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Scholastic Books For Kids Plus a Christmas Book Giveaway Worth $100!

Scholastic Australia have been around for generations and are renown for publishing top-notch entertaining and educational reads for kids. Scholastic produce on average, around 500 new books per year and these are widely available in well over 90 percent of Australian schools. If you want your child to experience the very best in books from their preschool years to primary and into their early teens, then Scholastic books should be at the top of your shopping list this Christmas.

A selection of books to gift to a child is always a wonderful choice. No matter what your child has on their wish lists this year, make sure you include some choice reads from Scholastic to expand their knowledge, enhance their learning and help to foster a life-long love of reading.

'This year children’s book publisher Scholastic will be holding exclusive warehouse sales across Australia in December offering parents – as well as schools and teachers - an incredible 50 to 90 per cent off RRP!'

Scholastic special event sales will be held at Scholastic warehouses across Australia as follows:
5 and 6 December 2019                                Crestmead Warehouse, QLD
12 and 13 December 2019                            Lisarow Warehouse, NSW
12 and 13 December 2019                           Campbellfield Warehouse, VIC
12 and 13 December 2019                            Malaga Warehouse, WA
12 and 13 December 2019                            Norwood Warehouse, SA

Find further information on Scholastic's Book Sale Events here.
Sebastian Lives in a Hat (Celebrating 30 Years) picture book RRP $17.99. Hard cover.
Celebrate Christmas this year with a collection of these fabulous kids' titles as shown. 
One lucky Six Little Hearts reader will win the entire set of books featured in this post, 
valued at $100!

The Very Brave Bear hard-cover picture book RRP $17.99.

Now That's A Hat! Hard-cover picture book RRP $17.99.

The Frooties Bad Apple book #1. RRP  $12.99.

Ella Diaries Going Green. Fiction for girls aged 7 plus. RRP $12.99.

Tracy Lacy Is Completely Coo-Coo Bananas! Girls' fiction for ages 10 plus. RRP $14.99.

Stellar funny-man Anh Do's Extra Weird book #3. RRP $15.99.

Win all seven Scholastic books featured here for your child/ren this Christmas!
Giveaway valued at $100.
Total prize pool $100
Game of skill
Promotion ends Dec. 15th, 2019.

Fill out the short competition form below and leave a comment with your name inside your comment box.
Entries without comments and names will be disqualified.
Good luck!

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*Disclosure: Featured items gifted for review.


  1. My daughter loves books about magic, comedy and love to read about real kids who have made a difference. This book pack would also mean that she would be able to have new adventures in fun.
    Joanne Cardamone

  2. Action and adventure books. She has her heart set on being an explorer.
    This would be amazing, to bring some new stories to our lives, and keep my daughter entertained all holidays
    Sarah Ellwood

  3. My daughter loves read everything unicorn, princess and ballerina related.
    karina lee

  4. My kids love any book, from classic fairytales to Harry Potter, Captain Underpants to Pearl The Unicorn.
    (Stacey Shailer)

  5. My precious granddaughters absolutely love all books and would rsther read or look at a book than have screen time

  6. Funny school books - Like Wimpy kid and Middle school. Or maybe it's just the half comic aspect...?

  7. I don't have kids, but my godson would love these.

  8. My kids love books that make them laugh so good humour is a must (Joe)

  9. My granddaughter loves books that have lots of humor and also mysteries. She is an avid reader! This book pack has all kinds of wonderful books that have different genres & interests! Pam Flynn

  10. Love new books to keep kids entertained for the holidays they are avid readers

  11. To be honest it doesn't matter what we read it's more about the cuddles that go with it; although they do enjoy having a good laugh when a book's funny.

  12. My 8 yr old loves chapter books that make him laugh. He's getting more and more confident each day he reads, but still likes a few pictures to break it up.

  13. Anything that's gross and full of humour is a big hit in my household. Nothing beats reading to them just before the go to sleep!

  14. My kids love any book to be honest Lara Haynes

  15. My kids love the Nick Bland bear books and all the Pig the Pig books. They think they are all hilarious and love to laugh.
    Samara McRae

  16. I would love this for little girl. She loves to read and use her imagination. These books would make her entire year. Christina L

  17. My kids are big readers and we try to encourage that by quiet time before bed picking out a book and reading in their room or on the lounge, it’s very important to me they do this

  18. My children love to read about dragons and magic so we like to draw what we think our own dragon would look like, it helps their imagination and minds to broaden and they enjoy their books more as well

  19. My daughter literally devours books. Adventure books girly princess books and fun fact books are all equally loved . I would love the book pack for her and also to encourage my son who hasn’t discovered to joy of reading yet Ali Cracknell

  20. My kids love all books!
    Miss 3 loves Princess books and Paw Patrol
    Master 6 loves sports books and things with facts and ones about bums and farts
    Miss 8 loves My Story books, animal books and fairytales. Much to my delight she also loves one of my favourite childhood authors, Enid Blyton!!

    We would love to win as I think books are the best gift you can ever give someone.
    We had a local scholastic book sale and I was all set to go but then my son got gastro so I didnt make it. I was shattered as I was planning on stocking up on books for birthdays and Christmas
    Amy G

    1. CONGRATULATIONS! Winner AMY G. We know your family will love these Scholastic books to read over summer. :D

    2. I was totally surprised when i picked up a box of books from the post office today! I searched everywhere trying to think why I had received them. It was sometime later when I remembered I had entered a comp a few ago and saw that I was in fact the lucky winner!! thank you so much. My collection of books is very different from the ones above but in total there is 15 books!! There are some double ups which is perfect as they are all for the younger child and I have my twin nieces who are about to turn 2 so they will be gifted to them :) Thanks again :)

  21. My children love fantastical books, talking animals, rhymes and jokes. They also like long books that go past their bedtime, and the 'just one more' books, and books with chapters where they can't possibly go to sleep without knowing what happens next pleasepleaseplease! On the bright side, they like books :)

  22. My son loves to read. He always has a book in his hands.
    Books are amazing and let your imagination run wild.
    When you read you can be whoever you want whenever you want even if only for a short while.

  23. They love books with characters who have a little flair,
    the ones who have adventures other people might not dare!
    They love reading books with lots of big commotions,
    so when they read out loud they can speak with big emotions!!
    Peta Newsome

  24. My son loves the same book over and over again. Where is the Green Sheep? He knows all the words off by heart. Kav Khatri

  25. My son loves the quirky funny reads such as 'Do not open this book' and 'this is a ball'. Fun and interactive reading!
    @Tamara Lamb

  26. My children's tastes are varied and great,
    Depending on mood, temperament and state;
    Two of my children are just starting to read,
    Saying words that they know and then taking heed
    Of the words they don't know but soon will learn,
    Their efforts are tremendous, So I know these books they would yearn.
    Anh Do is a favourite and they would love 'Now That’s A Hat!',
    Whilst the other books would be read by my eldest girl, Kat.

  27. I've never been to the sale..and yet the NSW place is about 30 minutes away. They do quality books and they are the ones who bring book fairs into the schools as teacher/librarian daughter does this at her school. Thanks for linking up for the almost last Life This Week in 2019...not even the penultimate though...Here's next week's optional prompt 50/51 Share Your Snaps #10 16/12/19 Hope to see you there. Denyse.

  28. My girls are big fans of books that rhyme with their all time favourites (and mine) being "Tabby Mctat" and "Hairy Mclary"! I'd love to add to their collection this Christmas so we can read a new book together each night before bed! Thank you.
    Amanda Giffard


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