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Experience Ravensburger GraviTrax - A STEM Learning Toy Loaded with Infinite FUN!


Recently we were lucky enough to be sent an amazing game for review by Ravensburger - the GraviTrax system. GraviTrax is a unique game that is both oddly relaxing to construct and mentally challenging at the same time. GraviTrax will ignite your imagination as you create a myriad of unique and infinite marble runs that all work with nothing but gravity. 

GraviTrax was introduced to many Australians via Prime Minister Scott Morrison. During the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, 'ScoMo' famously enjoyed his own daughter's GraviTrax set. This sparked a huge interest in this game/toy. All completely justified too - GraviTrax is a ton of fun!

It all starts with the large and essential GraviTrax Starter Set. (Pictured on the left.)

It may look and sound complicated at a glance, but after a bit of a read of the included instruction manual and a fiddle with the various GraviTrax parts, our kids were fully into the inherent challenges of this educational toy. 

Our 12 year old son, (shown in the below images), is especially keen on GraviTrax and spent over half a day of his weekend designing and creating several unique marble runs. (Great to see him off the screens!)

GraviTrax presents users with clever challenges. There are building concepts to consider; height and size as well as multidirectional pathways to create and follow which keep hands and minds active. The laws of gravity must also be contemplated in this game, otherwise the magnetised marbles will not roll through your marble maze creation as anticipated. The challenge is real and this creative game is always exciting and enjoyable. No batteries are required either - just gravity.

Our son's first GraviTrax marble run design was a huge success! He progressively re-worked it
until he had mastered all kinds of satisfying features.

There is much to appreciate while building with the GraviTrax system. For those who enjoy conceptualising with their minds and hands, GraviTrax is very much a tactile experience they will enjoy time and time again. 

GraviTrax will see you level-up to more complex designs with practice. 

To play GraviTrax, you need to purchase the GraviTrax Starter Set which includes all the basics to build many exciting marble mazes. Like all great toys and games, things can develop in exciting ways when you expand on the basics. Ravensburger GraviTrax offer additional expansion sets which have unique features such as the Expansion TipTube and the Expansion Looping Set. (As pictured below). Further sets include GraviTrax Bridges, GraviTrax Volcano, GraviTrax Scoop, Expansion Trax, GraviTrax Flip and more. 

I honestly cannot see a time when we will not enjoy playing GraviTrax! The possibilities offered by this game are infinite, not to mention, always interesting. Working alone or as a team is part of the fun too. The educational element and entertainment gleaned from each build provides a true buzz for every player. The enjoyment never stops with GraviTrax. 
GraviTrax gets 10 out of 10 for fun and learning from this family!
Ravensburger GraviTrax is thoroughly engaging to build and play. It is recommended for ages 8 to adult due to some small parts such as the magnetised marbles. While it is not necessary to purchase the additional GraviTrax sets beyond the GraviTrax Starter Set, (below), to extend the enjoyment of GraviTrax, these extras will definitely enhance play for those who want to go 'big.' (We considering more packs because this is a game we already know we enjoy.)

You can find and purchase GraviTrax online at Ravensburger Australia. GraviTrax is also available in good toy and game stores and online in Australia. The GraviTrax Starter Set is RRP $119.95. Additional GraviTrax kits range from RRP $19.95 and $39.95 each. GraviTrax is fantastic!

*Disclosure: Featured items gifted in exchange for our honest opinions and review.

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  1. This looks amazing. I've got a friend with a nine year old who loves STEM-like stuff. He has anxiety and so likes fiddly little things that preoccupy him. I must flag this with her.

    1. He would love this! It's lots of fun and challenging at the same time.

  2. This looks like a fun toy. Thank you for linking with #WeekendCoffeeShare. If you could link back or mention the link-up name somewhere in your post, that would be much appreciated.

  3. This looks so much fun and I love that it entices the kids away from the screens!

    1. Yes, brilliant for that. All of my six kids love video games and YouTube. This was the most popular thing I have put in front of them in a very long time.

  4. I know some young people who would enjoy that too.

    Thanks for being a consistent, caring and contributing blogger to this community I call #lifethisweek. Next week we are sharing our snaps (photos) and that’s an optional prompt. See you next Monday, I hope, as always.

  5. Every classroom should have one Denyse. You're welcome too. I enjoy your linkup.


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