Saturday, 12 December 2020

A Smiggle Christmas Gift Guide and A Smiggle Giveaway!


Oh my gosh, Smiggle guys! - SMIGGLE!

It's been a while since Smiggle graced our blog thanks to the dodgy year 2020 has been. Today you can celebrate though, because we've got the latest Smiggle goodies to share after the long pause! We also have a super Christmas Smiggle giveaway to love, so go grab a coffee and commence admiring the following... 

Nothing could possibly cheer the masses of stationery fans and lovers of bright paraphernalia more than Smiggle. I know personally that during the Corona lockdown, passing the bright windows of my local Smiggle store, without the opportunity to shop physically, was extremely difficult to do. (There was always the internet however...)
Everybody feels a compulsion to browse their nearest Smiggle store. 
And now you can!

Checkout these beauties from Smiggle which are as cool as cats! Sooooooo cool!
Lunchboxes and drink bottles never go out of style, especially Smiggle greats such as these, with their vibrant colours and appealing designs. Gifting any of these items to a child, student or another will elicit squeals of delight. Guaranteed!

The Illusion drink bottle. (Pictured above.) RRP $17.95. Smiggle drink bottles and lunchboxes are always strong and durable and will last for years. Don't limit yourself to one design though, there are a myriad of themes and colours to choose from, both online and instore. 

The back to school rush begins as soon as the new year opens. Be prepared early and beat the crowds.
Make back-to-school shopping easy on yourself by gifting snazzy accessories at Christmas time instead. (Savvy parenting tip!)

Smiggle is famous for its legendary designer stationery. Enjoy matching your entire accessory range with themed pencils, pencil cases, notebooks and more. We're crushing on this designer stationery pack (below), which includes an essential A4 notebook, ruler, novelty pen (for boring tasks!), an eraser, sharpener, coloured gel pens, highlighters and grey lead pencils. 

Hurry into a Smiggle store or visit the Smiggle website. There's a sale on right now for Christmas!

WIN Smiggle Stuff worth $78!

Total prize pool $78
Game of skill
Australian residents only
Promotion ends December 17th, 2020.
See prize images above. Note that while the prize may vary depending on stock levels,
values will remain the same.

To Enter fill out the short competition form below and leave a comment on the bottom of this post 
with your name inside your comment box.
Entries without names and comments will be disqualified.
Good luck!

*Featured items gifted for our consideration.


  1. My grandaughter (ok -I have 4 of them aged 4-7) absolutely loves drawing and cases and water bottles. This is so bright and cute that she would go nuts for it.

  2. Smiggle products are vibrantly coloured and varied making them a thoughtful perfect present for gift giving.

    Caroline Kelly

  3. It’s the small things in life that make us feel a little bit crazy and silly. Every time I walk into a smiggle shop, the bright colours, creative designs and the smiles on my kids faces make us all so a silly happy dance! Bring on a Smiggly Christmas season!
    Katherine Bamford

  4. Smiggle makes us giggle, it makes me want tto wiggle and jiggle AND at least I can show my personality in a squiggle

  5. So sweet - my daughter is obsessed with Smiggle and I need to redirect her whenever we go to the shops!

    1. Arrgh! Please pop back and leave your name or your entry can't be considered!

  6. We love Smiggle for their range of products you didn't even know you needed and their funky colour schemes! The standard answer to our favourite colour is "rainbow" in our house so we'd love any colour.
    Peta Newsome :)

  7. This prize would be adored by my youngest child
    Fun Smiggle goodies to make the times wild
    Allowing creativity during holidays from school
    Crafting and creating artworks that are cool!

  8. We love the awesome lunch boxes and drink bottles, great for a new start at school (Kate Slack)

  9. With this amazing Smiggle array, I'll definitely be the favourite Aunty next time little Miss visits. (Juanita Thorn).

  10. Smiggle makes boring school stationery fun!
    karina lee

  11. My two gorgeous granddaughters love everything SMIGGLE so any colour would be awesome SMIGGLE is so enchanting gail davies

  12. My daughter jumps out of bed each morning to open a window from her Smiggle advent calendar, learning ordinal numbers and understanding days and months.

  13. My 3 would love these. I always find that the bright coloured and unique pens from Smiggle encourage my kids to want to practice their writing skills. Our Smiggle stationary has been great during lockdown. Using it has been a way I've got them interested in home schooling.

  14. Another great gift suggestion for my daughter. Mermaids and art supplies, who could ask for more?

  15. I love their water bottles. Especially because they're quite affordable during their sales. Especially because my kids get excited about the range of cutesy designs and super bright colours. But most importantly, very especially, because I can put them in them dishwasher. Which is so worth the extra few dollars over their cheaper peers. Brilliant. - AmeliaM

  16. Smiggle stationary keeps my tween interested in her work! My daughter has always struggled with fine motor skills but Smiggle makes writing fun and interesting for her - it’s a win for me! Susie Mitterman

    1. Sounds like a great reason to win this Smiggle prize to me. Congratulations. I hope this arrives prior to Christmas! x

  17. I love the variety at smiggle its amazing my kids just love it iwould like green or blue Lara Haynes

  18. I love the quality. We have been using their bags for years and their so bright and fun and they last the whole year. My 7yr old would love to win as she would like everything instore except a bag... which is what I got her.
    Natalie Murnane

  19. smiggle sets kids imagination alight.

  20. My name is Marija Djuzic and I would like to win something pink, purple or blue from smiggle to share or give to my 5 year old sister.

  21. Awesome gift for my daughter to put in her Smiggle backpack and take on playdates and share her pens with her friends - Jane Chen

  22. My granddaughter loves Smiggle. I spent a good 40 minutes there yesterday while she spent money sent to her from her great grandmother.

  23. Ahh Smiggle so attractive to us all.

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek on my blog. Next week it's the final week for 2020. I have appreciated the bloggers who visit regularly to link up and to comment on my post as well. Next Week: 51/51 Own Choice. 21.12.2020
    #LifeThisWeek Returns on Monday 4 January 2021. May the festive season be kind to you and yours. Denyse.


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