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A Mother's Day Gift Guide and A Mother's Day Giveaway.


This year Mother's Day falls on Sunday the 9th of May in Australia. Mother's Day is a very special occasion which gives those dearest to us; our mothers, grandmothers and step-mothers, recognition for being the centre from which all of our own care and love emanates. 

Each yearly Mother's Day event provides an opportunity to repay some of that love and attention with both our presence, and a beautiful gift to celebrate one of the most remarkable relationships you will likely ever know. 

If you're a mum yourself, you will be familiar with the hard work each day brings, to take care of your busy life and family. Being extra special for one day each year is well-deserved. 

The following assorted gift suggestions may assist in finding the ultimate thank you gift for your mum. Likewise, perhaps share this with your family if there's something here that appeals to the mother you are yourself! 

There is also a fabulous Mother's Day giveaway to enter below 
so please share this post with your family and friends.

Jewellery is always high on 'most wanted' gift lists...

There's nothing more touching than receiving a fine piece of jewellery to feel well and truly appreciated. Consider items of jewellery from a range of collections such as rings, earrings and beautiful gold necklaces. It's not difficult to find a unique piece that is suitable for the one you love. (I am personally crushing on the necklace pictured below. It's just stunning!)

Your gift of quality jewellery, whether given or received, will, without doubt, be cherished for a lifetime.

Luxury skin care products will hit the mark.

Many mums will greatly appreciate quality skin care products and perfumes. All that work with little play, means us 'mummies' everywhere, don't always get to indulge in the self-care we need or desire. 

Scores of women want to look their best and defy the effects of time. If this is your mum, (or yourself), the following suggestions for glowing skin come highly recommended.

Nu Skin's AgeLOC Boost is a breakthrough anti-ageing, anti-fatigue and age-defying system that will visibly plump and increase the radiance of the complexion in just 2 minutes' time, each day. What mum won't appreciate the convenience of that?! RRP $400.
Nu Skin's Nutricentials Spa Day Creamy Hydrating Masque RRP $37.50. The name of this lightweight product says it all - spa day. Ahhh!  This product contains natural plant derivatives to enhance the skin's moisture levels and offers users a dewy, natural glow in minutes. 
Mums can lie down and relax as they enjoy Nu Skin's Nutricentials Celltrex Always Right Recovery Mask. This mask aims to revitalise the complexion and increase resilience when faced with environmental stressors. Presented in a 5 pack and priced at RRP. $49.50. You can view the full range of Nu Skin products on the Nu Skin website.

Enbacci Skin Care Detoxifying Clay Mask RRP $44.

We have featured Enbacci Skin Care on Six Little Hearts previously and I have to say this beauty company are personally one of my favourite skin care brands. All Australian, you will find at Enbacci Skin Care, a full range of face and body care products which are not only luxurious, but highly effective too. 

In addition, Enbacci Skincare orders arrive packaged in elegant and beautiful blue boxes tied with ribbons to impress from the outset. Potent and sumptuous, Enbacci Skincare will impress hordes of mums this Mother's Day. Check out their range at Enbacci Skin Care online. 

Elegant homewares and decor that inspire relaxation and mood enhancing, 'time-out' moments, are always popular gift options for mums on Mother's Day.

Relaxation-inducing gifts for hard-working mums everywhere are probably one of the best gifts any mum of any age can receive this Mother's Day. Indulging in some precious 'me-time,' in comfortable and cosy surrounds, provides the ultimate in pleasure in so many beneficial ways. 

Consider attractive and useful homewares and creature comforts such as cushions, candles, gentle music albums, fine teas, gourmet treats as well as traditional flowers, chocolates and the like, to brighten any mum's Mother's Day this May.

A simple but elegant scented candle is an ideal gift. The visual effect of a dancing naked flame combined with the olfactory experience of scent, is both calming and aesthetically pleasing. Try Haven's Coastal Jasmine Scented Soy Blend Candle in a tribal-styled pot, sensibly priced at just RRP $15 each. You can find these at Woolworths stores, (in the Manchester aisle), nationally.

