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Billy Elliot The Musical Review. Now Playing at Regent Theatre Melbourne...

Billy Elliot The Musical Australian Tour has just landed at Melbourne's Regent Theatre until April 19, 2020. With its inspiring story by Lee Hall and electrifying score by the legendary Elton John, this 10th Anniversary Australian Tour is set to hearten and lift Melbourne audiences following its critically acclaimed run in Sydney and Adelaide.

The Billy Elliot The Musical media call was held in Melbourne at the Regent Theatre the day before its star-studded premiere. Attending media were given the opportunity to witness the Billy Elliot The Musical phenomenon that has seen this show receive 85 international awards, including 10 Tony Awards, 8 Helpmann Awards and 5 Olivier Awards during its 10 years of productions around the world.

The four 'Billy Elliots.'

The role of Billy Elliot in Melbourne is shared by four exceptionally talented boys - Omar Abiad (12, from Brisbane), River Mardesic (11, from Melbourne), Wade Neilson (13, from Newcastle) and Jamie Rogers (13, from Canberra).

The boys are joined by a larger cast of talented kids who bring much colour and humour to this production. With their thick Geordie / Yorkshire accents, the quick-witted children speak a convincing dialect littered with hilarious profanities throughout.

Billy Elliot's ballet teacher Mrs Wilkinson is played by well-known actress Lisa Sontag.
Billy's dad is actor Justin Smith. 

...Also starring Drew Livingston as Billy's explosively tempered brother Tony.

Prepare to be thoroughly entertained by Billy Elliot The Musical. 

The story of Billy Elliot takes place in County Durham in North East England during the mid 1980's - specifically during the era of the 1984 miner's strike.

Against a backdrop of violence and police brutality, Billy rises from his blue-collar roots and harsh motherless existence, to break the boundaries of his time and place through his surprising skill and talent in ballet. Ridiculed and torn between the male-dominated explosive attitudes within his own family, and directly affected by the gritty culture of those in the immediate mining community at large, the tormented Billy finds solace in dance under the care and watchful eye of his ballet teacher, Mrs Wilkinson. (Played brilliantly by actress Lisa Sontag.)

Billy's dance teacher recognises and wholeheartedly believes in Billy's natural ability to dance. With guts and determination, she courageously defies the strong-willed opinions and tempers of both Billy's father and brother (who are vehemently opposed to Billy dancing), and proceeds to secretly coach Billy, in the art of ballet.

With a view to score Billy a coveted place in the Royal Ballet School in London, Billy must fight an extraordinary uphill battle. The odds are numerous, difficult and at times, painful, however this is ultimately an inspirational tale which will leave audiences feeling indelibly uplifted.

Billy's dad discovers Billy has secretly dropped boxing in favour of dance classes before gradually becoming convinced of his son's talent and Billy's right to pursue his goals despite his own strong prejudices.

Billy performs 'the angry dance.'

Billy and his best mate 'Michael' (James Sonnemann) dance together.
There are several golden moments between these two which are utterly heartening.

The full cast of Billy Elliot The Musical.
Billy Elliot The Musical is in a word - phenomenal! It's a delightful original tale in which all aspects of Billy's situation are masterfully woven together on stage through song, dance and clever set design. This triumphant tale is a must-see production that will never cease to grow old. You will leave this show feeling great!

Billy Elliot The Musical plays at The Regent Theatre until April 19, 2020.
Tickets are on sale now.
Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.
Tickets also available at Ticketmaster or 1300 111 011.
Alternatively, purchase tickets at Regent Theatre Box Office.


  1. I've never seen Billy Elliott. I just missed it here....again.

  2. I loved the Billy Elliott movie, although (of course) parts of it were pretty sad. It would be awesome to see it as a stage show!

  3. I loved the movie but haven't seen it in ages. This stage production looks amazing!

  4. I saw it a few years ago in Sydney - a great show with a great story.

  5. We saw this in Sydney with Omar as Billy and it was amazing! We had seen it years ago in London and much preferred the Aussie production. My husband is a Geordie from Newcastle and was pretty impressed with the accents. I would say that although the cast has a lot of children, the content is very adult. We sat next to a mum with young kids who found herself with a lot of tricky questions to answer :)

  6. I loved it as a movie as it was so different. What an opportunity this must have been for you.
    Thank you for joining in Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is Share Your Snaps. Hope to see you linking up too. Denyse.


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