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Lonely Planet Kids' 'Atlas Of Monsters And Ghosts' New Release Book Review, Plus 3 Book Giveaways!

Are your kids excited by all things creepy? Of course they are! There aren't too many children who don't like to dwell on the scary stuff like monsters, ghosts and ghouls.

Lonely Planet Kids publishers, have very recently introduced a hardcover book for kids called Atlas Of Monsters And Ghosts, and it's a HUGE hit already with our youngest three children. This book is not only thrillingly entertaining, it's actually a well-studied, round-the-world compilation of creepy creatures, representative of many genuine cultures. This is not only an exciting read for the entire family - it's also an educational one.

'Prepare to discover where mythical beasts hide and blood-sucking vampires lie in wait with Lonely Planet Kids’ latest release, Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts.

Are you ready to join famous monster-hunter Van Helsing as he tracks ancient deep-sea creatures and human-hybrid beasts? Don’t be afraid! He’ll show you how to drive back angry dragons and hungry zombies. You’ll learn to defeat every manner of ghoul, goblin, spirit and witch.'

The Atlas Of Monsters And Ghosts is a big, vibrant, fun-filled tome, dedicated to all of the world's finest creeps! Our kids have taken to this book with a true enthusiastic interest and (unsurprisingly), it is rarely found on our bookcase. 

Illustrations within this publication are some of the best we've seen to date from LPK. Illustrator, Laura Brenlla, has decorated this book with some fabulous imagery. Her colourful pictures have a retro-kitsch edge that is perpertually in style. The illustrations are not frightening so much as fascinating with a touch of eerie humour about them.Your kids will pour over every single exciting page of this book over and over again!

How to Read Lonely Planet Kids’ Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts

'This book is divided into sections. Each one relates to a certain part of the world and includes a map with the various creatures marked to help you locate them.

You’ll find descriptions of these monsters: some are brief, summarising only the most important facts; others are more detailed, explaining the precise locations of sightings, characteristics that make them so infamous, and methods for how to beat them. Some of the most important monsters – significant either for their fame or cruelty – have two pages dedicated to them, with more detailed information on where they live and curious legends about their existence.'

'Featuring bold illustrations and easy-to-read maps, Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts will teach you how to battle terrifying creatures in every region of the world – and win!'

Text by Frederica Magrin. Illustrations by Laura Brenlla.

Lonely Planet Kids' Atlas Of Monsters And Ghosts is recommended for readers aged 9-12 however younger kids, (like our 6 year old pictured), will find this book magnetically appealing also. The book is a whopping hardcover of 27 x 37.5cms in size, and contains 96 exciting pages. You can grab a copy at all good book stores or buy online here from the Lonely Planet website. LPK's recommended retail price for this read is $26.99 and worth every penny!

Lonely Planet Kids' 
'Atlas Of Monsters And Ghosts.'
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  1. Would love to win this for my daughter who would get some ideas and facts for her own zombie stories
    Joanne Cardamone

  2. so my little ghouls ca have fun reading tales about all things that go boo

  3. My little ones love monsters and this would be a great way to introduce her to the world!
    karina lee

  4. I'd love to win because my son is obsessed with monsters and he would be all over this book! (Alex)

  5. My little monsters would love to read all about these monsters and ghouls.
    Samara McRae

  6. My kids are monster crazy and always ask me questions and with this book they could read up on it.

    1. oops forgot to put my name christie cottren

  7. My youngest loves all thing scary at the moment so would love this book :-)
    Carmen Starick

  8. My son loves monsters, ghosts and ghouls. He'll tell you some stories that will make your skin crawl.
    Reading and writing and drawing them too, I'd love to win for him so he could learn some more too!


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