Friday, 11 June 2021

Interview with Kids' YouTube Sensations 'Vlad and Niki' Plus ZURU Super Hero Surprise Toy Giveaway!

Eight year-old Vlad and 5 year old Niki are global superstar brothers who have made quite the splash on streaming platform, YouTube. Since launching their presence in 2018 they currently have more than 173 million subscribers worldwide. Creating and posting videos across 16 channels, (translated into 18 languages!), they explore preschool-focused learning themes that include discovery play, creativity, imagination, family fun adventures and more. Read on to learn more about Vlad and Niki and enter our toy giveaway!

How did their YouTube channel start?

Vlad watched other videos and was inspired. He would laugh and it was infectious. When he asked if we could start making their own videos my husband Sergey and I said, "Why not?" said Vlad & Niki's Mum, Victoria.

Sergey started shooting fun videos on the weekends when he wasn't working. We would edit them in his spare time and then we began posting.

"We had no idea when we started, they would be such a big hit. As their global audience grew, so did our knowledge of production, editing, graphics and special effects. Vlad & Niki became a destination for preschool audiences around the world to watch, laugh and experience our family adventures."

What do you think has contributed to the success of their YouTube channel? 

"The uniqueness lies in the fact that Vlad and Niki are curious, inventive and extremely active physically," says Victoria. "They know exactly what they want to share with their followers, what will be interesting to show and do and that helps us creatively to embed into their authentic content." 

Kids believe that they are playing along with Vlad & Niki in their own homes.

With such a rapidly growing online presence, what is the intention behind sharing content on Vlad & Niki's channels? 

"We hope we are inspiring other families to play together on their own adventures," says Victoria.

"Vlad & Niki is a perfect blend for us as a family: We get to participate in activities together, creating new interesting adventures for our 'on-camera' play," says the proud mum. "It is fantastic that we get to play while pretending to play with our boys, filming our favourite things to do while hitting that emotional connection with our fans watching."

This year, Vlad & Niki launched their very own licensed toy range with Zuru Toys - Vlad and Niki’s Superhero Surprise. What was the goal behind the launch of this new & exclusive range?

"ZURU created a collection of toys that encompass Vlad and Niki's sense of adventure, discovery, and imagination. Now kids everywhere can use their own creativity playing along with Vlad & Niki and their Superhero Surprise toy collections kit" says Vlad & Niki's father, Sergey.


Vlad and Niki's sensational ZURU Super Hero Surprise toys have arrived in stores ready to go to new homes. Six Little Hearts have 3 ZURU Super Hero Surprise toys, packed with more than 20 surprises 
to giveaway to three of our readers! Each prize is valued at RRP $49.99.

Australian residents only. Game of skill. Total prize pool $150. 
Promotion ends 25th of June 2021.

To enter, fill out the short competition form below and leave your comment including your name inside your comment box. Entries without comments and names will be disqualified.
Good Luck!

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