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Lonely Planet Kids New Book Releases October, Plus Book Giveaway...

Lonely Planet Kids publishers produce the absolute best in books for children of all ages. We're always awed by the vast range of topics covered. Our own kids regularly devour each title we're sent for review, over and over again. You just can't go wrong with Lonely Planet Kids books on your bookshelf.
Please feel free to enter or LPK book giveaway too. We have three double book packs to giveaway to our followers! Read on...
Two new titles have been added to the LPK selection recently and are available now for avid young readers with curious minds. Check out these great reads in 'The Ocean Book' and 'The Complete Guide To Space Exploration.'

'When viewed from space our planet looks like a big blue marble. Roughly 70 per cent of the planet is covered in salty water. So, how did Earth’s oceans form? Which species were the first to call the oceans their home? Lonely Planet Kids continues its hallmark high-interest children’s non-fiction series this month, (The Travel Book, The Animal Book, The Big Earth Book, The Cities Book, The Flag Book), by taking a deep dive beneath the waves to explore the diverse habitats and discover incredible creatures that inhabit this mysterious underwater world. From detailing prehistoric oceans to profiles of the diversity of ocean life; from exploring tropical islands and atolls to venturing into frozen Arctic seas, The Ocean Book is the ultimate adventure into the hidden depths of our blue planet.'

Lonely Planet Kids 'The Ocean Book,' is a large hardcover wonderfully and vibrantly illustrated, that will draw-in children, time and time again. Kids can learn all about the ocean, reefs and coastal environs in many regions around the world. 

'The Ocean Book' is a terrific educational reference for young and emerging environmentalists. 
As a parent, you will learn a thing or two, too! RRP $29.99.

'Prepare for blast off! The Complete Guide to Space Exploration is the ultimate intergalactic ticket to the greatest journeys ever undertaken by humankind: the exploration of the universe. Peppered with engaging illustrations, incredible infographics and brilliant photography, kids of all ages can learn all about the history and achievements of our pursuit to understand more about our vast universe.   Discover the origins of the first telescope, witness the launch of the first-ever spacecraft, Sputnik, find out what materials are used to make a space suit and look into the possibility of space tourism.    
This fascinating compendium to the world above reveals the wonders of space exploration, 
past, present and future.'

Calling all youthful space enthusiasts - your ultimate guide has arrived on this topic in the LPK 'The Complete Guide to Space Exploration.'  

Got a kid who asks the hard questions about the science of space travel and the mysteries of the universe? This book covers everything a child could possibly want to know within its fully illustrated and detailed text. I personally enjoy reading this book and I am certain most adults will also find this an exceptional read. Bold, data-filled illustrations decode the space curiosities many of us find ourselves wondering about. 

This is a title that will provide years of scientific knowledge. A truly worthwhile investment at RRP $29.99. You can purchase these great reads and explore many others at Lonely Planet Kids 
online and in good book stores. 

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*Disclosure: Items featured were gifted for our consideration.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. This should keep the kids entertained for a few hours while it rains for weeks!
    karina l

  2. Keep the grandkids out of my hair, while I do my thing

  3. My nine year old reader would adore any of these gorgeous book in the Lonely Planet Kids series. Educational, pages beautifully displayed. Just wonderful!!

    1. Winner #1! Thanks for entering Penny, these books are on their way...

  4. These look great books for kids!!

  5. What an awesome prize. I would love to send one of my grandchildren deep in the ocean and the other deep into space. They would be so excited. Veronica.

  6. This are awesome for kids to have

  7. My yards an oceanside, seashells everywhere, the chickens eat the ones we accidentally step on. Kids named a WA release turtle Diamond and got a turtle teddy and a certificate. Miss 7 wants to build a beach in the yard?? She'd love these books.
    Natalie Murnane

  8. My daughter is intreged by our amazing world, these books would help her understand the ocean and outer space.

  9. Oh, The Complete Guide to Space Exploration looks great - it would be great to read a bedtime book I was interested in too!

    1. Winner #2 - You really will enjoy these reads with your child Susie - I especially love the Space title too, such an interesting read. Both will be on their way to you shortly and thanks for entering.

  10. This book will be a good one for the kids.

  11. Great giveaway Jody. This would be something I would donate to my daughter's school where she is teacher librarian. Thank you for linking up this week. I do hope to see you link up next week too of course. The optional prompt is44/51 Outside 2.11.2020. Wow: November is here! Denyse.

  12. My 2 daughters would find these books super interesting which is why I would love to win these for them!

  13. I ask my son what should I get my grandson for Christmas he answered anything to do with the planet in fact any planet, apparently he loves learning about this planet and space so this is perfect for him.

  14. Your first line said it all “Lonely Planet Kids publishers produce the absolute best in books for children of all ages”. I am nodding non-stop. It’s activities books are our lock-down essential over here!! - Sue C

  15. This looks amazing!! My sister is a grade 2 teacher and she's been spending all of her own money buying books for her children to cultivate their learning (and like you said, you can't go wrong with Lonely Planet Kids books on your bookshelf!). I really hope I can give her these! Her kids would love them to death
    - Sarah Wehbe

  16. My little man is obsessed with both outer space & the ocean
    He loves taking a virtual tour of NASA & practically lives at the beach all summer
    If he got his way he'd be in the water no matter the weather

    Sue Perry

    1. #3 winner - Sue, your son is going to love these reads. Thanks for entering and let's hope these arrive in time for Christmas!

  17. Perfect for my son who doesn't seem interested in the usual stuff I find at the library!

  18. My kids have been asking a lot of questions about the moon and space lately, I'd love to be able to read these books with them and learn together!
    Peta N


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