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Interview With Children's YouTube Sensation Diana - Plus WIN 1 of 2, $100 Diana Dolls Prize Packs!


It’s mind boggling to wrap your head around the phenomenal success of Diana. No, not the royal, we’re talking about the other Diana – the world’s most famous six-year-old.

The Diana in question is from the super successful YouTube channel Kids Diana Show – and to the certain delight of youngsters everywhere - has just released her first ever merchandise and toy line in time for Christmas. 

Diana’s videos, which show her playing with her brother Roma and getting up to cute little adventures, have racked up 148 million subscribers and over 70 billion lifetime views since the channel launched in 2015. Having just launched a new show Love Diana Adventures, in Australia alone Diana’s show captivates more than 40 million monthly viewers!

Enchanted by her sweet pretend play, millions of kids around the world have found a playmate in Diana and have been inspired by her imagination. Now international company Headstart have created a new toy line based on Diana under the name of The Princess of Play.

This includes a diverse range of products including apparel, sleepwear, stationery arts and crafts and toys. Hot toys for Christmas priced from $16.99 include Mini Dolls; Cupcake Cart; Light Up Fairy Diana; Diana and Honey; hairstyling toy Style Me Diana which includes 10 surprises; PopStar Diana doll; Mystery Shopper with surprises; and Mashups – Diana hairstylist/astronaut doll, superhero/princess and mermaid/party doll.

Diana Mashups Doll RRP $35.

Light Up Fairy Diana Doll.

So just who is Diana? Well she’s originally from the Ukraine but now lives in the US with her brother Roma, 8, star of his own successful YouTube show Kids Roma Show, along with parents Olena and Volodymyr who don’t use their surname for privacy reasons.

Olena, who comes up with most of the video ideas, says the family never expected that their videos would gain such a huge audience or lead to them launching a business. "When we saw that Diana and Roma’s channels first gained 100,000 and then a million subscribers, we were really excited and grateful," she says. “It’s since allowed us to leave our jobs and spend more time together as a family.”

We asked Olena to tell us a bit more about her gorgeous daughter.

Do Diana and Roma get recognised often?

We are recognised quite often. Previously, Roma and Diana were shy, but now they are used to it. It is easy for them to make new friends anywhere. Children consider them to be their acquaintances and come up to us at playgrounds and in shopping centres. Actually, the parents often recognise them first and bring their children to say "Hi!"

What are Diana’s hobbies?

On weekdays, Diana studies singing and music and learns English. She also does different crafts, plays board games, plays a dancing video game, listens to audiobooks, and watches movies with the whole family. Diana loves to draw and often surprises us with interesting drawings, whilst Roma loves to build tracks for balls and cars, collect constructors. We also love to take them to interesting places, visit amusement parks, water parks, playgrounds, as a family.

What does Diana enjoy doing the most on Kids Diana Show?

Diana and Roma love to discover new toys and like when we do something fun together as a family. We like to make videos that are interesting to our viewers and love that they appreciate what we do.

Does Diana watch other kids YouTube channels as well?

Yes, in fact we all watch other people's channels to see what's interesting and new. Diana and Roma also love good films, cartoons, fairy tales, educational videos, videos about animals and magic tricks.

What are Diana’s favourite toys and things to play?

Diana loves her cat very much and she has lots of different plush animal toys. She also likes to make various crafts and draw or colour pictures.

What’s her favourite food?

She love sweets, ice cream and cakes, but she also eats soups, cereals, fruits, vegetables, salads and fish. Although she loves sweets more!

Has she said what she’d like to be when she grows up?

Before, Diana wanted to be a ballerina or an actress, but now she wants to design houses and be an actress at the same time. Or who knows - maybe she'll change her mind!

How much does Diana know about Australia?

Well she knows that it is a big island and kangaroos live there! We would all love to travel there one day, it would be so interesting to see how people live in Australia, the nature, animals and the sights.

The Love Diana Princess of Play range is available from all good retailers.

Enter to win 1 of 2 Love Diana Dolls Packs including:

1 Diana Mashup Doll RRP $35
1 Diana Feature Doll RRP $49
1 Diana Mini Doll RRP $17
Each prize pack is valued at $101.
Total prize pool: $202.
Game of skill
Australian residents only.
Promotion ends December 14th, 2020.

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  1. Isn't it amazing at what kids can do at such a young age?
    I know someone who would love to discover a set of Diana dolls under the Christmas tree. Santa may just have mentioned that a wicker pram, bassinet & high chair are on there way. Grandma has also been busy while in Melbourne lock down sewing and knitting mattress liners and blankets. So we're pretty prepared to love and care for these beauties 😍
    Kirsty Polujan

  2. Not sure which rock we’ve been living under but we’ve only just recently discovered Diana, what a great range of dolls I have two huge Diana fans my 3 year old son and 7 year old daughter would love laying with these together
    Karen Edwards

    1. Congratulations Karen, I just know these are going to a great home to have wonderful adventures over the summer holidays. Merry Christmas!

    2. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas

  3. I would love to win it for my 4 year old daughter. She loves Diana. She watches her on youtube everyday. This doll would make my daughter so happy.

  4. My Grand daughter Elle would be so happy to have this..

  5. I would love to win for my gorgeous granddaughter, Stella ,,, she adores Diana

  6. I would love to win this for my granddaughter. It looks so much like her and she is all about baby dolls. She would absolutely be thrilled to have this doll.

  7. My Daughter is all about dolls right now, she would be so happy to win a wonderful gift like this and I know that the doll would be very well loved

  8. These dolls really look amazingly adorable and I think my niece would absolutely love them!

  9. Diana loves her cat just like my niece loves my cat....they have so much in common :-)And they're both so pretty! (Juanita Thorn)

  10. Thank you Diana and Roma you helped get our family through lockdown ,homeschooling and still full time working from home bringing some fun to our days

  11. I have two special little great-nieces. This would be a perfect surprise for them!! Love the eyes on these dolls... where were these when I was small !! Carol McLaughlin

  12. My two girls love watching Diana on YouTube to see what she is wearing and more importantly to check out her hairstyle. Their favourite thing is trying to imitate her voice.
    My girls would love to give the Diana dolls a new hairstyle everyday.

    1. Congratulations you're a winner! I know your daughters will adore these! Let's hope they get there in time for Christmas. x

  13. My 2 daughters would absolutely love this! They would have so much fun playing with this. (Hesper Fry)

  14. This would be perfect for my daughter. She loves dolls, youtube and miniatures. A wonderful match!

  15. The, 'Diana', dolls come in a variety of occupations and the family's backstory is unique to them. Clearly, these dolls are not meant to be stereotypical; and I love this doll's difference.

    Caroline Kelly

  16. My son loves these guys and is was excited to see these dolls!

  17. Would love to win this for my niece Jayde who lives so far away,
    We get to video call and see her imagination come to play.
    Diana's imaginary play is so friendly and fun,
    On the Xmas list for Jayde, it's number one.
    Lynnette Bull

  18. Friend's daughter would love this surprise at our annual catch up!

  19. My daughter would love to win these dolls its one of her favourites of all time

  20. My little girl is always dancing around the house singing I'M A LIGHTER LIGHTER! She would love a Diana doll of her own

  21. My daughter would love to win these dolls its one of her favourites of all time Lara Haynes


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