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Exciting New Accessories For Kids By Skip Hop and a $113 Giveaway!

In need of some new exciting accessories to brighten your child's day? Leading brand Skip Hop are here to provide for your child's every need with new bright, bold and attractive additions to their range. Read on and be sure to enter our Bloom and Grow, Skip Hop giveaway worth $113!

If you struggle to keep your child seated long enough to finish a meal, try updating their dinnerware!
The new Zoo range from Skip Hop offers a delightful, high quality and complete accessory kit for your kiddo. They are sure to love it and so will you!

Sectioned plate keeps foods sorted for fussy eaters.

Featured here is Skip Hop's new Nova the Narwhal dining set and it's just so darling! There's nothing like a friendly face at meal times to keep young children in their seats. The adorable plate (above) features Zoo character Nova the Narwhal, whose happy countenance will draw your child to the table each and every time. Our youngest refuses to use anything other than gorgeous Nova at meal and snack times now!

Skip Hop's Nova the Narwhal plate and bowl are suitable for kids from 6 months of age and up.
Sold as a duo pack. Check them out at Bloom and Grow here for more information and stockists.

The Nova the Narwhal dinner set by Skip Hop is super quality. It's crafted from strong melamine that's quite thick and it bears a quality weight. These items should well and truly withstand falls from highchairs and kitchen benches for a long time to come. Each item in the set is food-safe with no BPA, PVC or Phthalate. Items are totally dishwasher safe (top shelf only) however, like all melamine goods, please note that these items are not suitable for the microwave.

Soft sided cutlery suitable for ages 12 months and above.

Match your dinnerware set with chunky cutlery in stainless steel and melamine to complete the look. These implements are comfortable in your child's hands and make a handy additions to their lunchbox when out and about. So distinctive, these will always come home again.

Don't forget a matching water bottle which comes with a spare straw. It's completely dishwasher safe. Suitable from 12 months.

The Skip Hop Zoo fun continues with the Nova the Narwhal lunchbox and backpack / school bag set.

Pack your child's lunch in style.

What a cute look! There's a tough canvas exterior and silver-lined reflective lining to preserve the environment within. Store your child's cutlery, serviettes and foods all within this full-sized lunchbox.
Claim it as yours so that it always comes home with the stitched-in name label.

Finally pack everything within the trendy Skip Hop Nova the Narwhal backpack. It fits the entire range featured and makes a distinctive bag for childcare, kinder or school. You child can use it on outings, camps and more.

The interior of this backpack has one open space and a front zippered pocket with an
interior mesh catch-all for smaller items.

Skip Hop's Zoo range can be viewed in full at Bloom and Grow. You can also find a stockist near you on their website.

Please enter our giveaway below to win everything you see here from the Skip Hop Zoo range valued at RRP $113! We are offering an alternative Dragon set for consideration too. Please nominate your preferred set, (either Narwhal or Dragon as pictured), when you enter below.

WIN a Skip Hop Zoo range for kids as
featured here valued at $113!
Total prize pool: $113.
Promo ends October 20th, 2019.

To Enter
Complete the short competition form below to enter.
Don't forget to tell us whether you'd like to win the Nova the Narwhal or Dragon set!
Be sure to leave a comment below and your name within your comment box.
Entries without comments or identifying names will be disqualified.
Game of skill.
Good luck!

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Disclosure: Featured items were gifted for our consideration.
Opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. A Nova set would make my daughter jump for joy at every meal time!

  2. I would like the Nova set for my little granddaughter, this would be perfect for her meals and when she goes to childcare.

  3. They are both AMAZING.. but I thibk the Dragon might suit my brave and strong girl a little better 😍

    -Tess Doyle

  4. My fiery little red head would surely find dinnertime pleasure with his spirit animal, the dragon :)

  5. Totally amazing but the Dragon is the winner in my house

  6. Dragon would be great for Master 2 who really is trying his best to use cutlery independently. Jody Smith

  7. dinner time just got more exciting

  8. Nova for my little princess please.
    My daughter would love to eat with these beauties and it means she could stop stealing her brothers plate and cutlery.

    Samara McRae

  9. Nova for my little miss. She would be able to stop using her brothers plate and cutlery and have one of her own. Would be perfect for daycare.

    Samara McRae

  10. would love a Dragon set for my little boy! The set looks adorable.

  11. Nova please, to make meal times more fun and interesting

  12. A gorgeous Nova Narwhal set
    For Miss S I would love to get
    On the pretty pink and purple plate
    A serve of veggies she claims to hate
    No more tantrums to be seen
    Just a plate that’s been licked clean

    Maree Gray

  13. Puff the Magic Dragon was outgrown by a little boy but I can see this Dragon set lasting well past a dragons use by date.

  14. Nova is the set for us, images to engage my baby in eating for the first time would be soooo helpful!
    Danielle Leckie

  15. A dragon set would help encourage my 2 fussy little boys to sit down and eat their dinner - jenna

  16. Magic dragon looks super cool

  17. A winner I'm sure to be when on a quest to find a gift my grandsons would love and come back with a Skip Hop Dragon pack! Maybe even a legend this grandmother will become? Adele Smith :)

  18. I'd love to win because with 2 young kids our bowls/plates/cutlery/drink bottles/bags etc need to be strong and durable to survive. I love how colourful these items are and I could see my youngsters looking forward to using them. Both my girls have recently started talking about Narwhals (I didn't even know they existed!) so I'd love that set please. Belinda Robins

  19. I would love to win the Nova the Narwhal pack for my daughter as it will get her more excited about eatingher meals

  20. Love the Narwhal set. Would make the perfect gift for my niece about to start Prep.

  21. I have taught the youngest to get her own bowl when she wants something to eat, she sorts through the patterns and gets the one she wants for that day, the Nova would catch her eye and keep her willing to help, hopefully well into the future, thanks Cheerie Murnane

  22. My little girl would be over the moon,
    To feed herself with a Skip Hop fork and spoon.
    Vanessa Lea

  23. I would love to win the Nova set for my daughter. So cute!

  24. Narwal set please for my daughter

  25. Nova set for my little cheeky animal loving girl. Having meals will now be an exciting experience and she will look super cool carrying around these items. Kate Tan

  26. I’d love to win nova for my gorgeous daughter. At the age of 3 her mind changes so fast and unicorns are fast becoming her new favourite! And these are pretty spectacular!

  27. I'd love the dragon set for my gorgeous nephew

  28. Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea
    For a LITTLE girl with a BIG imagination
    Nova for Miss 3 fits perfectly!

  29. The Nova Narwhal is so adorable and would be perfect for my daughter starting school next year.
    Melissa Delmore

  30. Dragon for my cutie pie starting playgroup.

  31. I would love to win Nova for my little girl who has just started Daycare. Drop offs might not seem so bad with a gorgeous bag to take with her
    Rachel Vale

  32. My three-year-old and I just read about Narwhal recently, and are deeply fascinated with this beautiful and unique creature. They are magical unicorn of the sea, equipped with amazing adaptability to survive in frozen cold Arctic. I love that the set comes with his favourite purple, with super cute and stylish design. I have heard enough great review about Skip Hop, so this would be an absolutely fantastical prize to win!!! Siew Wan Chai

    1. WINNER! Hope your child loves this set of SkipHop accessories which will be with you shortly. :D


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