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Choose an Award Winning Vuly Trampoline. Years of Safe Backyard Fun for Every Family. Review...

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Vuly.

Do your active kids drive you crazy roughhousing in your home? Are you struggling to entice them to play outside on a regular basis? Now that summer is just around the corner in Australia, why not install a Vuly trampoline in your yard to alleviate their boredom? 

For active kids, there's no greater backyard pleasure than vigorously bouncing on their very own trampoline. The happy recollection of this joyful activity will be a lasting highlight in your children's memories for years to come. 

If you're in the market to buy a trampoline, it is essential to buy a good quality one. Be sure to make the right choice the first time around when considering a trampoline for your precious kids. If you do your research, you'll quickly realise that all trampolines on the market are not the same. 

Be aware that many cheaply manufactured trampolines may not have the exceptional safety features embodied within the award winning Vuly brand. This is so often the case - even if they appear similar in looks and design.

Modern Vuly trampolines are expertly designed with premium engineered features never before seen or considered in the dangerous monstrosities of our own childhoods. From the padded safety poles to fully hidden springs and heavy duty protective safety netting - even shade covers, you can truly relax knowing that your Vuly trampoline investment, will provide a safe play haven for your kids in the years to come.

The Vuly trampoline featured in this review is the Medium Ultra Trampoline which is available in four sizes.

Vuly are a wholly Australian owned and operated outdoor equipment company based in Brisbane.

Vuly trampolines are rigorously tested to stand up to both the harsh Australian environment and the impact of the tens of thousands of 'bounces' delivered to it by happy kids. Vuly are proud producers of Australia's safest trampolines and are winners of the prestigious Good Design Award here in Australia. 

Our children were incredibly excited about receiving their new trampoline, kindly gifted to us by Vuly. In the week or so prior to its arrival, they all chipped-in to clear and level an area for it in our bush backyard. Our much anticipated trampoline was delivered conveniently, straight to our door, a week or so later. The trampoline arrived in five numbered boxes with full instructions and a single specialist tool.

Assembling the Vuly trampoline was quite straightforward with just a few small challenges presenting here and there along the way. It is possible to construct the trampoline alone, however, if there is another who can assist you, definitely get them to help out! Our 12 year old son willingly assisted his dad to set up our Vuly Medium Ultra Trampoline. 

'Tool-phobes' will be pleased to know that no tools or special skills are required to assemble a Vuly trampoline. Its simple design sees the sturdy steel frame components slot together easily, to provide the strength essential to support its purpose. We do recommend that you wear gloves for protection and grip during the assembly process to avoid injury. There are gloves provided in the Vuly box. (These were worn by our son in the second image above of the steel frame.) There is one requisite tool provided with the trampoline that assists in the attachment of the springs to the mat and frame. 

From start to finish, allow 2-3 hours to fully assemble a Vuly trampoline. 
It's a very small amount of time to invest in exchange for the many years of happiness ahead.

Ready to play!

The overall quality is evident in every component of a Vuly trampoline. Features include a strong steel frame complete with weather resistant, padded support rods encircled by tough, rip-stop vinyl along the outer rim. This cover securely protects the externally placed trampoline springs from exposure and by clever design, acts to prevent entrapment injuries to hands and feet. 

No zips. No Velcro.

An overlapping flap secures the entry and exit point to this trampoline. This is a unique and effective safety feature for younger children who might be prone to accidents as they bounce near an otherwise 'gaping' entrance. (As is often seen in other brands of trampolines.)

Also of note, is the super-strong 3mm weave, safety mesh netting that fully encases the Vuly trampoline. It's tough! The weave is designed to prevent kids' fingers from becoming entangled and potentially injured, while also resisting tears. We've discovered it's also highly effective for keeping out the tiniest of insects in the bounce area, which is a big bonus in our bush backyard over-run with mosquitos!

Bouncing on a Vuly trampoline is a special pleasure! The mat itself is very strong and so tightly woven  that it gives this trampoline maximum 'spring factor.' (You can read more about the strenuous safety testing Vuly products undergo here.) A little effort goes a long way when it comes to bounding about on this trampoline. Naturally kids love it and it's strong enough to ensure that adults will too!

Please note that for obvious safety reasons, only one person should bounce on a trampoline at any given time.
These images were taken immediately after set up, meaning there was little hope of controlling our excited kids! 
We have since, responsibly enforced this rule.

 Trampolining is the ultimate when it comes to healthy outdoor exercise fun for children. 

Not shown in our images is the included shade cover which comes standard with every Vuly trampoline. We have not yet attached this to ours, however the cover forms a tidy roof on the trampoline and protects it from both sweltering sun and pouring rain. I just know that as soon as we affix our shade cover, our kids are going to enjoy our trampoline as if it were a bouncy club house! 

There is also a fabulous tent cover you can purchase separately which will add to the trampoline's versatility and up the fun factor, as well as provide additional relief from the elements.

Jump for joy! 

Should you ever require any replacement parts for your new Vuly trampoline, you will enjoy half price parts for life! In addition, Vuly's generous warranty ensures your purchase is protected from faulty workmanship for 1-5 years depending on the area/s involved. There is also the option to purchase an additional three year warranty on top of the standard in order to protect your purchase for a greater period of time.

Finally, there are a full range of exciting Vuly accessories available which will enhance the pleasure and athletic benefits of your trampoline purchase. Choose from items such as basketball hoops and balls, to tent walls. (Yes, you can even camp in your Vuly trampoline!) You'll also find an easy-access ladder, speakers, cooling and fun water misters and even specially designed trampoline decks for a unique 'skateboard' experience. Check out the website link above for more.

Vuly deliver their trampolines and additional sporting goods, Australia-wide. Do check out their exciting range of play equipment available on their website.

The trampoline featured in our review is the Vuly Medium Ultra Trampoline with a recommended retail price of $1049. We genuinely believe that this Vuly is hands-down, the best trampoline we have ever owned. The strength and safety features far exceed other trampolines we have invested in over the years. We are so happy with our new Vuly trampoline!

You really can't go wrong when choosing a Vuly trampoline of your very own from their website. 
If you're looking for the absolute best of the best on the market, or an ideal and lasting gift for your kids this Christmas - then this is surely the ultimate 'it' gift. 

Pssst ...Vuly trampolines are currently on sale with extras for a strictly limited time
Don't miss this your chance to own a Vuly at a great rate!

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts were gifted the Vuly Ultra Trampoline featured in this review in exchange for our thoughts.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine. Thank you Vuly for raising the level of joy in our family considerably!


  1. Kids love trampolines - occasionally even the big kid gets out there for a jump around!

  2. Yes! Certainly this 'big kid' enjoys the occasional bounce on our trampoline!

  3. Could there have been a better time to get a trampoline like this? I don 't think so! Such fun there.
    Thank you for linking up for LifeThisWeek and I hope you join in again next week, where the optional prompt is 42/51 Self-Care Stories #6. 19.10.2020. Denyse.

    1. Thanks Denyse. It is a wonderful play thing in these lockdown times. Looking forward to summer and outdoor camping nights on our Vuly.

  4. Its on my kids Christmas wishlist ☺

  5. I love this, its wonderful really

  6. My little grandson loves jumping!


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