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Birthday Planning Made Easy. Tips to Organise the Ultimate Birthday Celebration.

*This post is in collaboration with MoonPig.

Birthdays are a special time for everybody. 

Celebrating the joy of a milestone birthday with a significant person in your life, starts with some important considerations to make their occasion a memorable one. If you're tasked with organising an upcoming birthday for a loved one, show your dedication and appreciation with a little pre-planning before their big day arrives. The rewarding payoff, will be an event filled with joy and gratitude, while providing great memories for all involved. 

A unique gift for a special person is possible. MoonPig have an extensive range of everyday and celebration mugs, also greeting cards that can be personalised for your loved one.

Below, you'll find some important tips to help you prepare a suitable and successful birthday bash for your special person's big day.

Planning a special birthday can be as big or as small as your budget allows. There's no need to step outside your comfort zone financially to make a lasting impression. Often a small, intimate 'do,' is all that is required to make the birthday recipient feel loved and appreciated. 

The first step is to settle on your plans: Will the birthday in question be a small family affair, or a major event? (Including extended family, friends and work colleagues.) Will it be a surprise party? Will it be at home or at a venue? 

Be guided by your own needs, budget and abilities, as well as the recipient's known and/or presumed preferences. For example; is the party recipient introverted or extroverted? Determining fundamental points such as these early in the planning phase, will assist you to decide whether a small or large event is appropriate for the intended person. 
Take your cues from there and move forward accordingly.

If you're struggling to make these first planning steps, consult with another close friend or relative for fresh ideas and opinions. You could even ask the birthday recipient directly, what kind of get-together they'd prefer to mark their occasion. Sleuthing will make it all as stress-free as possible so that you, the party recipient and others, will enjoy the occasion also.

Next, consider food and decor. What types of cuisine does the birthday recipient enjoy? (Are they an adult, child or middle-aged?) Will the food be homemade or takeout? Will you choose catering, or will each visitor bring a plate to contribute? (The latter suggestion is a great way to keep costs down!) Consider the pros and cons of each option and estimate the costs. Don't forget to rally together other helpers if things look as though they are heading towards a major event.

You can hone in on your own talents and the skills of others to make the event a success too. Is there someone you can nominate with an eye for design and decorating, for example, who would be honoured to contribute? Is there a standout chef amongst the invitees? Cakes, party foods and decorations can be done on the cheap to lower cost blowouts, simply by appointing talented guests with a specific task if they are keen. 

Don't forget that children can be superb artists and creators when it comes to decorating too. 
Share that load!

Surprise, surprise! Imagine your special someone immortalised on their own quality MoonPig mug!
Personalisation makes a wonderful gift option for all ages.

Gift giving made special. Choosing an appropriate gift can be either incredibly simple or immensely difficult depending on how well you know the gift recipient. If in doubt, ask friends or family members for tips on the birthday recipient's unique interests. You could also ask the recipient directly, if there's something they may need or want. They might like an experience like a lunch out, or even a high tea at an elegant hotel for example. 

Chances are, something small and well-considered will always hit the mark however.

A unique personalised item makes a super gift. Everyone, regardless of age, will likely love an item that is personalised. All gift-givers and receivers, will find a MoonPig mug fulfils a happy place in their hearts!

MoonPig are a company that specialise in personalised mugs and cards. MoonPig have recently arrived in Australia. You'll be positively awed at the sheer size of their range of personalised mugs and specialty cards for every possible occasion. You can search their collection and create a perfect gift easily, online.


Pictured above is a mug I selected for my own daughter's 8th birthday. As a mad-keen Disney 'Moana' movie fan, this option for her special day just could not be overlooked! It was a tough choice too, considering the many beautiful themes and designs available at MoonPig, that would have been equally appropriate.

Once the mug had been selected, I simply uploaded an image of my daughter onto the MoonPig website. My girl would appear with her favourite Disney character on her very own mug - adorable! 
It was very simple to do. 

The mug arrived a short time later in the post. Our daughter just loves her special birthday mug! 
There are also options available to add images or leave them out if desired. You can choose to use just a name. The choices were endless. 

As for her MoonPig personalised birthday card, a matching 'Moana' themed gift card was available for personalisation too. (You can add text in a colour and font of your own choosing.) Creating this card was fun, and again, this surprised and impressed our daughter immensely, to see her greeting and name in print.

One final important point when planning a special birthday celebration - keep your stress to a minimum! Try not to 'loose it' during any aspect of your party planning stages. If it's too complicated, the celebration will likely not be as enjoyable for yourself and potentially others around you. Remember to keep your cool and give yourself plenty of time to prepare all the necessary stages and unexpected possibilities in the lead-up, and on, the big day. 

Always have a back up plan in place for things that are beyond your control, such as the weather on the big day for example, especially if hosting an outdoor event. Doing so will ensure your occasion is on solid ground and will be a resounding success for all involved. Happy partying!

*Disclosure: Featured item gifted in exchange for our honest opinion.


  1. Oh kids parties are fraught aren't they? I don't have kids but the ones that were most stress-free for my brother and SIL were those they outsourced. One year my niece and her friends went to a play centre who did the catering. Another year they had someone come and the kids all painted plates or cups or something.

    One of my friends has just negotiated with her son (he's just turned 9) that he has a party only ever second year and does something low-key the other years.

    1. When we lived inner, we also used to schedule our children's parties to every second year. They can be expensive events and it was a great option to lessen the burden.

  2. I’ve organised many kids birthday parties in my day and am pleased I don’t have to do another. It’s my partners birthday today and we are going for a picnic in the park for dinner. I’ve ordered meals from a lovely restaurant nearby. It’s a beautiful wa day so I’m sure we will both enjoy it #lifethisweek

    1. That sounds lovely! I hope you enjoyed yourselves. :D

  3. I've used Moonpig in the past for cards but haven't tried the other gift ideas as yet. Thanks for the info #lifethisweek

  4. That's great to hear. I think I am going to order myself a mug for no reason other than I want one now!

  5. Really cool cup and card for your 'baby girl' turning 8. My granddaughter aged 5 is a Moana fan.

    Thank you so much for linking up this week for #lifethisweek. We are nearly at the end of 2020 and only a few optional prompts left! Next week is 49/51 Lucky 7.12.2020. Hope to see you there. Denyse.

  6. I love personalised products. I just wish they did party invitations too

    1. That's a great idea. I might pass that suggestion on. :D


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