Monday, 7 December 2020

Win a Kidz Factory 'Little Kruzers' Balance Bike valued at $175...


Every kid dreams of owning their very own bike - even the smallest of children. 

A balance bike offers a first step towards independent bike riding and will teach very young kids how to stabilise themselves before graduating up to a regular bike. Mastering a balance bike is easy and riding one in the early years will help your young child's motor skills, endurance and co-ordination develop. Watch their confidence bloom! 

No pedals. Powered by little legs. Suitable from 18 months to 5 years of age.
Safe, air-filled tyres, a steering wheel lock and no protrusions offer a greater level of safety.

Australia's Kidz Factory are market leaders in the world of balance bikes. Their sturdy wooden Little Kruzers red and blue racer bikes are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. (Constructed from eco friendly Birch timber.) They also look great with their distinctive decorations! Little Kruzers bikes will inspire your child to ride with enthusiasm and determination. With Little Kruzers, kids can enjoy the fun of the bike riding experience, just like the rest of the family!

Kidz Factory Little Kruzers bikes are easy to assemble, lightweight and are able to be carried and lifted in and out of your car with ease. They also have an adjustable seat height so that they can grow with your child. The bikes are available in two colours - the blue racer and red racer as shown in this post. 
Kidz Factory Little Kruzers balance bikes cost RRP $175.60 each. A super Christmas gift idea for young ones.

Hurry! Currently these bikes are on sale at Kidz Factory for just $125.90 each!


WIN a Kidz Factory Little Kruzers Bike 
valued at $175.60!
Total prize pool: $175.60
Australian residents only
Game of skill
Promotion ends Dec 14th, 2020.

Fill out the short competition form below and leave a comment with your name inside the comment box below this post.
Entries without comments or names will be disqualified.
Good luck!

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  1. How gorgeous for some lucky little person! #Lifethisweek

  2. Oh what a great prize. I don't have any kids so not an option for me but I wish these had been around when my niece was little or godson was younger!

  3. Would love a Blue Racer for my broooomm crazy munchkin. His first word and still his favourite!
    Sue B

  4. Wish they made a BIG Kruzer....why do the tots have to have all the fun :-) Juanita Torr

  5. Would love the blue one for my grandson. The hallways would turn into a biking lane. Shirley Emitt

  6. I would be so happy to win a Red racer this Christmas for my daughter who is fast approaching age two already.
    1. This would be her first bike and I know she would love it.
    2. It's from an Aussie company and we have to support and promote that.
    3. It would be a great activity for us to assemble it together and learn how bits and pieces work together.
    4. We'd hit the outdoors much more getting exercise and making fun memories.
    5. It would be great to build her confidence in balance and control and I'm sure it would give her and others years of joy.
    Happy times and cheer. Damian

    1. Congratulations Damian. Your daughter will love to see this bike assembled by dad and you will both enjoy the bonding experience. Fab little bike!
      Merry Christmas!

  7. What a great concept for a first bike!

  8. To get my little boy out there on some wheels..especially since he hates walking! Blue please. Karina Lee

  9. I am pretty sure this Grandma would have wanted one of them at her place when she was caring for little peeps. How fun they look.

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week is the last Share Your Snaps for 2020 and then only one week to go after that before a short break with Life This Week returning on Mon 4 January 2021. Hope to see you next week too. Denyse.

  10. WOW... I'm a mumma who can't ride a bike. I have poor balance and I'm a total scaredy cat when it comes to moving things. I don't want that for my kids. The Little Kruzer would be fab. They would have so much fun and having so many safety features, maybe they could also teach me how to ride 😄
    Love the red - I bet it goes fast 😲
    Kirsty Polujan


  11. I would like to win a Kidz Factory Little Kruzers Balance Bike for my granddaughter,I've heard great reviews on this type of bike.I think any color would be nice but Think she would really like the Red or blue checked I see in the picture above.,She is the perfects size for such a nice bike.I Ride a Mountain Bike all the time its fun and great exercise..She would think its so cool to ride a bike just like her " Gandy" (grandma) aka--Cheryl Sutton

  12. What a wonderful prize for any child to win, my daughter would love to learn to ride on one of these great looking bikes.

  13. I’d love to win a Pink or Yellow one for my niece. She loves both colors so either would be great. This would hopefully also help her balance better!

  14. This would be just right for my little nephew. He's an active little guy and would enjoy it. Cynthia Conley

  15. My gorgeous granddaughter, Macie loves bikes and is keen to catch up to her big sister blue please gail davies

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Before graduating to a bigger bicycle a, 'Kidz Factory 'Little Kruzers' Balance Bike', is perfect for teaching balance, co-ordination and road safety at an early age.

    Caroline Kelly


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