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U Games' Fun Family Games For Ages 12 and Up Plus A Christmas Board Game Giveaway Worth $217!

Board games never get old. When it comes to having fun together, a good board game can keep couples and families busy for hours, and continue to draw people together, year after year.

If your family are huge fans of board games and you're in search of some inspo for Christmas gift-giving, U Games Australia may have what you seek. For guaranteed fun for kids aged 12 and up, check out these grabs from U Games Australia

Introducing Sort It Out and Tip Of The Tongue 2 Second Trivia.

U Games are an Australian toy distribution company who specialise in top brand, unique games and toys which aim to both teach and entertain. We were sent two of U Games' best to try out in the lead-up to the Christmas season. PLUS... we have a sensational giveaway for three of our readers to win, below.
Please note that the games featured in this review are suitable for ages 12 to adult for best game play experience!

First, Sort It Out...

'Who knows the biggest, fastest, loudest, smallest, longest everything? Sort It Out™ is a fast-paced game of measurement where knowing just a little bit about something can help you win it all. A challenging yet accessible game where players reason through relative sizes. 
Not your average trivia game — guessing is half the fun!'

Watch the short video below to see just how much fun it is to play Sort It Out!

The verdict: Sort It Out is a ton of fun to play with your family or friends aged 12 and above. The aim is to guess the order of random things as prompted by your game cards. Sort It Out will help you to discover just how much you know and yet never realised about largely, silly things! That's important stuff if you're into trivia-based thinking games! Players will thoroughly enjoy the imaginative and thought-provoking challenges abundant in Sort It Out. A convivial and entertaining game to the max! RRP $36.

Tip Of The Tongue 2-Second Trivia.

'In this tongue-tied game of 2-second trivia, players take turns answering quick-recall questions and receive a point for each correct answer. The questions aren’t hard, but can you spit them out in 2-seconds flat? Over 1000 trivia questions included in this easy-to-learn, fast-paced party game. 12+'

A group game of Tip Of The Tongue 2-Second Trivia is so much fun! We love playing this! It is incredibly difficult to both concentrate on your answers and spill them out in the very limited time each player is allocated. There is loads of hilarity to be enjoyed when playing this game. Tip Of The Tongue is very fast-paced, funny and hysterically frustrating all at once. RRP $36. Highly recommended.

Remember, these picks from U Games are specifically for kids aged 12 years and up. Always adhere to age suggestions for maximum enjoyment! There are many more wonderful and entertaining games to browse on the U Games website for all age groups. We recently reviewed some excellent family games from U Games which are suitable for a younger audience and you can view this post here to learn more.

Please enter our generous U Games Christmas giveaway below and treat yourself and your family to some great new games these summer holidays!

***WIN 1 OF 3, U GAMES Prize Packs*** 
RRP $72 each!
With thanks to U GAMES AUSTRALIA!
Each prize pack contains one of each of the U Games board games reviewed in this feature.
Total prize pool: $216.
Game of skill
Australian residents only
Promotion ends 13th Dec. 2019.

To Enter

Fill out the short competition form below, 
then leave a comment with your name inside your comment box at the bottom of this post.
Entries without comments or names will be disqualified.
Good luck!

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*Disclosure: Featured items were gifted for our opinion and promotion.


  1. Love to win this so that we can have even more fun with games night
    Joanne Cardamone

  2. My daughter, Laura, who is 24, is still like a 10 year old at heart. She loves nothing better than getting the family together for games nights/ or days. These games would definitely make an appearance on Christmas Day if I won :-) (Juanita)

    1. We are all like 10 year olds are we not?! Your daughter will love these and so will your family. Congratulations!

  3. I would love to start a family games night tradition with my family as I love playing games. This is the perfect pack to get us started.
    Samara McRae

  4. I'd love to add these to our games collection in our caravan! We love board and card games when we travel :)
    (Stacey Shailer)

  5. Would adore this prize for my grand kids tracy wedding

  6. I would love to spend this summer playing boardgames with the kids, instead of having them spend more time infront of the TV.
    karina lee

  7. It's so much fun to forget technology for a few hours and enjoy some fun family competition with a board game.

    Sarah Ellwood

  8. Would love to have simple fun like games gail davies

  9. My darling 4 would love to win this to help encourage them to get along together over the summer holidays! We love board games, mum doesn't love the sibling rivalries as much!

    Rachel Bigg

  10. Master smarty butt 12yr old just got 7!!! Count them!! 7 awards at his primary school graduation. His grandmother is flying in to look after them for Christmas break and she could certainly use some help.. :-)

  11. It's high time we started a family games night with our children. I might need some motivation though ;)

  12. I don't want a lot for Christmas
    There is just 1️⃣ thing I need
    Your best selling board games, underneath my Christmas Tree ��
    I just want this for my own ����‍♀️
    More than you could ever know��
    U Games Australia & Six Little Hearts
    Make my wish come true oh
    All I want for Christmas is this ultimate prize ! ��

    Lucy Simonian

  13. We love game nights...days...weekends...holidays...anytime really! It’s free, fun and always gives us a laugh...and maybe some tears when one of us looses! ;)
    Katherine Bamford

    1. Congratulations Katherine, a U Games prize pack will be on its way to you!

    2. Oh thank you so much!! I can’t wait to play these games...new games to play on the holidays, yay!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family xo

    3. I am positive they're going to a good home! Have an enjoyable summer and beyond with these games! x

  14. My boy just turned 12. Excellent, he can't escape the board games now!


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