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Vtech 'Myla's Sparkling Friends Mia' Toy Review and Giveaway


As soon as the sun sets this Halloween, brace yourselves for the Christmas deluge come November 1st! This year, why not get prepared for Christmas as early as possible? Regularly visit our website to check out the very latest and greatest toys for your kids here on Six Little Hearts. You'll find all the news and reviews on the very best in play for children who are hungry for toys and entertainments... plus giveaways! 

As many of you know, we regularly work with a slew of major brands including Vtech. Vtech specialise in ever-popular, high quality, electronic toys for kids. Be assured that you simply can't go wrong this Christmas if you choose your child's toys from this respected and educational, industry leader.

Readers may recall our earlier review of Vtech's Myla The Magical Make-Up Unicorn. She's a beautiful big, sparkling, talking and musically enhanced unicorn and kids everywhere can't help but love her! (See our review via the link above.)

Now lovely Myla has wonderful new unicorn playmates in Vtech's 'Myla's Sparkling Friends!' 

Vtech 'Myla's Sparkling Friends Mia' review.

For the unicorn obsessed, Vtech's Myla's Sparkling Friends are adorable. 
Kids will want to own them all. 

'Mia' is a gorgeous little unicorn with a beautiful pink mane and tail and she comes with three styling accessories to maintain her lovely locks. 

Mia has a magical ability to change colours! Kids can touch Mia's necklace and then her horn, eyes or wings to change her sparkling rainbow lights. Mia can express her mood through her colour changing abilities. She also has a lucky colour for your child to discover. Charmingly, Mia will tell your child all about herself with over 80 phrases, sound effects and songs.

By gently tweaking Mia's rear leg, watch as her magical colour-changing wings flap, sparkle and light up with musical enhancement. Kids can tell Mia their magical dreams and share her pretty hair accessories too.

Requires 2, AAA batteries to operate. Suitable for ages 4+.

Touch Mia's mouth to sing a magical duet together. Giggle at her cute responses and phrases. 
Myla's Sparkling Friends are sweet play things for children aged from 4-8 years.

Mia is one of three of Vtech's Myla's Sparkling Friends. Children may also wish to collect cute 'Ava' the fox and pretty 'Penny' the bird. Each individual toy comes with its own set of magical responses and are as equally engaging as Mia. Myla's Sparkling Friends are RRP $29.95 each and are available right now at Big W, quality toy stores and online retailers. Don't miss out!

Please enter our giveaway below to win one of two Vtech 'Myla's Sparkling Friends Mia' unicorns 
to gift to your child this Christmas! Please share the love too with your family and friends!

Win 1 of 2 Vtech 'Myla's Sparkling Friends, Mia' toys 
valued at $29.95 each!
Total prize pool: $60
Game of skill
Australian residents only.

To Enter

Fill out the short competition form below and leave a comment on this post at the bottom of the page to enter.
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Good luck!

*Disclosure: Items featured in this review were gifted in exchange for our opinions.
All views expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. I won't enter properly as I don't know any children but my niece (now 24) LOVED unicorns growing up. They've remained popular haven't they? I can't remember them being a thing when I was little (in the 70s or 80s) but after that....?

    1. Yes! They are everywhere now and loved by kids and adults alike.

  2. My daughter would love to have it to play with we have been in since 3/13 and it would be great to have this wonderful Sparkling mia toy

  3. We'd love to share Mia with family and ship her off to be loved by my nieces interstate. We live in NSW and they live in Melbourne. Our families haven't seen each other in person since last Christmas due to borders being closed. So what the kids do is video call and mail each other photos and drawings. I know that Mia would be one treasured unicorn and I can only imagine all the singing video calls and pictures she would appear in. What a wonderful item to keep strengthening the bond between our kids when distance keeps them apart.

    1. Mia is flying your way shortly Kirsty. (Winner.) I hope she makes it to you prior to Christmas! Thanks for entering. x

  4. My daughter has always wanted a pet and she loves unicorns so this would be all her dreams come true!
    karina l

  5. Looks like a nice and fun gift for the holidays. #lifethisweek

  6. My granddaughter would love this. We have not seen each other since March 13, except for a family sickness. I missed her birthday too.

  7. Your gorgeous daughter is the perfect model. I have two granddaughters who would love this!!

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is 43/51 Inside 26.10.2020. Hope to see you there. Denyse.

