lol


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