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ABC Kids Music 'The Beanies' Exclusive Interview and Giveaway!

The award-winning, energetic and engaging children’s music band, 'The Beanies,'  have signed with ABC Kids Music! 

To celebrate the occasion, The Beanies have released their fourth album ‘Full of Beans.'  The album contains songs from their most recent podcast series and is the follow up to their 2019 ARIA Award- nominated album, ‘Imagination Station.'

To celebrate this new partnership with ABC Kids Music, we have an exclusive interview below, plus a great giveaway for kids. Read on...

Already, The Beanies award-winning podcasts have been a huge hit in Australia, reaching over half a million downloads and counting. 

'Band members Laura, Mim and Michael understand the value of play and burst onto the children’s entertainment scene in 2016.  They now have four albums to their name, including their 2019 ARIA nominated release ‘Imagination Station,' plus they won ‘Australian Podcast of the Year – Kids and Family’ in 2018 for their series ‘Imagination Station.' Their podcast series ‘The Beanies Big Day Out’ saw them nominated for the same award last year.'

Six Little Hearts chats with The Beanies...

How did The Beanies come about? Please tell us about your background...

The Beanies began in 2016 when Laura moved to Sydney. Laura and Mim had been friends for years as they met performing in musicals in Canberra. The first show they did together was Grease; Laura was Sandy and Mim was the choreographer. 

Laura and Mim began writing songs with composer James Court, but they really wanted a boy to join the band. Mim had met Michael the year earlier touring a play around Australia. She knew he was a great singer and guitar player, so they were ecstatic when Michael joined the project too! 

All three of The Beanies are professionally trained in acting and performing. They have always loved performing for children especially, being silly and creating stories. 

What inspired each of you to become children's entertainers?

Mim is a long time fan of Play School on the ABC. She loved the craft and the singing and always wanted to be on the show.

Michael has always enjoyed children as an audience. They are incredibly honest and ready to connect to performers and they are more open and excited than adult audiences!

What does a typical working day look like for The Beanies?

A Beanies working day is always different and different for each of The Beanies
On our favourite days we are performing live in a concert or a theatre. On our second favourite days Michael is editing videos and podcasts, Mim is doing graphic design for animations and writing grant applications and Laura is answering fan emails and handling all the accounts. 

Have you had any special moments as children's entertainers that really blew you away? 
Can you share some stories of funny experiences, inspiring moments?

Whenever a child comes to our show and tells us they listen to our podcast, it's a special moment. 
We love hearing about their favourite episodes, songs and what they found funny. 

One stand out moment was when two of The Beanies' super fans dressed up as The Beanies for Halloween. We don't sell our costumes or anything, so their mum went to a huge effort drawing coloured beans on white t-shirts and sewing overalls - she even got a wig!

What is it like to be a children's entertainer? The pro's and cons (if any)?

We get to let out our inner child and be silly everyday! Also the children's entertainment industry is incredibly supportive. All kids bands are helping each other out behind the scenes, giving advice and lending equipment. 

No cons!

Check out The Beanies 'Sneaky Robber' song clip here.
What do you hope your young audience will take away from your podcasts, albums or shows? Is The Beanies experience purely for entertainment? A learning experience? Or something different? 

The Beanies are all about learning through play and using your imagination. 
The world economic forum released some data that said 65% of children entering kindergarten today will end up working in jobs that don't even exist yet - so anyone working with children needs to be thinking about how we best prepare them for an undiscovered future. 
We believe this is through encouraging an active imagination. 

What (if any) 'message' would you like to share with our readers?

Now more than ever, musicians (including children's ones), need your support so please go give us a listen and tell your friends!

Do you have some inspiring advice for kids who want to grow up and be children's entertainers themselves, just like The Beanies?

Don't lose your sense of silliness and your childlike humour - they will be your best friends as a children's entertainer. 

Visit The Beanies website for further information.

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