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How To Clean Your Home Effortlessly With Fantastic Services...

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Fantastic Services.

Hands up who loves cleaning their home? Anyone?
Didn't think so!

Finding the time and energy in our busy lives to do everything, is an increasingly impossible task for most of us. Whether you work, run a business, are an at home parent or retired, chances are, you're feeling rushed and stressed to get through your everyday 'must-do' list. On top of this busyness itself, there's the ever-present tedium of essential home maintenance and housework that presents itself to each of us every day.
Truth be told, most of us loathe it. The sad fact is - it must be done regardless.

I have personally long desired a house cleaner for decades. In my 19 years of motherhood, I have never employed a professional cleaner for a general clean up. That's quite surprising too, considering I am a mum to six kids! Stubbornly, I've always believed that only I could clean our home and do it best. The reality is however, as my kids age and become increasingly independent, the mess they make grows along with them into a whole new, overwhelming level.

These days I struggle to deal with the enormous cleaning load and achieve my own daily to-do's. Now that our kids are all at school, my own desires are of prime importance to me, and not so much the tedium of tidying endlessly. All mums deserve some space and time-out.

Recently I was offered the chance to try out a professional house cleaning service with a company called Fantastic Services. Fantastic Services hark back to 2009 and have serviced well over 144,000 Australian homes and businesses since ...and counting. Theirs is a highly professional business which specialises in all types of maintenance - from pest control, gardening and waste removal, as well as handyman assistance and cleaning. They employ over 340 experts and complete above 4000 jobs each month.

Was I interested in trying out their services? YES!

I opted for a one-off house cleaning service, with emphasis being on our entire bathroom, the floorboards throughout our home, the stairwell area and walls, and our two toilets. These are the areas I find most challenging to maintain each day in our two storey home.

Impressively, our professional cleaning job was carried out by two Fantastic Services personnel who arrived on time, with everything required in their possession to make our home spotless. This was a great time saver for me, as I did not need to ensure I had the right equipment on-hand such as mops and cleaners etc. Everything was taken care of from the outset.

Fantastic Services cleaners arrive with all equipment supplies on hand.

No time was wasted by our friendly team whose first undertaking was to walk around my home with me and identify exactly what and where I needed cleaning. After this briefing, they selected the supplies they required from their van and promptly got to work.

Politely, our cleaners slipped paper booties over their shoes before first stepping inside our home which impressed me.

Our two cleaners made light work of my most loathed chores. One worked the entire time on our bathroom upstairs, which needed soap scum, dust and mould removal. (Images below.) While the other concentrated on vacuuming and mopping both levels as well as cleaning our toilets to perfection.

While both worked tirelessly during my two hour complimentary timeslot, I ate lunch and watched Netflix in our lounge, feeling a contented guilt. I could easily grow used to this!

A spotless kitchen is an absolute priority for me every day. (I won't leave the house if it's dirty or untidy.)
The floors in here reallly suffer from kid-spills and it can be difficult at times, to give this area a good sanitising.
Fantastic Services' professional cleaner did a great job at making my floorboards look new again.

Our stairwell is a high traffic area in our home. The upkeep of this part of our home is very essential regularly. Unfortunately I can only just manage to squeeze in a daily vacuum here. Our cleaners not only vacuumed, but also mopped away the stains and dust on the skirtings, before taking to the walls to do more of the same. I was so happy with their detailing in this area. Especially in the week post-school holidays.

When it came time to review their cleaning efforts, I couldn't have been happier! My bathroom looked incredible, just like it did when we first moved into our home 8 years ago. The white tiles were so shiny and streak-free, as were the glass shower walls and door. The bathtub too, was free of soap-scum and dust. The tiled floor was immaculate. Totally thrilled!

Dusty window sills are now clear and shiny.

Our white tiles were immaculately cleaned in our bathroom and reflected the day's sunshine brightly.

No more dust, wet towels, odds and ends. Just clean and clear surfaces.

Our bathroom was formerly a place I rushed in and out of, however, following the cleaning, I found myself hanging about just to enjoy the freshness and cleanliness evident in this area. Thanks to our visit from Fantastic Services a week ago, this room is still looking great even now, and is easy to maintain with just a quick wipe here and there. This certainly was not the case prior to our Fantastic Services visit.

Sparkling clean floors are a pleasure to gaze at and walk upon.
Our toilets are forever a frustration for me and with five males in the house, I have to clean them several times a day. Fantastic Services' cleaners has these polished up and fully scrubbed, including in difficult to reach areas. The scent of their cleaning product was mild and pleasant and all previous odours had vanished in its presence. 

Fantastic Services in my opinion, have really lived up to their name. I was truly impressed by how intensively they cleaned my home. They scrubbed out the grime and dust from small, difficult areas and the overall result house-wide, is nothing short of miraculous. (Even the kids' noticed the difference!) I wholly recommend their cleaners based on my experience. 

To learn more about Fantastic Services, visit their website to
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*Disclosure: With thanks to Fantastic Services for providing us with an in-home cleaning experience.
Sponsored collab. All opinions expressed are our own.


  1. Ooh this is so tempting! I've always wanted a cleaner too. They did such a Fantastic job, haha (pun intended) x

  2. This is a great idea once in a while for a catchup, they're obviously masters at their job.

  3. I would be so getting them in once a fortnight or month if you could. We had our house cleaned when I worked and I always appreciated it. We now do it ourselves but we are retired and we share the load.

    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is 31/51 Gratitude 5/8/19 I hope you can come on over and join in. Denyse.

  4. Oh a fresh and clean bathroom, that sounds like heaven. I loathe to go in our bathroom as I never know what I will find! #openslather


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