Friday, 11 December 2020

Vtech Secret Safe Treasure Chest Review and Giveaway!


Every one of us has their own special secrets and treasures that we want to keep safe.
Kids are no exception. 
Vtech toys' newest and brightest magical treasure chest - the Secret Safe Treasure Chest, promises to guard your child's top secret jewels, toys and other items, for their eyes only! 

As always, Vtech toys bring exceptional quality and excitement to kids. Not only is the Secret Safe Treasure Chest a practical and secure place to store precious items, it's also 'jazzed up' with kid appealing, whiz-bang features to entertain too. 

This pretty pink chest will protect your child's treasures with its four digit passcode. There are two different passcode styles for protection, so that only your child can open it - so cool! There's also a built-in alarm clock that kids will enjoy with a range of alarm tones. Kids can switch on the talking clock function and choose one of the ten attractive backgrounds available to personalise the digital screen. Super cool!

Not shown here, are the special light up functions on the Secret Safe Treasure Chest. There are features such as mood lighting, colours and effects which are best viewed in a darkened room. Just about everything lights up with a rainbow of colours providing an entertaining and attractive display.

But wait, there's more!

There are nine great games that come built in to the Secret Safe Treasure Chest. The games are of course educational and extremely fun. Topics covered include maths, logic, spelling and others. Kids can also create their own music box with different lighting effects. Another super feature is the option to plug in an external music player, (such as a mobile phone), allowing kids to listen to their favourite music!

Lift the lid of the Secret Safe Treasure Chest with the passcode to reveal a roomy area to store the goods that mean lots to your child. There's even a lift out tray for little bits and pieces like coins or jewels. Plus there's a mirror too, which is helpful for selecting jewellery to wear or applying makeup. 

Parent-friendly features are built-in too. There's volume control and automatic shut-off to preserve battery life. (Runs on 4, AA batteries.) 

The Vtech Secret Safe Treasure Chest is durable and attractive. Kids will enjoy this practical toy on their dresser or shelf, for years. Suitable for ages 6-11 years. RRP $49.95. Available from Big W and all good toy retailers in store and online.

Enter our Vtech giveaway below to win a Secret Safe Treasure Chest 
for your child this Christmas!*
*Subject to delivery times.

WIN a Vtech Secret Safe Treasure Chest 
valued at $49.95!
Total prize pool $49.95
Australian residents only
Game of skill
Promotion ends December 15th, 2020.

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  1. The other day my youngest commented to me. She had a secret she was dying to tell but had promised to keep it a secret. Apparently it was the BIGGEST SECRET EVER!!When she finally blurted out that a boy liked her best friend. The realisation of those little girls secrets which mean so much to them.
    How cute is the Vtech Secret Safe Treasure Chest. To store those little notes and trinkets. with the bonus it's PERFECT to keep hidden from the other sister. Her own tiny little secret space.
    And of course meeting her "everything MUST be pink and purple requirements"

    Samantha Yep

    1. Congratulatulations Samantha, this lovely prize is headed to you (hopefully prior to Christmas!) Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. I remember having something similar to this (although definitely not as cool) when I was younger and absolutely loved it! Having 6 brothers to keep things hidden away from, it was the best thing ever! I’m sure my daughter will feel the same way and would love one of these to keep all her treasured secrets and trinkets inside.

  3. My daughter's jewellery needs a home. They currently homeless and move all around the house!

  4. I think my granddaughter would really love this treasure chest. She has really been into "hiding spots" for her special little things, especially since they got her clip on earrings and this would help her feel as though they are really in a safe space.

  5. Definitely the pink and purple (mauve?) for keeping little possessions together safe and secure in one Treasure Chest.

    Caroline Kelly

  6. I would have love this as a child and I know my son will too, he'd love a safe place to hide his pocket money from his sister!
    He wouldn't mind what colour as he loves them all.
    Peta Newsome

  7. There's nothing like owning your very first 'secret keeper'. My little Princess (niece) would feel like a big girl with this. (Juanita Thorn)

  8. My niece would love this. At this age, you always have stuff you want to keep secret. Better here than under the mattress.

  9. My gorgeous granddaughter, Stella would love this to keep her "special things" safe from her little sister's hands ,,, pink please gail davies

  10. One of my daughters has a heap of what she calls "Fairy treasure" to keep safe. It consists of shells, rocks, beads, bouncy balls and plastic jeweled rings. Vtechs secret safe would be a wonderful place to keep her collection. I would also be ecstatic that it would be housed all together :)
    Pink or purple would be treatured.

  11. My daughter would love this safe so that she can keep her treasures safe from her brothers (Who have absolutely no interest in her treasures to begin with)

  12. Hi Six Little Hearts!! Oh my goodness I can't believe you have a "Vtech Secret Safe Treasure Chest" to give away! I have been eyeing one of these for my 8 year old daughter Indiana lately & since then Big W ads keep popping up but then I saw your post and couldn't believe my eyes that you had this giveaway! What's there not to LOVE about this amazing educational toy? It has everything a little girl (I think 8 would is a perfect age hee hee), they already have so many secrets "who's crush is who?" All bigger sisters need a passcode of course from cute but cheeky 6 year old little brothers! All VTech toys are SIMPLY THE BEST (Tina Turner style), they're so much fun but the educational part is even better of course! This toy is super functional and I'd love for Indiana's special things to have a "special" place to go, present for In's and a present for Mummy lol...She adores music, singing and dancing so I know this is another awesome feature of this amazing toy!! I also really love the fact that Vtech have invented this toy and put thought into it by having volume control and the turn off mode! So many toys don't always have these features so this is definitely another bonus... It would make me eternally happy to possibly win this for my beautiful baby girl Indiana, she like a lot of children especially in VIC have done it tough this year with 2 x lockdowns and I definitely don't mean that any of the other beautiful little munchkins nominated above don't deserve this, they definitely do but as her Mum who has watched her doing homeschooling twice this year, I'm just naturally proud of the work she produced (particularly her writing pieces which she was chosen as writer of the week), she's just a great kid who loves all of her friends and has a big heart. She has allergies to Dairy and Egg (has since 4 months old) and whenever she receives regular dairy chocolate, she will happily give it to her brother (who doesn't have allergies) I know it's not the worse thing in the world but it's definitely sometimes tough being a kid and always having to be the one who has to be different, so I would just truly love to reward her with this for just being her,a little girl who deals with things differently but is still a happy and caring kid who always thinks of others...I love her so much x Thanking you always for these wonderful opportunities to enter through your blog hun, Tamara Kennon (one super proud mum) x

  13. My daughter seen these she said she really needs one because she has so many gems to keep safe this would be amazing for her Lara Haynes

  14. These are so cute! Would definitely come in handy for my 8 year old, who keeps having to find hiding spots for her diary, away from prying teenage siblings! She is also notorious for buying and hiding little birthday presents for family members and hiding them so well that she forgets where they are. This could be a gifting game changer πŸ˜‚ Amy Wakley x

  15. My daughter was annoyed that we changed the passcode on our phones after she worked out what it was. She complained that she didn't have a special device with a passcode so this would be the ideal gift to keep her happy. Jane Chen

  16. Veronica Christensen

    My πŸ™Ž‍♀️ would πŸ’— a Vtech Secret Safe Treasure Chest to keep her precious πŸ‘‘πŸ“ΏπŸͺ™ safe from all the 🚒☠🏴‍☠️ that raid our shores 🌊🏝 for πŸ†πŸŽ–.

  17. My daughter would love this safe so that she can keep her treasures safe from her brothers (Who have absolutely no interest in her treasures to begin with) rose day images


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