Monday, 31 May 2021

Clearer Skin with ESK Evidence Skincare Reverse 'C' Serum

Do you want younger, clearer, more youthful looking skin? "YES!" (I hear you. Me too!)
Seriously, who doesn't want to look younger and healthier than their age? Great skincare is the key, as well as eating healthy and exercising regularly. 

Like many women and men, I have always been quite obsessed with my skin from the time I entered my teen years. As a young child, my skin was flawless with no patches of pigmentation or visible sun damage. Travel along a couple of decades and the sun, time and hormones began to show their combined harm. 

It's the same for us all.

Keeping ageing at bay, (or rather fighting it), becomes a daily grind as the years pass. You just can't let-up if you want to stay on top of it and continue to look your best. 

Thanks to modern-day miracles in chemistry, we can all now improve our skin and slow the effects of time.

Most of us use sunscreen each day and this essential is the least you can do to reduce the appearance of blemishes, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles and otherwise patchy skin - not to mention sunburn. In addition to sunscreen, having used ESK Evidence Skincare products for a couple of years now, I can personally recommend ESK Evidence Skincare for reversing and preventing the ravages of time. 

The specific range of skin creams created by this brand are well-researched, highly targeted and they truly perform. (Regular readers will be familiar with ESK Evidence Skincare from earlier reviews of this brand. For more, see the links below this post).

For dull, damaged skin, ESK Skin Care's Reverse 'C' Serum is the product of choice. Sun damage usually presents as hyperpigmentation: Freckles, patchy skin and the 'mask of pregnancy' are all common melanin issues that will reduce the radiance of the complexion and make ageing appear more pronounced. ESK Skin Care's Reverse 'C' Serum works directly on these issues, to improve and repair.

ESK Evidence Skin Care's Reverse 'C' Serum is especially effective on these darkened areas. Vitamin C, (L-Ascorbic Acid), and E, (Tocopherol), work in conjunction to lighten the skin and prevent pigmentation patchiness from returning. 

Before. This is my natural skin in the morning without makeup or filters. I have visible hyperpigmentation, especially around my cheeks and forehead. My scattered freckles appeared in childhood and over the years. They are still visible today. I usually control and treat my sun damage with preventative sunscreen year-round and with bi-yearly visits to a laser clinic to 'clean up' and firm my complexion.

After. This selfie in my car was taken recently after about 6 weeks of using ESK Evidence Skincare's Reverse 'C' Serum daily. I am wearing eye makeup and blush, but no foundation other than invisible sunscreen. There are no filters on this image. I can already see less patchiness and my skin feels firmer and softer with a more even appearance. 

I am so happy to no longer 'need' foundation as part of my everyday makeup routine. Having visibly clearer skin is a real confidence boost.

ESK Evidence Skincare products come packed in airtight pump packs ensuring the goodness within does not deteriorate with regular exposure to the air.

A little goes a long way. I use 1-3 pumps to cover my face and neck each day. Also recommended for use on hands and forearms. This product is a super moisturiser for normal and dry skins too.
RRP $95.
Visit ESK Evidence Skincare to learn more or purchase.

*Disclosure: Featured product gifted in exchange for my opinion.

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