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E.S.K Evidence Skin Care Review. Because Your Face Deserves The Best.

There are a vast number of skin care products on the market that boast skin-improving benefits and many of these products actually do function as promised to a degree. Generally speaking, most brands of moisturisers do what they say; wrinkle creams may have a temporary effect on softening fine lines; pigmentation products can sometimes work fairly well too...and so on.

In the product-saturated beauty industry, is it possible to find a skin cream or serum that really works as well as the description on the jar states? How might you discern that the touted promises are real? How do you know what's right for your own individual needs?

It's helpful to learn about the key, 'stand-out' ingredients in skin care products and brands that will help you to decipher those that will truly perform as compared to the more basic creams.

While all moisturisers hydrate the skin superficially, E.S.K Evidence Skin Care's range of moisturising treatment creams and serums actually act at a deeper, cosmetically-effective level. These products truly treat and correct hydration issues, signs of aging, acne and pigmentation.

Why? Because they contain key effective, proven ingredients as recognised by science.


I was introduced to E.S.K Evidence Skin Care a few months ago. E.S.K Evidence Skin Care is an Australian brand which is wholly based on scientifically recognised ingredients. Their products contain constituents that are independently proven to be effective. They really work.

E.S.K Evidence Skin Care have a unique system of skin creams and serums which will eliminate consumer frustration when it comes to choice. E.S.K Evidence Skin Care's products are presented so as to help you to readily identify and target effectively, your own individual skin's needs.

There are certain recognised constituents that have been identified by scientists worldwide, which will work to improve skin beyond the superficial layer. E.S.K Evidence Skin Care's range of therapeutic products have these key ingredients at the very core of their range. 

Retinal (Vitamin A) is one such powerful constituent which is capable of reversing aging, acne, pigmentation and wrinkles. Additionally, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), L-Ascoric Acid (Vitamin C), Vitamin E, AHA's and Tyrosinase Inhibitor work synergistically to gently alleviate issues and dramatically improve skin on a deeper level.

'Considered the gold standard in skincare as the most studied anti-ageing ingredient, retinoic acid, the compound used in prescription grade vitamin A, is admired for its ability to stimulate cell turnover and increase collagen production for fewer lines and wrinkles, smoother skin texture, and reduced acne and pustular rosacea. As retinol’s two-stage conversion process has been shown to be 20 times less potent than its prescription counterpart, scientific literature is now heralding retinal, retinol’s successor, as a more efficacious and better tolerated retinoid.'

E.S.K Evidence Skin Care's cosmetic creams and serums are a revolution in the skin care industry
and you will likely find a product that you will wish to try, then use, for years.

E.S.K Evidence Skin Care have two hero creams at the core of their range which I was sent to try. These are the E.S.K Evidence Skin Care Ultimate A (0.6% Retinal) and the Ultimate A+ (0.1% Retinal) high strength version. Both creams are designed to be applied at night and both enhance collagen production while functioning to improve the skin's barrier and even the skin's tone. The Ultimate A+ product is a higher strength version which makes it suitable for acne, men and those who desire a faster and more enhanced affect.

These two creams are pure genius! After just a single use, I awoke to a noticeably fresher face. With continued application in the evening each day, my skin, (two months down the track), feels thicker, healthier, looks younger and feels more 'elastic.' 

I will be continuing to purchase from E.S.K Evidence Skin Care into the future as a converted devotee of this brand. These are products that definitely work at a deeper level and I feel that the results have far exceeded my expectations. (Take a look at the reviews and dramatic before and after images on the E.S.K Evidence Skin Care website.)

Since discovering the brand, I am incredibly keen to try further treatment creams and serums from the E.S.K Evidence Skin Care range - especially their Eye Serum to brighten under-eye rings (which constantly plague me). Also the E.S.K Evidence Skin Care Peptide Primer, which is a therapeutic makeup base. 

Take a look at the E.S.K Evidence Skin Care website to browse the full range of E.S.K Evidence Skin Care products. There truly is an effective cosmetic product for every adult.

E.S.K Evidence Skin Care is a serious brand of skin treatments that really do what they promise. I feel the ongoing results I experience daily, are impressively on-par with previous laser skin care treatments I have undergone. I very highly recommend this quality Australian made and owned brand to our readers.

Stay tuned for a further E.S.K Evidence Skin Care review coming shortly! 

*Disclosure: Featured items were gifted in exchange for my opinion.
All opinions expressed are genuine.

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