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Benefits of Childcare and Early Education

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The decision to send your little ones to childcare can be tough – mum or dad guilt versus the need to work, or quite simply, the need for a little time to yourself, (or even to take care of younger siblings). But before your start beating your brain with the “should I?” or “shouldn’t I?” and giving yourself a guilt trip that’s bound to last for years, there are actually some amazing benefits to childcare and early education. 

Essentially, if you don’t send your child to day care, they could be missing out on these benefits:

Helps With Development

There are many ways young children develop, and with a childcare centre, they can get assistance with all of these. They will learn good habits, such as how to wash their hands and use a toilet, how to treat other people nicely and how to listen to instructions. 

They’ll learn numeracy and literacy through games, reading, singing and playing music. Kids will learn how to be more resilient – how to take turns and share and how to communicate their ideas to others.

Best of all, they have time with children their own age, which helps them to build confidence.

Creates Independence

One of the biggest benefits of childcare, is that your little ones are no longer solely under your care – this helps them to learn to trust other adults and children, and gives them the chance to become more independent. 

With independence, children become more actively involved in their own learning and the community in general. This lays the groundwork for long-term learning success and positive self-esteem.

Prepares Them For School

Obviously, this point is more the case when they are a little older, attending pre-kindy or kindergarten, but day care is a great way to get children into the routine of school. It gets them out of the house, away from you for a few hours a day and at the same time, teaches them routines - how to behave under the care of a teacher. Plus of course – it helps them to learn their ABCs and numbers.

Helps At Home

The main reason parents consider putting their children into day care is simply because they need to. Either they have to go to work themselves, or they simply need a little time at home where they aren’t one-on-one tending to their little one’s needs. 

“Me-time” is essential for everyone. It helps to prevent burnout and exhaustion, and it gives us the mental and physical energy to take care of others better. 

By having time-out from your little ones, you’ll essentially be a better parent.

If you want to give your child the best start in life, find a childcare centre near you that provides all the activities and facilities your child needs. You can find centres by doing a local search, such as ; 'childcare in Rosebery, NSW', or just do a 'childcare near me' search.

There are plenty of options available so do your research. Get a shortlist, contact the centres and see how you feel about each one. Write a lists of pros and cons, listen to your gut, and get in as early as possible as many centres have a wait-list.

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