Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Wellness Tips For Families.

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Wellmune® through Kitchen PLAY.

We have officially entered winter now in the Southern Hemisphere after a pleasant, almost mild autumn. It has certainly grown noticeably colder all of a sudden. There is less sunshine, more clouds and windy, rainy days have begun to flood our gardens. Along with this change of weather there has been an inevitable rise in ailments in our own home. The dreaded lurgies have returned as they do each cold season and it's time to fight back. 

For families everywhere, the colder months can mean an endless round of sickness from viruses which spread easily when our immunity is at its lowest. It is much easier to catch a cold. Within your home these bugs can thrive and affect everybody as these contagions are notoriously hard to battle inside four walls, no matter how careful you are.

The trick to fighting seasonal sickness is to strengthen your immunity. 

We all know that healthy eating, daily exercise, quality sleep and mental health boosted via mindfulness and meditation practices, can be highly valuable assets in the battle against bugs. However, additional considerations which may be of assistance to the health of your family can be sought via supplementation such as vitamins, minerals and herbs, and now too, in the scientifically demonstrated benefits of Wellmune.® - a yeast beta glucan ingredient used to create immune supporting foods, beverages and supplements. 

Meet the benefits of yeast beta glucans in Wellmune®

You can reach a new level of wellness with the addition of yeast beta glucans in your diet. Yeast beta glucans are found in some foods but it's important to note however that all yeast beta glucans are not the same. 

Via a proprietary process, the most effective yeast beta glucans by far, are those extracted from the cell wall of a specific and superior strain found in baker's yeast. Patented under the name Wellmune, this latter proprietary yeast beta glucan strain is scientifically backed by several published and peer-reviewed clinical studies which confirm its efficacy and safety. It's because of this research that food, beverage and supplement makers use Wellmune as a key immune supporting ingredient in their products.

Research supports Wellmune's unique yeast beta glucan for its stand-alone ability to promote immune health in adults and children. How? By activating the body's immune cells, Wellmune helps keep your immune system at a heightened awareness so it's ready when needed.

Wellmune is also non-allergenic and naturally gluten-free. Everyday supplementation with Wellmune can assist to maintain a healthy immune system in your family year-round.

Perhaps one of the most harmful effects of stress includes the suppression of the immune system. When consumed regularly - whether that is in a functional food, beverage or supplement, Wellmune can help promote immunity.

In Australia, look for Wellmune® in a range of vitamins and supplements and 
also in the ingredients listings on healthy food and drink labels.

Immune support is often recommended for travellers. Travel is stressful on our bodies despite the excitement we typically enjoy when on vacation. A good plan is to take a supplement containing Wellmune prior, during and following a trip; this may give you the immune support you need to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Family wellness is a worthwhile goal.

This winter is a great time to focus on your family's wellness routine. Ensure each family member enjoys a daily serve of quality fresh fruit and vegetables, regular exercise and at least 8 hours of good, solid sleep each day. Try to stick to a routine for waking times and bedtimes no matter what your age. Eating well-chosen foods and limiting sugar and salt in your family's diet is known to improve health in general. 

Don't forget to drink plenty of water too. Water not only hydrates, but flushes our bodies of waste and toxins and assists to prevent constipation. It can also aid in the maintenance of a healthy body weight.

Encourage your family members to wash their hands regularly to stop bacteria and viruses before they gain a chance to take hold. Hand sanitiser is a useful option when soap and water is not available.

Providing each family member with an age-appropriate daily vitamin and mineral supplement is always a proactive move towards ensuring a balanced diet is achieved each day. Adding Wellmune to your health routine is an easy step that will back your lifestyle during its everyday and more challenging events, both big and small. 

*Wellmune has not been approved for use during pregnancy.

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