Sunday, 29 December 2019

The O.G. Shampoo With A Purpose. The Environmentally Friendly Combined Shampoo and Conditioning Soap Review & Giveaway!

There is much discussion and concern at present around the topic of our over-burdened environment. World-wide, our oceans are choking with plastic, landfill is rapidly overflowing and producing toxic gasses and climate change is happening at an expedited pace. To make matters worse, inefficiencies in Australia's recycling programs have seen our waste processing come to a virtual standstill.

When it comes down to it, we're a planet drowning in our own trash, and the solutions needed to conquer these important issues and others, are far-off and difficult.
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Monday, 9 December 2019

Lonely Planet Kids' New Release Books & Big, $354 Book Giveaway!

Make your child's Christmas fun and educational by choosing a Lonely Planet Kids book title from their extensive collection for gifting. With thanks to Lonely Planet Kids publishers, we have a sensational Christmas book giveaway to share with our readers. We're giving away three exciting book packs featuring four brand new LPK hardbound books which will blow your kids' minds! Each lucky winner will receive a copy of each of the four books featured in this post. Our book pack prizes are worth $115 each with a total prize pool valued at $354!
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Thursday, 5 December 2019

Scholastic Books For Kids Plus a Christmas Book Giveaway Worth $100!

Scholastic Australia have been around for generations and are renown for publishing top-notch entertaining and educational reads for kids. Scholastic produce on average, around 500 new books per year and these are widely available in well over 90 percent of Australian schools. If you want your child to experience the very best in books from their preschool years to primary and into their early teens, then Scholastic books should be at the top of your shopping list this Christmas.
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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

U Games' Fun Family Games For Ages 12 and Up Plus A Christmas Board Game Giveaway Worth $217!

Board games never get old. When it comes to having fun together, a good board game can keep couples and families busy for hours, and continue to draw people together, year after year.

If your family are huge fans of board games and you're in search of some inspo for Christmas gift-giving, U Games Australia may have what you seek. For guaranteed fun for kids aged 12 and up, check out these grabs from U Games Australia
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