For the ultimate 'rest-up' experience for mums this Mother's Day, you can't go past a hammock from Two Trees Hammocks. These are available in a range of sizes from single to family, and in an assortment of colours and trendy designs. 

Double Hammocks from Two Trees Hammocks are crafted in 100 percent virgin cotton and are rip and tear-proof. These hammocks can hold up to 200kgs. RRP $49.95. Hammocks and accessories are available at Bunnings stores.

Low budget or no budget? Why not craft something from the heart for your mum? 

If you have skills in macrame, a decorative wall hanging or pot plant holder would be warmly received. A painting, drawing or other craft item you have personally created is something personal and unique. Handmade gifts are a great way to gift love and thanks to your mum. You could even try baking something special for mum such as our Champagne and Strawberry Jam. It's delicious on warm scones or toast and is easy to create. 

Speaking of Champagne, there's another gift idea loved by everyone...

What do you like to receive on Mother's Day?
What do you like to gift on Mother's Day?

WIN a Mother's Day Gift Pack
one, Two Trees Double Hammock
and one Haven candle valued at $65!
Total prize pool: $65
Double Hammock is in Tribal print.
Game of skill
Australian residents only thanks.
Promotion ends 30th April, 2021.

Fill out the short competition form below and leave a comment along with your name at the bottom of this post.*
*Entrants who do not complete these steps, or leave a comment and their name 
within their comment box will be disqualified. 
Good Luck!

*Disclosure: Several of the items featured in our Mother's Day gift guide, 
were gifted with thanks, in exchange for this review.


  1. I deserve to win it because I've just spent a week of school holidays driving (in peak hour traffic!) back & forth to drama rehearsals. Wouldn't swap it for anything BUT holy-moly - 40+ minutes in a car pretty much four times a day is enough to require a hammock! (Alex)

  2. Not one, but two, which means, apparently, twice the spew. My daughter's pregnancy has been hard, she deserves the pamper card.
    Sue Bou

  3. My mom deserves this because she is always thinking of other before herself and it's time for her to be able to relax and have some self-care time. Kari Bellinger

  4. I'm hoping my dog is going to gift me something nice this year - he knows I never say no to champagne!

  5. My mum always pops round when we're at work to leave a meal in the fridge for us to eat when we return in the evening. It'd be nice to give her a little something back as way of a thank you. (Ryan H)

    1. Your Mum sounds like a huge help and she deserves a swing in this hammock for sure this Mother's Day. Congratulations winner!

  6. My daughter is a mum to three little boys and would love some time to relax on this gorgeous hammock while her beautiful candle is burning She’s a busy mum who never stops and is go go go .....

  7. My Mum deserves to have a swing in a hammock because she's the best Mum and Grandma in the world...and because she's never swung in a hammock before. karina l

  8. Mum hardly ever has time to relax, so the hammock and candle would provide the ultimate comfort and chill time for the much needed r&r she deserves.
    Sarah graham

  9. I deserve to win this so i can hide in the hammock away from everybody and have some much deserved me time!!! Kate Slack

  10. Would love to win
    Reshma Jamshad

  11. Dear Jody, you did well to post this...thinking of you xx

    Thank you so much for being a kind-hearted and generous sharer of your blog post each week for Life This Week. It makes such a difference to each Monday for me, opening up the blog and ...there you are! Thanks for linking up and next week, the optional prompt is joyful. See you then, all being well as they say! Denyse.

  12. Would love to win
    Mum hardly ever has time to relax, so the hammock and candle would provide the ultimate comfort and chill time for the much needed r&r she deserves.
    bd price

  13. I dont have my mum but this would be amazing for our camping trips to relax in under the trees watching the view. Lara Haynes

  14. I would love to spend a lazy 10 minutes in the comfy looking hammock with a steaming mug of green tea to soak up some precious "me-time" before it's straight back to Mum mode! This would fit perfectly in our entertaining area, thank you for the chance. Amanda Giffard

  15. I totally deserve to relax. The reason, as I used to say to the kids "Because I said so!"

  16. I would love to win to share amongst my family and friends ,,, gail davies

  17. my mum is the world and we are always joyed by her pressence

  18. Thank you to all who entered. A Very Happy Mother's Day to all our mum followers. x


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