Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Back to School Eczema Relief With Dermal Therapy Little Bodies. Review and Giveaway.


With the new year underway in Australia, summer weather and swimming, combined with a natural degree of apprehension surrounding the return of the school term, can bring about general fatigue and anxiety in our kids. Along with the harsh weather we experience here in Australia year-round, these factors may combine to produce allergies, some of which may manifest as recurrent outbreaks of eczema in children. 

Eczema is not only a childhood condition. Adults commonly experience this too. 
Dealing with this irritating skin condition can be a major issue for sufferers of any age. There's the skin flaking; the painful and itchy, angry red skin patches and the constant resulting discomfort to contend with. Eczema is not just dry skin which can be soothed with any moisturiser at hand however; the experience of eczema is far more aggressive in its intensity. 

Eczema usually presents as a reddened patchy area and these areas give a truly severe itch that does not cease with a simple scratch or regular moisturiser. Employing either of these actions can in fact serve to further injure the skin and result in increased inflammation and itchiness.

To deal with eczema effectively, (which can drag on for weeks or more), instant relief can come to sufferers with the daily use of specially designed skin care products to treat the condition. 
Dermal Therapy have a full range on offer to assist with itchy skin conditions.

Preventing and controlling eczema begins with well-moisturised skin.
Dermal Therapy Little Bodies Eczema Moisturising Lotion 
will both relieve and assist to prevent the symptoms of mild eczema in children. RRP $14.99.

The Dermal Therapy Little Bodies skin care range is designed specifically with kids in mind and targets the eczema symptoms of dryness and itchiness to soothe and repair. This Australian line of products contains colloidal oatmeal - a proven and trusted treatment for relief of itchy skin. 

Less itching equates to less scratching and irritation.
Apply Dermal Therapy Little Bodies Eczema Relief Cream directly onto eczema patches to relieve skin irritation and itching. This cream is one of my personal favourites as I find it really works! RRP $14.99.

The Dermal Therapy Little Bodies range is designed for children from 0-12 years. Their lotions and creams are extremely kind on delicate skins and will soothe skin issues as well as assist to heal and prevent outbreaks with continued use.

Dermal Therapy Little Bodies Eczema Wash and Shampoo RRP $12.99.
A versatile product to deal with eczema in one, easy-to-use pump-pack.

Treating eczema takes time and persistence. Daily application of choice Dermal Therapy Little Bodies products will assist to control and soothe your child's eczema effectively. The range is well priced and is suitable for the whole family. (I use it too as I have suffered eczema, especially post pregnancy, for decades.)

Dermal Therapy Little Bodies treatment creams are available at major supermarkets and chemist stores across Australia. You may also purchase their range online. For further information, visit the Dermal Therapy website to view their entire range of products.

Please enter our giveaway to win a pack containing the three Dermal Therapy Little Bodies products featured in this post valued at $43!

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Have you tried Dermal Therapy products before?
How do you treat your eczema outbreaks?
Feel free to share any tips with other readers below in the comments.

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  1. Luckily we don't have eczema in our family. I've had some patches of it in my lifetime (and I recall my kids had it as toddlers) but we've all grown out of it thank goodness! I feel for those who do have it though.

  2. Giveaway has been drawn and the winner announced on our Facebook page 'Dermal Therapy' giveaway post. Thanks to everyone who entered.


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