Wednesday, 9 October 2019

ZURU BunchOBalloons Self Sealing Party Balloons for an Instant Party! Plus WIN a Party Pack!

Parenting fail - I cannot blow up balloons. Doing so makes me dizzy as heck after just one, poor inflation attempt. I cannot tie-up balloons either. I am all thumbs. If there's a knack to tying a knot in a balloon, I am yet to master it. I have let my kids down time and time again over the years with my complete lack of skill for creating a very basic party atmosphere.

I seriously hope there are more of you out there who fail at 'ballooning' too?!

Fear not parents - there's now a brilliant instant party solution which will see you inflate balloons on a massive scale and without the expense and inconvenience of visiting a party shop.

Check out the ZURU BunchOBalloons Self Sealing Party Balloons Starter Pack. 

The bright sparks at ZURU have come up with a complete party system to take the pain out of creating a balloon-tastic party atmosphere, and honestly, we're all pretty dang impressed by it!

Wanna inflate up to 40 balloons in 40 seconds? It's not only possible, but easy with this device.

ZURU's Starter Pack contains a specially designed air pump which works with ZURU BunchOBalloons. You can use it time and time again to decorate your most important events, or just create some instant fun for your kids when you're feeling frazzled. (It works!)

The ZURU electric balloon pump comes with attachments to inflate other devices too,
such as air beds and pool inflatables.

We have found ZURU BunchOBalloons to be super-quality.
Our kids sat on their inflated balloons and the balloons survived unscathed!

To make a load of balloons instantly, simply plug in the air pump, dial up the number of balloons you desire and attach your balloon strands to the special ZURU BunchOBalloons pump. Press start and watch the magic as your balloons instantly inflate in under 40 seconds! 

The ZURU BunchOBalloons self-sealing balloons come complete with party strings attached so there's no need to add ties to the balloons after inflating. It's so simple that even kids can do it. (With adult supervision.)

Let the big, bold, colourful fun begin!

Lots of strong, vibrant 28cm balloons in 40 seconds.

The ZURU BunchOBalloons Self-Sealing Party Balloons Starter Pack comes with 16 balloons and a fast-fill hose adaptor which allows the balloon pump to double as an air pump which can also be used to inflate air mattresses and pool inflatables. RRP $29.99. 

ZURU BunchOBalloons Self-Sealing Party Balloons are available in a variety of colours in packs of 24 and retail for $14.99 each. You can find these items at Spotlight, Big W, Kmart, Target and all major retailers. Just brilliant! 

Please enter our giveaway below to 
win a party pack from ZURU 
featuring these great items worth $40!


WIN a ZURU BunchOBalloons Pump 
and Self Sealing Party Balloons 
Pack worth $40!
Total prize pool: $40.
Promo ends 31st October, 2019.

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  1. My husband hates balloons, so I would love to blow up every single balloon is this prize and place them around the house on his birthday.
    Karina Lee

  2. My husband hits the big Five Oh next year
    And to fill the house with lots of cheer
    A BunchOBalloons pack will hit the brief
    Pumping them up will be quite a relief

    Maree Gray

  3. I'd love to get the chance to actually win one of these please

  4. Finally a way to blow up balloons with ease!
    yes please!

    Sarah Wieland

  5. One of my favourite childhood memories was my friends 9th birthday party where her family filled a room with balloons for us to round around in. I'd love to be able to share that with my niece for her upcoming 8th birthday.

  6. kids love balloons but a roomful is so much better!!

  7. With 2 parties coming up I'd like a no fuss day with minimal effort (Joseph)

  8. My 2 little grandchildren have birthdays in November, they will be turning 1 and 3. They would love to have balloons for their birthdays. What child doesn't love balloons.

  9. My eldest boy (I have 3) is turning 5 in November and he actually picked up one of these in Big W and I said “uh uh”, your birthday party is next month, you are not getting any toys until then. So hopefully I win so I can surprise him!! Thanks, Sandra Lawson

  10. Yes please!
    With 3 little boys there is always a bunch o laughs and fun with a bunch o balloons.With their birthdays all coming up in the same month this would be amazing!
    Natalie Cooper

  11. We are having a party when my parents come over from the UK my kids would love to surprise them with lots of balloons! Thanks Kate Slack

  12. Self sealing is a useful feature. Great pics!

  13. I'd love to Win for the biggest kid in my life, my hubby! He turns 33 soon, and what better way to celebrate than A BUNCH OF BALLOONS!
    Sarah Ellwood

  14. That looks like half the fun is using the pack!!
    Thank you for joining in Life This Week. Next week, the optional prompt is 42/51 Self-Care Stories #6. 21/10/19. Hope to see you there. Denyse.


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