Monday, 6 April 2020

New Release Books from Lonely Planet Kids March 2020 & Children's Book Giveaway For Our Readers!

Lonely Planet Kids Publishers have two exciting new release books which will keep children's minds active during the school holiday period and beyond. Always educational, up-to-date and relevant, LPK's 'The Plastic Problem' and 'Build Your Own History Museum' (titles released in March 2020), will keep children happily occupied during the long months of home-bound uncertainty ahead.

'The Plastic Problem.'

'Plastic is everywhere - it’s almost impossible to get through a day without using it - and that’s causing major problems for our planet. Lonely Planet Kids' The Plastic Problem discovers 60 small ways to reduce waste, save the earth.'
Suitable for ages 9-12. Pages:112 in colour. RRP AU$19.99. Hardcover.

Educational and encouraging, LPK's 'The Plastic Problem' is a book which encourages awareness, creativity and responsibility when it comes to our precious environment. Kids can enjoy the included craft activities while expanding their knowledge of this mammoth world issue in a highly meaningful and helpful way. A great read for children and adults with some super tips for reducing and reusing waste.

The Plastic Problem encourages children to think creatively and act wisely when it comes to dealing with plastic pollution.

'Build Your Own History Museum'

'Fun, interactive, and with lots of facts to discover, Lonely Planet Kids’ Build Your Own History Museum is a hands-on way to learn about ancient people, cultures and traditions. It’s packed with amazing facts and awesome illustrations that reveal how people all over the world once lived and worked.

Perfect for history fans of all ages, this follow-up to Lonely Planet Kids' Build Your Own Dinosaur Museum features five spectacular pop-ups to make and display: an Egyptian sarcophagus, a Greek temple, a Mesopotamian lamassu statue, a Mayan Quetzalcoatl head, and a Viking longboat.'

Suitable for ages 6-8. Pages: 24 colour . RRP AU$29.99. Hardcover.

What a great book for inquisitive young minds! Kids will positively devour the history and discoveries within the 'Build Your Own History Museum' book. It's big, bright and interactive with 5 pop-out builds to create including full instructions. Young history buffs can set up their own museum to visit and play in, whenever they wish. Older kids and adults will learn a thing or two from this fantastic book as well.

Pop-out pieces printed on quality card.

Includes many of the world's greatest historical cultures and artifacts, plus plenty of important details kids will want to know.

Visit Lonely Planet online to see their extensive range of titles available for all ages.
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  1. So my kids can go on a learning adventure. They both love learning and discovering new things.

    Samara McRae

  2. So my kids can learn and be entertained while we are at home. (Kate Slack)

  3. We are such a fan of LPK books. My daughter has so many adventures with them. This would be awesome for her to learn even more whilst she's at home.
    Joanne Cardamone

  4. Since our travel plans are on hold for some time, we would love the chance to do some more educational armchair travel from home with these books!
    (Stacey Shailer)

  5. to take a trip in the imagination is sometimes much better than being somewhere else

  6. These books would be great because they entertain and teach the reader. Susan Smith

  7. I would love to win the Lonely Planet Kids Book Prize Pack because they look like fun and I've discovered through homeschooling that my two children only want to learn from me when I have educational material that is exciting, colourful and fun. Vanessa Ahern

  8. I would love to win these books for my nieces because they would enjoy the activities and learn from them. Cynthia Conley

  9. Since we are not travelling this year, it would be fun to get the kids to enjoy some educational travel fun from their own home.
    karina lee

  10. I've heard great things about the Lonely Planet kids books and both of these look great especially the History Museum!

  11. My niece loves to read and she loves to travel on vacations I'm sure she would really love these books howard g

  12. I have a 9 yr old granddaughter who would love these books & spend hours reading and enjoying them. Pam Flynn

  13. Isolation is breeding reading love this for my 7 year old Linda Hynson

  14. Lonely Planet Kids has it all,
    Reference & activities to enthrall,
    Adventure, Action!
    For everyone's satisfaction,
    What's in store?
    Thrills galore,
    There's no stopping,
    Eyes popping,
    Awesome fun
    For everyone!

    Adele Smith.

  15. OOOHH History and Plastic how fantastic!!
    Teaching mum is Miss Casey's number 1 fun.
    Just 7 but all knowing,
    her new stainless straw has her smiles flowing.
    Her savings she says will save a turtle from plastic stress,
    collecting rubbish she will do,
    because I promised her another trip to the turtle zoo.
    (Townsville turtle hospital)
    Natalie Murnane

  16. History and learning is what the kids love, they never stop asking questions, reading books and looking up information, so much fun can be had from learning.


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