  8. My daughter is unicorn mad. As am I. Id love to surprise her with this 🦄💜🦄

  9. MY daughter loves unicorns 🦄 as do I. Id love to surprise her with this 🦄💜🦄

  10. Yes please. My niece loves Unicorns 🦄, she would love Mia. She would have so much fun playing and learning about Mia watching her light up. Her face would light up with excitement.

  11. I would love to win for my neice she loves unicorns & will tell you they poop rainbows she would love this Lara Haynes

  12. I would love to win for my neice she loves unicorns & will tell you they poop rainbows she would love this Lara Haynes

  13. My granddaughter would adore this!!

  14. Amanda Hendry... My granddaughter would adore this!!

  15. My unicorn crazy daughter would love this !

  16. My daughter is so 9bsessed with unicorns, when I asked her what she was going to ask Santa for she told me a pet unicorn 🤣 This will be the next best thing since she can't have a real one.
    Samara McRae

  17. Hello Six Little Hearts! I would LOVE to win this amazing Vtech Mia the unicorn for my beautiful daughter Indiana, she would absolutely LOVE this...👏🥰 She loves unicorns, I love all Vtech products, I generally gravitate towards toys of this brand because they're fun but really smart and educational toys! I think she would love the way the unicorn changes its colour to suit it's mood, takes me back to my younger days if having a "mood ring" which changes colour (yep, as my daughter calls it 'from the oldie days' lol)...🤭🤣 Apparently me, phones with boinging cords and The Backstreet Boys are from the oldie days ha ha ha...👏👌🤣 Thanks for the great competition...stay safe and take care 🥰 Tamara

  18. I would love to win for my two precious granddaughters (they are obsessed with Unicorns) gail davies (facebook) @coldethyl777 (twitter)

  19. This would be a dream come true for my kids really, very adorable

  20. Miss 7 will be road tripping to Grandma's house right after Christmas and a unicorn to share the journey would be smashing. The big brothers would adore singing along and hearing all about her for the WHOLE drive!!
    Natalie Murnane

  21. A magical interactive adorable Unicorn that would totally impress my little Miss on Christmas morning. Kasey.E

  22. Sarah Jennings.
    A unicorn crazed child,
    Christmas morning she'll go wild!!
    Mia will be a great addition,
    To our unicorn collection;

    It'll make her year,
    A toy she may take to start kindy that will ease her fear. ❤

  23. Because my 2 daughters ages 6 and 7 would love this! They are really into unicorns right now.

  24. I would love to win this for my granddaughter. She loves Mya and would be so happy to receive her for Christmas.

  25. My girls would do anything to have similar bright red unicorn hair. And I'd love to be saved from having clips put in my hair and on my ears to try and turn me into a pretty unicorn. They would love the changing colours and everything about this magical Vtech product. I'd love to surprise them. Damian

  26. Myla's Sparkling Friends are enchanting!
    My little girl, her world will be sparkling.
    Cute responses and phrases, magical times ahead.
    With her friends, kindness and love will spread :D
    kerry santillo

  27. Darling little grand daughter loves anything to do with unicorns, but she has never ever seen anything like these incredible unicorns. I know she would love to have one to enjoy hours and hours of fun playing with one. Debbie Moody.

  28. Troy Doherty
    My baby girl would be thrilled with this beautiful unicorn

  29. My son loves unicorns.... a bonkers beautiful boy!

  30. Athena Graeme-My daughter is obsessed with unicorns. I have a birth defect called unicorn-ate uterus that left me unable to have children, so we adopted. My husband told her when we brought her home that mommy was a unicorn, and that's why she couldn't have kids. Unicorns were magical and could only have children by finding the most magical little girl and making her a unicorn too. Now my daughter runs around wearing unicorn horn headbands or her unicorn robe ALL the time. She thinks she's a real life unicorn. She would LOVE this!

  31. Tanya Venturini

    What a wonderful surprise
    Under the Christmas tree
    Would Mia the Unicorn
    Certainly be

    For two little girls
    That love to play
    This pretty little unicorn
    Would make their day

  32. All things magical miss 4 likes best,
    Miss Mia’s magic she would like to test,
    I’m sure she will even try to take her to bed when it’s time for a rest 🦄💤


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