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Bio Dough Natural Modelling Dough For Kids Review and Giveaway!

Have you been looking for a safe, colourful and fun modelling dough for your child?
Try something a little different in Bio Dough.
Bio Dough is a new, all-Australian play dough for kids which everyone will enjoy getting their hands into!
Plus we have 5 packs of Bio Dough to giveaway to Six Little Hearts followers! Read on...

Creating with dough is a childhood joy like no other. Dough is a timeless play material that's been enjoyed for eons and will never date or disappear as long as kids are around to enjoy it. Help your child develop their motor skills and express their imagination creatively, with new and vibrant Bio Dough.

Bio Dough is a modern take on more traditional doughs. This natural product is made of food grade ingredients and is scented with delightful fragrances too. Bio Dough is one of the most malleable doughs you are ever likely to feel, making the overall sensory experience of it during play, highly pleasurable.

The realistic and delightful scents of Bio Dough include kid-favourites like Coconut, Fairy Floss, Orange, Strawberry, Pineapple, Blueberry, Lime, Lavender and Blackberry.

Major squish factor loved by kids!

Our youngest children have been enjoying their packs of Bio Dough so much! The dough is very soft, vibrant and water-based with a perfect degree of 'squishiness' for crafting all kinds of fun creations. Our kids like the selection of nine brilliant rainbow colours contained in each generous-sized Bio Dough package. There's plenty of dough to share or gift a bag to each child.

Unlike other play doughs that can dry out after extensive periods of use, Bio Dough is easily rehydrated with just a few drops of water. To preserve Bio Dough, store it in an airtight container in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Bio Dough is recommended for children from 2 years of age. Despite its natural appeal, (Bio Dough contains wheat), the dough is not designed for consumption. For safety's sake, please supervise very young kids while they play with this product.

Every dough colour is individually packaged to preserve its freshness and is instantly malleable straight from the pack.

We store our dough in snap-lock bags to ensure continued freshness between plays. 

Exciting creations!
We love Bio Dough and highly recommend it to our readers. It's a premium play dough that will keep kids creatively happy, time and time again. A big bag of Bio Dough retails for $29.95. You can also purchase traditional play dough accessories such as cookie cutters and storage containers as well as discounted bundles of Bio Dough, on the Bio Dough website. Learn more about Bio Dough here.

Please feel free to enter our Bio Dough giveaway below. It would be great if you could share this post with your family and friends to help spread the love about this fab craft product for kids. x

WIN 1 of 5 Rainbow Packs of Bio Dough 
as featured, valued at $29.95 each!
Game of skill
Total prize pool $$149.75
Promotion ends 28th June, 2020.

Fill out the short competition form below and leave a comment including your name in the comment box. Entries without comments or names will be disqualified.
Good luck!

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  1. I love that it's safe for kids to put in their mouths, as my daughter still puts everything in her mouth.

    Samara McRae

    Soft and Fun
    100% Australian Made and Owned
    kids excited, if I won. :D
    Gorgeous Scents
    Rehydratable - YES!
    so less mess.
    Bright and Colourful
    Food Grade Ingredients
    loving the contents!

    k. santillo

  3. My daughter can't get enough of the soft dough that smells terrific. It makes me extremely grateful when I can see her so happy ❤️ And what makes it even greater is that she can use it again even when she forgets to put it back in the container and it dries out - best dough ever!!

    Daleen Grobler

    1. Congrats winner #1 Daleen G. Enjoy this prize - so much fun!

  4. a great way to play and create and know its not harmful

  5. Oz owned & made is always great,
    Love that it's natural & safe,
    My munchkin just loves to taste,
    Not so scary when it's wheat based.
    No stinky smells, no dried out lumps,
    Bio Dough you've got my fist pump!

    Sue B,

  6. I would love to win this for my daughter. She has been sad since she has been out of school. She is very artsy and creative and would enjoy this.

  7. 6 y/0 granddaughter would like this

  8. Ugh, that's incredibly cute but makes me shudder. I have a weird aversion to both gooey playdough and slime. Thankfully I don't have kids so it's not been an issue but whenever my godson visits or makes it, it never seems to get the right consistency and sticks to everything or falls apart!!!

  9. YOu're never too old for that tactile creativity. Art and play are very closely aligned. I think that's why some of us NEVER grow up completely!

  10. Bio-dough kind of reminds me of a blend of play dough and silly putty of which I enjoyed both as a child. I would like to win this for my niece.

    Thomas Gibson

  11. Oh I loved the feeling of squishing new play doh!!

  12. This would save me having to make play doh out of flour and making a giant mess each and every time the kids want to have play doh time!
    Karina L

  13. The colors are amazing. My nieces would have hours of fun with this.
    Cynthia Conley

  14. I watch my grandchildren Olivia 3 Roman 1 they love creating animals with dough

  15. Safe and colourful, my little girl can have the licence to get as creative as she likes and have heaps of fun in the process. (Ryan H)

  16. My girls love making and creating things so this would be the perfect toy to keep them occupied whilst I'm busy working at home. Charlotte B

  17. I'd quickly become the favourite Aunt if I won this goodie.....yes please. Juanita Thorn

  18. Love this and it looks like the best fun.....

    Thank you for linking up this week. I have changed my blog’s home page; right hand-side, to note the regular bloggers and blog names who link up for Life This Week. I am very grateful that you are one of those. See you next week when the optional prompt is Kindness. Take care, Denyse.

  19. I love that it’s safe for children to put in their mouths. I work with children on the Autism Spectrum who love play doh! They quite often put things in their mouth to accommodate their sensory needs.

  20. Winning this would be my little ones first play with dough. I'm loving hearing that Bio Dough is food grade. So in between the squishing, rolling & creating, if she sneaks a nibble, I won't need to stress.
    Kirsty Polujan

    1. CONGRATS winner #2! Please don't let your little girl eat this dough! It is not not food. I am certain she will love playing with this. :D

  21. Squeezing,squishing,smooshing, assorted smells along the way, cutting,shaping, rolling is how he loves to play. Bio dough is new play dough our family would love to own, hours of fun for everyone or even mummy on her own...
    Diane White

  22. This looks like fun. A new texture to be introduced to. Donna Clifford

  23. Jessie Chibber

    I love the all natural ingredients and you know that even if they get hungry and decide it's food, all will still be ok.

  24. It looks really really squishy - just the way my kids like it.
    Alicia Bardsley

    1. Winner #3 Alicia - the squishiest dough we've ever tried. Enjoy this with your children.

    2. Thank you. The kids will love it

  25. This looks really fun and goo for people with texture issues.

  26. Bright and colourful, natural and safe, Australian made and owned, no stress for putting dough in their little mouths, my little Grandchildren will love rolling, squishing, shaping, helping with their fine motor skills, eye and hand co-ordination.

    1. Winner #4 Jackie - Please note Bio Dough is NOT EDIBLE so do keep an eye on those grandkids!

  27. I love that it's rehydratable! My children are always drying their dough out!

  28. the colours can spark a millions ideas and its rehydratedable

  29. I like that it comes in different scents. I want to win because it looks very fun!
    Lily Kwan


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