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U Games Australia - Great Games For Kids And Families Plus WIN A Family Games Pack Worth $80!

U Games Australia are a toy company who strive to provide children with the very best in educational games, toys and creative fun for all ages. When it comes to making the most of family fun time, you can't go past their select range of the most interesting and scientific learning games on the market. If your children are bored with the line-up of traditional board games available in stores, you'll find U Games offer a selection of play things with a difference.

We have featured some of U Games' treasures here on Six Little Hearts in the past. Our kids were very excited when they were invited to give a few of their latest games a shot.

These beautiful boxed games by Haywire Group available at U Games, (pictured below), will keep your kids enthralled for hours. They're distinguished and different, with stylish graphic design to capture your kids' attention. They're also compact in size and would make great travel companions.

Haywire Group games available at U Games Australia.
Our two youngest kids were very excited to put these card games to the test.
Their first pick from the pile to play was Slow Poke. 

Slow Poke is a modern take on the traditional classic game of Old Maid. There's nothing dull or dowdy about this rendition of the game however, with a striking collection of illustrated critters portrayed on these cards, (sloths, parrots, panda bears and so on), that appeal to today's kids. They had a ball playing this game.

Described as a classic card game with a leisurely twist, Slow Poke is recommended for ages 4 plus, and between 2-4 players. Contents include 51 cards, rules and quality packaging to store the game. (These boxed games all sit perfectly in storage on a shelf.)

Haywire Group Beekeeper.
For a more challenging card game, try Beekeeper. (Pictured above.) Create and build hives and protect your swarm of bees and queens. The aim of this game is to create two colonies before your opponents. Beekeeper involves lots of card flipping and number recognition and the suggested age range for this card game is 6 plus. Suitable for 2-4 players. It's a whole lot of fun!

Our youngest (aged 6), very much likes the Hey! Those Are My Glasses game. This is an easy to play game of shape recognition and matching skills. The cards depict cute lemurs and the aim of the game is to match the glasses to the lemurs. It's an appealing and fun game to play for 2-4 players aged from 4 plus. This game comes with 4 lemur shaped cards, 48 glasses cards and one large 'shapes' die, plus rules.

Hey! Those Are My Glasses brought lots of laughs!
My personal favourite game from the collection we were sent is Mars Needs Heroes. This game has eye-catching design and an involved storyline which appeals to players of all ages. (Recommended age to play is 8 plus).

This space adventure game sees a peaceful colony on Mars invaded by aliens. The ultimate aim is to trap the most invader cards to become the ultimate hero. Mars Needs Heroes is a family card game for 2-4 players. The illustrations on these cards are so impressive and the various aliens are adorable! For so many reasons I think we're all a bit taken with this one.

The Mars Need Heroes game comes complete with 40 invader cards, 20 hero cards and 4 freeze ray tokens. This game's bound to be a winner with everybody. A future classic for sure.

All featured games are available to purchase from Big W and all good toy retailers.

With thanks to U Games, you can enter to win the set of four games featured in this review valued at RRP $80. Find out how below. Please share this post with your family and friends to help spread the word. x

WIN a set of these fun family games 
valued at $80
with thanks to U Games!
Total prize pool: $80.
Australian residents only. Game of skill.
Promotion ends 16th August.

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  1. My kids would enjoy these games highly on our long drive to move to Queensland shortly. ��♠️♥️♦️♣️����‍��‍��‍��

  2. We love family games nights and would love to try out some new games especially slow poke. (Kate Slack)

  3. Oh we have Board Game Night on Friday nights - would be fantastic to mix it up for once!

  4. I love how small and compact they are so they dont take up muh room in the suitcase they would be wonderful for the kids, julie riley

  5. This would be awesome because it's so small you can take card games on trips away
    Joanne Cardamone


  6. I would like to win this games pack so that our family can have a lot of screen free fun. Name - Sapna Sharma

  7. Great games that my son and his friends would love to play

  8. Perfect entertainment for the whole family on our travels and camping trips
    Sarah Graham

  9. Loved seeing the kids' faces playing the games. What fun.
    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is 32/51 What Makes You Laugh? 12/8/19. Hope to see you there too! Denyse.

  10. Fantastic simple games for the family to enjoy whilst out camping or on those days when it is way too cold to go outside.
    Maggie Karner

  11. What a cool prize! Skye Danaher :)

  12. My kids are hooked on way to much screen time, im trying to bring back more family games night
    Laticia Cox

  13. A great way to spend some quality family time together. We could start a family games night.
    Samara McRae

  14. Each of these games reflects one of my kids,
    Capturing a part of their personality,
    Miss 7 is certainly a ‘Beekeeper’,
    Busily organising is her speciality!
    Mr 6 has courage and bravery,
    ‘Mars Needs Heroes’ reminds me of him,
    Mr 3... well he’s the ‘Slow Poke’,
    Patient and diligent as a euphemism!
    Then ‘Hey! Those are my glasses’,
    Is our cheekiest child, Mr 2,
    Always up to mischief,
    Full of fun and giggles too!
    So we’d love to win this games pack,
    Fun for hours at our place,
    With a touch of our kids personalities,
    To bring a smile to each face!

    Karen Mckay

    1. WINNER! Karen, I will be in touch shortly. I know your children will love playing these games! :D

  15. These look fantastic...nothing better than good old fashioned card game fun!! Beats technology anyday.
    Nicole Williams

  16. One of my great joys in life is playing games with my kids. I play some thing with them every evening before bedtime stories. So many bonds are formed, memories made and skills learnt. We’d love to add these great looking games to our collection so they could be enjoyed for many years to come.
    Steve Mckay

  17. Some of my best childhood memories are Friday nights eating fish and chips around the family games table. Winng this pack to uphold the tradition is something money cant buy! Amanda Gorton

  18. Fun games to get the whole family involved.


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