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Night Lights For Babies and Children - A Review and Giveaway...

If you've got young kids, then you'll be familiar with the exhaustion you feel at each day's end. There's so much to do to get little ones off to bed, and parents often have to pull tricks to move things along quickly and efficiently so that they too can rest. Complications in your evening routine can be even more challenging if your child has a very common fear of the dark.

Night lights for children are nothing new, however they are readily recommended for young kids because they really do work. Your frightened child will be easily wooed into a gentle slumber each night with the comfort a warm light provides. And the bonus? Soft lighting to soothe your child to sleep can also offer exhausted parents, the chance to escape a drawn-out bedtime routine when they themselves are drained.

With thanks to Bloom and Grow, we've been road-testing two outstanding children's night lights which are available at The Stork Nest. Each light has a distinct appeal and we have a giveaway at the end of this post, where you can choose your preferred light and hopefully win it for your child!

Introducing Skip Hop's Moonlight and Melodies Sleep Trainer Nightlight. 

This adorable cloud is bound to please everyone and it has some additional nightlight features that make it a winner all-round. This device is not just a light, but a sleep trainer system. It has built-in easy-to-follow colour hues which your child can visually decipher.

See a pink cloud when it's time for bed, a yellow cloud when it's nearly time to rise, and a green cloud when your pre-determined rising time arrives.

Set your preferred bedtime and rising time for your child.
This little cloud will assist your child to recognise appropriate sleep and waking hours
The Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Trainer Night Light even has an alarm which allows this device to grow with your child. The alarm itself gently wakes children with sweet melodies and a light display.

Use with the included USB (power adaptor is not included), or run it on 4, AA batteries for portability.

This sweet night light has three brightness levels and a soother for babies with two calming sounds and a lullaby. Music includes three melodies. Press the sun button on the side of this light to control the sounds and lights. This night light is easy to set and you can customise it to meet the needs of your entire family, whether for night time or nap times. Just remember to explain to your child what the colour hues indicate! RRP $99.95.

The Shnuggle Moonlight Night Light is a very useful light with great built-in features that benefit both children and adults. The Shnuggle Moonlight is a sleep-friendly, portable night light that will prove beneficial to your family from day one and as your children grow. With the choice or parent or child mode, this adaptive light has proven its worth many times over already with our own younger kids and myself.

Soft, pliable, portable and lightweight, you can select the appropriate brightness
of this natural light which mimics moonlight.
For breast and bottle feeding mums and dads, this light will be a blessing! Gently knock the Shnuggle to switch it on and tap again to activate three levels of brightness. The soft glow emitted is a soothing moonlight hue which does not overstimulate. It has a sleep-friendly reduced blue light built-in, which will not interfere with sleep.

Baby safe materials with a recharging temperature sensing dock which glows
different shades to indicate optimal room temperature.

In child mode, the soft Shnuggle will remain in nightlight mode all night long, with a gradual dimming to simulate sunset. It has a hanging strap with safe snap which alternates as a handle. The Shnuggle is always cool to touch with its LED power, and it is light and portable.
This device is fab for night time toilet trips - adult or child! RRP $59.95.

Featured devices are available online at The Stork Nest.
Which light do you prefer? Enter below to win!

WIN your choice of either of these two 
night lights for your child!
(One light per winner.)

Easy entry. 
Just fill out the short competition form 
and leave a comment below.
(Remember to put your name inside your comment box!)
Entries without comments or names will be disqualified.
Total prize pool depends on choice of prize:
Choose from the Shnuggle Moonlight valued at RRP $59.95.
OR the Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Trainer Nightlight RRP $99.95.
Promotion ends 30th November, 2019.
Game of skill.
Good luck! 

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Disclosure: Featured items were gifted in exchange for our opinion.
Opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. I'd like to win the Skip Hop's Moonlight and Melodies Sleep Trainer Nightlight for our first granddaughter we are expecting in December. I think it would be wonderful for my daughter as well. It would provide a nice soft light for those middle of the night feedings. - PattiAnn Green

  2. Transitioning our little girl into her own big girl bedroom has been more difficult than we thought so a beautiful nightlight might help keep those fears at bay and make her excited to have her very own special big girl lamp
    Sarah Ellwood

  3. My daughter would love the Shnuggle Moonlight to keep her company at night. And since it is portable, she can take it to the toilet with her in the middle of the night.
    karina lee

  4. our 4th grand baby is due a week before Christmas this would be the best gift ever

    1. CONGRATULATIONS on both fronts! The Skip Hop Cloud night light will be arriving shortly and hopefully in time for your new Grandbaby! :D

  5. Winning Skip Hops Moonlight & Melodies sweet cloud for our darkness-terrified child would be transformative for us..the chance for him to go to sleep soothed & happy ���� Micaela Nealon

  6. The Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Trainer Night Light Cloud is just so cute....I love that different colours have different meanings for a child's sleep cycle. With consistent training my future Granddaughter will be kind to me on the nights I babysit. (Juanita Torr)

  7. These are super adorable my kids can't sleep without a light in and a night light would be better than leaving half the house lights on Jessica ashbrooke jessiejones50@hotmail.com

  8. My 12 year old still doesn't like the dark and uses a night light. These ones are so cute!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  9. The Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Trainer Night Light.
    For little babes and breastfeeding mums at night.
    K. Santillo
    Soothing, comforting a delight.
    Especially for my young ones,
    That hate things that go bump! In the night.

  10. These are just lovely and look very comforting. My husband has a plug in night light in his bathroom to help him see better for night time visits. Thank you for linking up for life this week. Next week's optional prompt is 47/51 Do You Celebrate “zero” Birthdays? 25/11/19 Hope to see you there. Denyse

  11. I would like to win the Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Trainer Nightlight for my gorgeous granddaughter, Macie who is afraid of night time (gail davies cleopatra7777

  12. My daughter is just starting to understand how dark it is at night and I haven't got her a light yet! Would love the skip hop one for helping her learn to fall asleep on her own for more mommy sleep time!
    Melissa Fedrigo

  13. Shnuggle Moonlight is the one, keeping us safe without (stimulating) fun. We travel often and sometimes forget, where things are when nights are jet. Shnuggle will light the way, keeping us safe wherever we stay.
    Sue Bou

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Sue - the Schnuggle is coming your way. Your child will love this little appliance for independence!


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