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The Being Brave Book Series - Inspirational Novels and Affirmation Cards For Girls, Plus Giveaway!

Navigating life for adults is inherently difficult. For preteens and young teenagers, life can be just as harrowing. Gentle help for girls as they tread through their early years can be found in two beautiful novels by co-authors Hester Leung and Sema Musson. 

Being Brave and sequel, Being Brave Too, are both novels and personal development guides specially created for growing girls. With important themes on confidence, self esteem and resilience, these stunningly illustrated books, (with images by Jelena Sinik), feature life's lessons laid-out via unique and engaging story-telling and imagery.

The Being Brave Girls Books RRP $19.99 each.

'Being Brave is a novel and guide about two friends, Ellie and Alyssa, leaning into each other in an Australian adventure about courage and inner strength. Ellie and Alyssa are different in many ways – one chatty, one shy, one adventurous, the other considered, one Australian one with Chinese heritage. Yet they support each other. Ultimately their friendship guides them through obstacles and setbacks as they find their way. The story aims to bring out tools that can help young girls overcome their inner critic to build self-esteem and confidence.'

'A second adventure in Being Brave Too sees Ellie and Alyssa, together with Ellie’s younger sister, Lucy, in a story of personal courage, friendship and an adventure to save the wildlife. Again with themes on self-esteem and resilience to empower young girls to stand up for themselves.'

In addition to their appealing novels The Being Brave Girls have introduced affirmation cards - The Being Brave Girls Cards: the focus being, to assist young readers develop life skills beyond the novels. 

Hopeful, inspiring, motivating and strengthening, the use of these charming cards aims to encourage,  assist and expand girls' minds on a daily basis. Sixteen sets of cards, (three cards in each set), feature stirring illustrations of like-minded girls with both a detailed description and helpful affirmation. 

"When in need, choose a card that inspires you and keep it close. Use these cards in sticky situations or when you need a pick-me-up, whether that’s something to do with a challenge you are facing or a tricky relationship. There is also the shadow card for when you just need to feel sad. You know, that’s okay too. You need both light and shadow but how you deal with the shadow is what makes you stronger."

The Being Brave Girls Cards RRP $39.99.

To learn more or to purchase, visit The Being Brave Girls website.


Win one of 3 packs of Being Brave Affirmation Cards
valued at RRP $39.99 each!
Total prize pool: $120
Game of skill
Australian residents only thanks.

Fill out the short competition form below and 
leave a comment along with your name on the blog at the bottom of this post.
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Disclosure: Gifted in exchange for review.


  1. My daughter is really struggling and it breaks my heart
    She has anxiety plus more and its been tough on her from the start
    As a tween/young teen life keeps knocking her down
    And it makes me so happy when a smile appears from so many frowns
    These books and cards would hopefully help her in some small way
    As low self esteem and low resilience affects her each day
    So this would be another tool for her to use for sure
    And I know if I gave her this it is something she would read and adore 😊
    (sharyn w)

  2. I don't have any children, so won't enter, but wanted to say how much I love these. What a wonderful idea!

  3. My daughter is a tween now and she's going through that famous 'self-esteem plummet' that is typical of girls her age. It's heartbreaking to see your confident, extroverted girl start to worry about what people think, and be too embarrassed and shy to try! I won't go down without a fight - I'm trying everything I can to keep her brave, wild and adventurous! Susie Mitterman

  4. Lovely idea from these women Jody. Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week, the optional prompt is Interesting. My post will be a continuation of Telling My Story as I am wanting to wrap the series up. It's great to have your blogging support on my link up. Thank you. Denyse

  5. Debbie Moody, I think my grand daughter would get a lot of joy and self esteem from these beautiful affirmation cards.

  6. Amazing for self esteem and self belief. Perfect for any young girl in today's world.
    Samara McRae

  7. My granddaughter has always been quiet and very shy. She might pick up some guidance to help her through life’s hurdles that she’s going to have to face sooner or later. She needs to build confidence and self esteem which I’m sure these would be a genuine lifesaver for her. Caroline Avard. Motherhubbard58

  8. my grand daughter is in grade one and struggling with english so these would inspire her to learn in a fun way


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