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Nine Top Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day...

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Valentine's Day is almost here. For couples who follow the custom of gift giving on this day, there are a great deal of gift options to choose from. These days it's anything goes when it comes to choosing a Valentine's gift for your loved one. Whether you opt for a traditional gift such as flowers, a bespoke gift such as fine jewellery or fragrances, or a practical item that reflects your unique relationship with your partner and their interests, there's plenty of options available and for all budgets.

Here are a collection of nine unique suggestions to get you started with gifting this Valentine's Day.

Just about every woman adores fine, gold jewellery. Besides flowers, jewellery ranks as one of the top Valentine's Day gifts to receive. From beautiful necklaces, pendants, watches, rings and fashionable fine gold earrings, there's something for every woman to covet in this category. There's simply no better way for an admirer to express their love and appreciation on Valentine's Day, than by gifting a sparkling adornment. Jewellery is the ultimate gift that never grows old.

A perfect Valentine's gift - 14ct gold chain earrings from AuRate. Fashionable, timeless and beautiful.

Fragrances and perfumes are always an ideal gift for Valentine's Day. A signature scent is a beautiful addition to 'finish' your dressing each day. A fragrance gifted by a lover also creates wonderful, subtle memories on each application. Perfumes are a top option because they are both an elegant gift to give and receive. There are fragrances to suit all budgets.

'Sweet Girl' perfume made in Japan. Available at Miniso in stores and online.
RRP just $6.99! An amazing scent with great longevity that seems far more premium than its price.

Beauty care is another top pick for gifting this Valentine's Day.

Coconut balm has many beauty benefits and of all available coconut skincare products, we highly recommend cosmetic grade This is Raw. Organic and pure coconut balm offers many benefits to the skin and hair. One jar of This is Raw covers many basic beauty applications - from removing makeup and moisturising skin, to hair treatments. This is Raw can even double as a lip balm. A little goes a long way with this beautiful premium product.

This is Raw Coconut Balm. 175gm RRP $44.95.
Australian beauty brand Enbacci offers a range of premium skin care which we love. See visible results with their range of cleansing, moisturising and treatment products for face, hands and body. Not only are their products highly effective, they arrive beautifully packaged too. Buy a few items to receive your purchases in a signature Tiffany-blue box tied with a ribbon and ready to gift.

Australian Enbacci products make ideal Valentine's gifts.
Handbags are always a hot item and these make spot-on gifts for women of all professions, year round. This Valentine's Day, surprise your loved one with a beautiful Sash and Belle handbag. There are a huge array of styles and colours to choose from available in both genuine leather and vegan fabrics for every purpose and lifestyle. Head to their website to choose your faves.

The Tegan handbag by Sash and Belle. Ideally sized for travellers.
Trendy glasses with a purpose make a fantastic Valentine's Day gift. EXYRA glasses (pictured below), are not only fashionable, but protective too. Designed to block blue light emitted by screens, these glasses assist to reduce the effects of damage to the eyes and reduce skin ageing. EXYRA glasses are also recommended for outdoor activities as they can also protect eyes from UV rays. Available in both non-prescription and prescription lenses, these glasses make a much-appreciated gift.

For people who work long hours exposed to screen glare, EXYRA glasses will make a very noticeable difference to eye fatigue and protect the eyes from damage. Also available in trendy styles for men. 
For practical people, practical gifts will delight this Valentine's Day. A useful journal such as this Yes Studio Power Planner from ASOS will impress business women and mums who are under pressure and feel the need to plot their day. Presented in an undated format, users can jot their plans daily or as they need across months or even years until they've filled this chunky, ring-bound planner.

Yes Studio Power Planning journal RRP $40 but currently on sale for just $24 at ASOS.
With so much focus on our precious environment these days, why not give a Valentine's Day gift that oozes environmental friendliness and is super-practical?

Australian company EcoSilk Bags produce environmentally friendly carry bags which emulate the traditional plastic bag in shape. They are constructed in super-strong and attractive 100 percent parachute silk nylon and can carry up to 14kgs each. The bags boast a usage life of 5 years and they are completely recyclable themselves. EcoSilk Bags are a hot item to gift this Valentine's Day to a lover who also loves the environment! The bags are available in a rainbow of colours.

EcoSilk Bags are available individually and in multipacks with vibrant colours to choose from.
Pictured are the 4 pack RRP $39.95.
Finally, gift your loved-one a memory that lasts forever with My Family Photo. This professional photography company is available for bookings throughout most of Australia's major cities. My Family Photo will preserve your special family years in a series of photographs to treasure. Photo shoots are typically posed in beautiful locations such as botanic garden settings. The gift of photography is an ideal way to immortalise your loved ones this Valentine's Day. Your images can also be gifted again and again to family members for years to come.

Visit the My Family Photo website to book a session near you for gifting this Valentine's Day.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?
What gift do you like most from our suggestions here?
What would you add to the this gift guide?

*Disclosure: Featured items were gifted. This is a sponsored post.
Opinions expressed reflect my genuine opinions of products and companies featured.


  1. I absolutely love the gold chain earring from AURate! So cute!!

  2. This was a really special and lovely post.

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  3. We don't really celebrate, well, not with giving gifts anyway. These days we prefer experiences and not things but that said, I love the idea of a family portrait!


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